Know Your Mods Ep3 : Tires – Michelin Pilot Super Sports

Know Your Mods Ep3 : Tires – Michelin Pilot Super Sports

Hey everyone! Welcome to ModBargains & ModAuto for today’s episode of Know Your Mods I’m your host Mike Brown co-founder and
CEO I’m excited to talk to you today about the godfather of performance tires…
The Michelin Pilot Super Sport. now what makes this tire the Godfather of performance tires?
It is amazing when it comes to performance, reliability, traction, tread
life, road noise, everything! It nails it. It’s the most popular tire the most
re-ordered tire in the entire industry people call for it they asked for it.
It also comes stock on some of the most exotic cars in the world including the
Ferrari 458 Italia now if it’s good enough for a Ferrari 458, it’s definitely
good enough for your daily driven car but it’s also not overkill. It truly is a
great tire for an everyday driven car now what makes it so it’s because of a
number of features it’s got the right tread pattern, it’s got the right rubber
compound. It’s in the max performance summer tire category which is basically
the highest traction the you can get, the best performance you can get for a car
that is not intended for the track. So one step above this category above this
tire would be tires that basically have very little tread pattern on them at all.
So this is about as as top of the line is you can get a daily driven car for
your high performance European car domestic car or JDM car whatever it is
if it’s got high horsepower this is the tire for you So a lot of cars these days are coming
with run-flat tires from the factory. The only thing that a run-flat tire is
better at than a standard radial tire like a Michelin Pilot Super Sport is… well…
running flat. The Michelin Pilot Super Sport is gonna be having the benefits
you want on a daily driven basis and that’s why you should really consider
taking the run-flats off your car in favor of a more high performance tire
like the Michelin Pilot Super Sport because you get to use those benefits
every day and if you are only using the benefits of a run-flat… maybe never… we hope it’s never of course… then it’s kinda like why are you taking the one thing
that’s actually making contact with the road on a daily basis and not using the
actual benefits that it’s intended to be for. Now if run-flats ever gets to the point
where they have the… if there’s a Michelin Pilot Super Sport run-flat on a
daily on all of their sizes, they have a few sizes as I as I filmed this video, if
it ever comes to be that they have all of those benefits mixed in with the run-flat technology… Well that’s great, but I think we’re so little bit off from that
it may come in the future for now for the performance minded driving
enthusiasts like all of you guys as our customers… this is the tire that you’re
looking for because it has the benefits you can actually appreciate on a daily
basis. Alright so the secret weapon of the
Michelin Pilot Sport tire very very few people know about. This tire actually
uses two rubber compounds and two different tread patterns on the same
tire. Now on this side, this is the wet side of the tire will. It
basically has deeper grooves in the tire to channel rain off to the side as well
as a compound that is designed for greater safety in the rain. On this side,
this is the dry side of the tire literally as I touch this I can feel the
difference. This is gonna have you know shallower grooves and it’s going to have a
softer rubber compound designed to give you extra traction. Now
the dry side is on the outer side of the tire so as you take corners at a more
aggressive speed and the car rolls to that side, it’s gonna roll onto the dry
traction side. They’re basically saying if its wet you’re not going to be taking
a corner at 60 miles an hour that the sign says 25. But if you’re on that
on that on ramp and your going 60 in that 25… (which of course we don’t condone but we know that you
might do from time to time) if you’re doing that you’re gonna roll onto the
dry side of the tire compound and that’s going to give you greater traction.
Michelin Pilot Super Sports are also known for having very very stiff and
squared sidewalls. What that means is that this is squared up and it tends to
be very stiff. Now racers love that because as the car you know puts its weight onto that side of the car, you’re not going to have a sidewall gonna like kind
of give and fail and make your car feel unsteady. With this stiff sidewall
squared up to the edge its basicaly gonna give you more confidence as you go
through a corner and all of us as enthusiasts know what that feels like
we’re going through a corner and you feel confident or you don’t… that’s
going to determine exactly how you’re driving experiences is and if you’re
tracking the car how your lap times are. I used to actually say when I first
started getting into the industry when customers would ask you about tires why
are Michelins so expensive and really the only justification I had a time as
somebody else to pay for the Michelin Man. Well I was wrong at the time because
I learn more about this tire and about Michelin as a whole, I came to find out
that it really goes into the engineering and manufacturing process behind these
tires that justify the higher price. So with the two rubber compounds and the two different tread patterns… that kind of justifies why this tire is more
expensive than most other tires in the category. And as I’ve been in this
industry for over a decade now I see that this is the number one tire that is
in demand customers that come in and they ask for
a specific tire… it tends to be the Michelin Pilot Super Sport because
they’ve been so happy with it over the years. So if you’re ready to get a set of
Michelin Pilot Sport tires for your own personal car, just like we trust them here
at ModBargains on our own personal cars. Give us a call, we got the experience of
using them on our own vehicles, we know exactly we’re talking about, we can add
this to a wheel and tire package for you and ship it out straight to your door or
install it here our facility whatever is easier for you based on your location. This is our most popular tire, its our
most recommended tire, it’s our most re-requested reordered tire out of all
the tires that we sell. If it’s your first time by Pilot Super Sports, you’re
definitely making good choice and we’re happy to help you out with that.

