Know Your Mods Ep16 : Tires – Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (PS4S)

Know Your Mods Ep16 : Tires – Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (PS4S)

Hey guys and welcome to another episode of Know Your Mods. I’m Ron your host from Modbargains and today I’m talking about
the new successor to the Pilot Super Sport from Michelin… the Michelin
Pilot Sport 4S. It is incredible it is the new Max-Performance Summer tire that they just released a couple months back and it is the best of the best for the
people who are serious and demanding drivers for their sports cars their
luxury cars… This is the tire for it We’re going to talk about a lot of
different things today, we’re going to talk about the technology that’s in it
my own experience with it on the track and we’re going to talk about what makes
this thing so special. Ok so what made this tire so amazing… initially the Pilot
Super Sport for five years was the most revolutionary tire and it led the
marketplace in every single segment and talking about dry the wet and so forth
well they took it to the next step on this tire. And this is like… let’s say the
iPhone 7 was the best of it whatever it is well this is like having
an iPhone 9. For the past five years now the technology has gone up. And what did they what did they focus on well they focused on better better performance in
the dry, better performance in the wet, better tread life, improved road noise
what I mean by road noise less road noise while you’re driving right and
obviously this one is really really I think the biggest point and this is the
safety of them all. It’s the braking, you can actually, it’s a
whole car length of a difference in braking that’s been changed. I got to
drive this on a track and I got to do it put it up against different cars I got
to put it in the wet I got to see the way perform and I could totally tell
there was a difference. It’s an evolutionary step it’s not a complete
revolutionary like the Pilot Super Sport was but it’s everything’s been improved
everything is a win on all levels. So how do they do this
well with the same multi compound that they did before… so let’s talk about the
dry improvements of this tire again the multi compounds on this side this is the
dry side right. Well why is that so important? Well because Michelin created what they called a Variable Contact Patch 3.0 basically as the car leans in right the
car leans in you’re turning on into a corner or whatever you get more
surface contact so at the car leans this is the compound that’s being used so
they’re using a different type of compound than the other side that they
would use for the wet so that’s the dry side the other really cool thing about
the tire they actually created a satin finish on the side so when you’re
showing off your wheels and your tires are really nice on there it looks a lot
better it’s better than any other tire I’ve ever seen so this nice tan finish
is a little fine details that they’ve actually put in as well. So that’s the dry
now let’s talk about the wet side of it so this was on the west side right and
this is going to be for like we’re in the rain when we’re we’re not cornering
were driving in right so on this side is called silica infused wet compounds and
that basically translates into what 5 to 10 feet at 60 miles an hour of stopping
distance… 10 feet! Think about that that’s being in a car or not hitting a car or
if your teen is texting and driving her reaction time might be a little slow
so that 10 feet is dramatic. That improvement that technology improvement
you can’t get that anywhere else you can try to upgrade your brakes and so forth
but likely will not get you that distance… this will. Now let’s talk about
something else, I got to talk to the engineers and they actually flew them
out from France they talked about something that was really interesting
something you can’t see on this tire and it’s what’s on the inside. So on the
inside typically we always know that there’s
the the steel belts and so forth well they didn’t do that with this this has a
Kevlar belt that’s called our Aramid-Nylon but why is that important well it
basically makes it lighter weight number one but it also means that with that
strength with all this Kevlar that they have in there it’s able to hold straight
so again when we’re cornering and we’re driving it holds up it’s going to keep
those sidewalls nice I can straight which is amazing. So I got it I got to do
something really incredible we have a very close relationship with Michelin I
got invited out to the Pilot Experience thats why I’m wearing the shirt
and I got to go out on the test track with different vehicles and to put it to
the test I got to put it up against different tires and I got to drive it
all day long on on these tires when they first came out. Now if you have an older
vehicle say Porsche 996 and back then and had I think it was a very first
pilot sports now the technology between the suspension has changed hasn’t
changed all still McPherson struts you might
have better shocks a little bit better but it really hasn’t changed now if I
want to improve that suspension and that handling ability… which is what all these
car and driver and the different magazines that we read… the difference is
really in the tire. So if I put these on my my existing car and I put these new
tires on the performance it just jumps So when we look at track-time numbers…
it’s really just the tire. So there’s nothing that can beat it so just when
you think about it tires can really can really change the whole all the aspects
of the car from road noise the motive is Right braking path the braking distance
that we talked about how it handles in the dry how it handles in the wet these
are all dramatic things. If you are running this is very winter type of
whether… we’re talking about snow freezing weather this is not the tire
for you. Now if it goes below zero degrees you do have to slowly warm these
tires up because of the natural oils that are in here.
So that’s your disclaimer this is again a Summer Performance tire this is not
your winter all season tire. So I love these tires I’m really happy to share
this information with you guys. Now if you guys really like these Know Your Mods…
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all out. Anyway you can also check us out on multiple different social media if
you want to connect with us we love hearing back from you. A lot of our
customers have given us feedback on this tire we want to hear back from your
feedback it’s been out for a little while now our customers at first were
hesitant and once they put it on they were just basically amazed with it and
they said wow I didn’t expect it to be that much of an improvement. I want to
hear back from you guys I think it’s a big deal let’s put it in the comments
and again I thank you guys for your time for letting me educate you guys on some
of the Know Your Mods especially on this new tire. see you guys in the next Know
Your Mods One of the cool things about the tire is
where we actually elevated being from the Pilot Super Sports which
is already an awesome tire… and the go to for most cases. So
what we’ve done is we were able to increase the dry breaking, the wet
braking, and a driving

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  1. Been subscribed since day one. I've applied plenty of times to work for your Team, always love the know your Mods and every video that's uploaded in general. Keep em' coming!

