KNAUS Upgrades 2019 – New Rims, Lights, Doors and Jockey Wheel

KNAUS Upgrades 2019 – New Rims, Lights, Doors and Jockey Wheel

At KNAUS we are working at full speed
on revolutionary technologies … … to take your holiday to the next level. The attention to detail drives us. That’s why from 2019 on, we will
be installing innovations … … that perfectly combine function and design. The most important element is our new door. We integrated a completely new automotive door. From the door body to the closing noise. The complete look and feel comes with automotive standards. The locking mechanism with high-quality rotary latch lock offers maximum security. There is a new rear light carrier with our new
KNAUS CATEYE evolution rear light. Modern and attractive. Thanks to optimized visibility … … the taillights ensure increased safety while driving. We have a 17 inch KNAUS alloy wheel. The optional KNAUS rim creates a nice
overall picture of the vehicle. Thanks to the stainless material, it is
easier to clean than conventional rims. In 2019 all KNAUS caravans will have
a load indicator as an option. So the customer can easily check
the load on the support wheel. This prevents incorrect weight distribution and
helps you to load your caravan optimally. Again a bit better. These are our novelties
in the year 2019.

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  1. We bought a sun ti 650 M for delivery in May 2019F  but are now more than affraid about the weight. Hope to stay below 3200 kg for the platinum version.  Mails to the service gave no answers. The dealer uses standard info.  So fingers crossed  but still love the Knaus. It is an upgrade for us, coming from a Sunlight silver edition.

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