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  1. Great vid. I've had these on my RX-8 and they are awesome tires.  Amazing grip, long tread life and comfortable/quiet to boot.   I used them on the street and track (about 10 days).   I will likely have a set going onto my Cayman S as soon as it needs new shoes.

  2. Bought these for my WRX and was pretty shocked at the difference from my stock dunlops. would recommend

  3. My Corvette has the Michelin Pilot Super Sports and they are ZP (Run Flats). Yes they do make them but only in limited sizes. The only difference between the two is the thicker sidewalls, but the tread pattern and rubber compound is the same.

  4. I love these tires, excellent for daily street driving, and they greatly improved my quarter mile time on my modded E90 335i.

  5. I don't know if you answered this question but why is you pss tire is $100 more expensive than Costco.? Is there more than one type of pilot super sport tire?

  6. Love these on my 370z! Don't want to over compliment them (because then others will buy!!), but I'll never go to another tire as long as they keep up this kind of quality.

  7. Pilot Sport Cup 2 review or I'm sending protesters to your shop!!! Would love to know what you think of those, and would they work for 6 months our of the year (march – oct) as a daily driver? How much more grip compared to a P.S.S.? Are they worth the extra $1k in cost?

  8. I have PSS tires, let's just say I thought I was going to die when driving in the snow. But a new opportunity showed and I had fun getting sideways in the snow.

  9. Great video, thanks for sharing! Also, new subscriber! 😎
    Just ordered a set today. 255/35/20 front and 295/30/20 rear!

  10. so will this work on my US domestic market Japanese car???
    or Only Japanese domestic market car!?!?!?
    So confused

  11. well done on the video… i have a 2015 c7 z51 that i do take to the track (circuit) lone the current tires but thinking of going to the Michelin sport cup 2. your thoughts? louder ?

  12. Hey Mike, how do you compare this PSS with the latest PS4S? Have you tried them first hand? If so, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks!
    And btw, love your videos – so detailed and thorough 🙂 #happysubscriber

  13. The grip sucks with my car. Squeals too much around corners and breaks traction. My Bridgestone potenzas that I had never squealed and had better grip.

  14. Just got new Super Sports for my 135i. I bought them used previously and it was a nightmare. My car couldn't maintain its power and would break loose whenever I got on it. This time, I bought them new and they have updated the tread pattern and compound. It completely transformed my car. I'm thrilled.

  15. I own this tire since 2 years and it's the best tire i've ever had since now. I had the Pilot Sport before but the Pilot Super Sport is better… for my car at least.

  16. Ya know my stock run flats have actually saved me once. But man I want these tires. I’ll get them when my stocks finally wear.

  17. If the Super Sport is good enough for a Ferrari than its definitely worth investing in.

    Tyres are the only thing keeping you on the ground so it makes sense not to go cheap on them!

  18. Hi. Thanks for a great video. How would you compare the Michelin Pilot Super Sport versus the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 and especially the Pilot Sport 4 S? We only currently get the Pilot Sport 4, not the 4 S yet, and the Pilot Super Sport here in Greece. I have a VW Golf GTI and I like enthusiastic driving. I need new tires and I'm thinking of just getting the Pilot Super Sports again. I'm hearing the Pilot Sport 4 is not as performance oriented as the PSS, but that the 4 S is which, again, we don't get here yet. Thanks for any thoughts or advice. Cheers from John in Greece. ps it does rain quite a bit here in the winter.

  19. These are the best tyres I’ve ever had. I got 400hp at the rear wheels and can’t break traction in a straight line, the grip is incredible. I wanted to try a pair of expensive tyres as a treat and now I’m hooked. Phenomenal.

  20. Hi. I have the following situation: 285/30ZR19 PSS zp which is 314mm wide and doesn't fit the rim where the same size PS2 was fitting perfectly (9.5j). Is this normal?

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