  2. I went from the Pirelli run-flats to PSS. I was absolutely amazed in the difference. I will never go with anything else other than Michelin tires. Great to see the PS4S have improved so much.

  3. You guys really have an amazing channel!!! and are not using it to the full potential, I love all your "I'm your host" videos and I would love to see more these videos so much!!! keep busting out more awesome videos like this!!! and in Less than 2 years you guys could have 1 million subscribers easily!!!
    Sincerely- Ruben!!! -Northern California 🙂

  4. Which tires are best for Los Angeles roads in your opinion . I just bought a used 2016 corvette stingray convertible with no z51 package. I have magnetic suspension and it is very comfortable. Even with these OEM RFT super sports its still extremely comfortable compared to others. I am only looking at Michelin tires and still do not know which to choose. ZP, 4s, ps2, or maybe the all season tires. I am not going on the track or driving in the rain. Comport is the most important and I guess performance is a little less important. Which one would you recommend and how much more comfortable are they from the RFT super sports that I am driving on right know? I am also open to other brands if they are better. Thank you

  5. best tire ever i did reviews on my Shelby GT350 in the rain on my channel it's simply incredible good video Mod Bargains👍

  6. Getting a fresh pair for my 2013 Corvette grand sport I will give you a review in the next couple weeks

  7. I'm about to change tires and I don't know what tire to choose from the Michelin A/S 3 or the Michelin PS4S. Price wise, the A/S 3 price is $713 installed with taxes and the PS4S is $847 installed with taxes. By the way, the roads where I live are crap so the tire life of the two previous set I've had is around 23K to 25K miles. Any suggestion of which of these two best suits?

  8. I have a dedicated set of snow tires…would you say that the ps4s would work for the rest of the 3 other season in NY? …….I mean I wouldn't want to have 3 sets of tires

  9. Just picked up 285/ 30 R20s for 950 bucks a set! Got a fat deal! Cant wait til the forged wheels come in, I'm way too hype about these tires!

  10. Been running 4 S all round right the way through a UK winter and was very, very impressed with them, even in sub zero temps. Unless I was going to be subjected to regular, deep snow conditions, I wouldn't bother switching to winter rubber.

  11. Can you do a video about the Firehawk Indy 500? I'd like to know more about the technology inside of them and why they are so popular despite being relatively inexpensive. Love the videos!

  12. Got these on a 500+hp Australian falcon. The fronts 245/35/19 feel like they will rip your eyes out. The 275/30/19 rears, not so much. They have trouble handling the horsepower and traction control intervenes. Only new so hoping for more grip to come on the rear.

  13. The super sports were the best tires I've ever used and lasted me 5 years. I'll be looking forward to the PSS4S when my current super sports give up the ghost.

  14. Just got two new Michelin Pilot sport 4 for the rear on my BMW 325CI… Made a massive difference. Going to get Michelin's on the front aswell when they need replacing to complete the set.

  15. Well I don’t track my car much. It may see a track “1/4” mile MAYBE 2-4 times a year. My car does see very high speeds 30-40% of the time so I think this will be my upgrade. Just waiting on my pilot sports to wear down so I can buy these 😂

  16. Compared to pilot super sports, are the side walls stiffer or softer? Also, I'm running pss 235/40 18 front and 265/35 18 rear. The tread width on the front pss are 8.5" but on p4s it's 8". About the same width rear. How do you think this 0.5" difference will effect handling and grip? Thanks.

  17. How Can i get you guys to Ship me a set so i can test it first on my M4 ……just to see how it performs?, 275/35 r19 rear……255/35 r19 front … thank you so much it would be really appreciated.

  18. I have these tires on my 2018 Mustang GT they're absolutely amazing at first I was going to replace them with some Mickey Thompsons but by the time I got home I realize are the most comfortable tires I have ever had on my vehicle. So even though the Mickey Thompson's look more sporty and flashy when the time comes to get new tires I'm going for the michelins 100%

  19. Cool vid! Just replaced my P Zeros with some PS4S’ on a S5. And they’re awesome! Super on dry, grippy when sticky, great on wet, and comfy in normal driving too. They do cost a bit more, but if they can go the distance as they say, then it’s well worth it instead of having to replace them more often.

  20. Hands down one of the best tires I have driven on for my 600hp sedan. Cannot believe the grip from a dig compared to cheaper alternatives on the market. The cornering, braking, wet, and quiet ride are worlds ahead of other tires on the same car.

  21. I have a 2014 BMW 535XDrive, Tire Size is 245/40/19. Right now, I have a RFT made by Bridge Stone came with the car when I bought it. I am thinking replacing with Standard Michelin All Season, you mentioned in this video that this particular tire is only for Summer Driving, can you recommend which Model is for All Season? Thank you.

  22. These are going on this coming Friday on my B8.5 Audi S4 that is APR Stage 2+ dual pulley pushing 450hp+. Just in time for the cooler weather rolling through Arizona for the next 6 months! Can’t wait to see how they compare to the PSS I have on there now.

  23. Huge thanks guys for sharing.Great, not gonna be able to sleep now. Even more excited. My son is waiting on rims for the BMW and he chose the 4 S's to be mounted this time.

  24. Just upgraded from Super Sports to the S4 and it feels very different. I drive a manual steer, manual brake muscle car so every little thing I change usually has a noticeable difference. Turning is different I can feel the stronger sidewall. I had to change the brake bias between the front and back these bit harder (I have large two piece Wilwood rotors, calipers, master and proportioning valve). They're quiet and in certain turns where I could make the rear slide a little it takes a tad bit more throttle to do the same. Very good product! We'll see how they wear but in my experience what makes their compounds stand out is how well they perform AFTER 20-30k miles.

  25. if you ever want to get sideways again, don't buy these tires. I have them on my car and it went from being a fun riot to being about as fun as a tesla. I hate them. everything he's saying is true and that's why they suck. it rained today for the first time since I got the tires and even then I could not break the tires free.

  26. Bought for my GTR– no traction. My run flats had more traction for launch. Running 30psi , 295s on the back. What's the break in? i've ran them for at least 300-400 miles.

  27. its more of a iph 7s not that great of an improvement over pss , good handling slight sharper turn in but not for the price (for me and my size its 200$ more per car over the pss) id rather get fuel for that money 😉

  28. Everything discussed in this review is correct – I have these tyres on my car and the improvements over the previous gen is clear – especially the wet weather handling..

  29. Just picked these up as a spring/summer tire here in Colorado for my BMW X1 M-Sport 335i. I am so excited to get these tires rolling. Thanks for the review.

  30. Starting with the tabs at 1:04 where these are compared to others, why was Pirelli PZero Nero GT on the list? Wouldn't the Pirelli PZero be a better comparison?

  31. I've purchased 3 sets for my Mustangs and Shelby. Much better than Goodyear F-2 Supercar that came on the Shelby. Sport Cup 2 designs pretty much track only. PSS4S are best high performance street tire for everyday driving (in relatively warm weather). I like their comfort and performance ability, but it's more important for me to feel safe in normal everyday or higher performance driving conditions.

  32. Just installed these on my 650i coming from pirellis. Literally a night in day difference in all categories. I have them paired with full carbon fiber staggered wheels. Handling, road noise, wet performance, comfort all went through the roof. With my KW V3 coilovers on my pirellis, I was happy, but now I'm just floored. It's a extremely luxurious experience. It's friggin pricy and is not for 40° and below weather but boy do the stars align when you're on these tires. Hats off to the engineers, it's truly the best tire on the market. If you want the ultimate in performance, comfort and have the coin, get them.

  33. I just put a full set of these 225-40-18's on my FN2 Type R Civic. A big difference in stability and grip. It remains to be seen how they wear.

  34. I've had them for a month.
    Only pay $75/month lol
    Now that I love them I think I'd pay anything for them again.
    Better than I thought possible.

  35. Just put a set of these on my civic. Monster grip, even when cold and wet as a Chicago March tends to be these things just stick to the road. Can't wait to get them out on a warm dry day and really see where their limits are

  36. I bought a used CTS VSport that a previous owner had put different front and rear, mid-price all seasons on. Great car but I could tell the tires were holding it back, the rear would step out huge under power and even the front tires were getting pushed around. Switched to these and a good car became amazing. It corners like a roller coaster, and intentional abuse of the throttle on corner exit just gives a little shimmy. They feel determined to stick, which is fun and also makes the car much safer.

  37. Being someone who repairs and sells Smartphones I LMAO when he said "It's like having an iPhone 9" Still good info.

  38. Would you recomend these, the pilot super sport or the A/S 3 + for Southern Cali on a G35 at 397whp? I like going fast!

  39. Looking forward to these tires. Ordered a set for my wife’s 2013 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T. We had some Toyo Proxes 4 Plus (All Seasons) when we bought the car in July 2018. So I’d like to see what the difference will be. Her car comes with 225/45/18’s (Stock), and I got the Michelin’s in a 245/45/18. The tires should arrive on 5/30/2019. Cheers!

  40. I have a 2010 528i BMW it has run flats can I switch to these tires with my car? And if I do will they look almost similar since there sporty looking tires?

  41. Im going to buying tires .. im looking at the Conti Sport6.. but now you have my attention!! Im going to do a buy.. ride … and Review in the Podcast! Thank you for the cool info and great channel. You have new followers from the #topsnappodcast

  42. Damn confused. Bought 2 rear online .. the 2 tires appear to be eather 2 rightside or 2 left side anyone have a clue on these ps4s what direction and side they go on. I should have received 2 backs due to the receipt states put them on the rear

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