KMC XD128 Machete Wheels and Nitto Trail Grappler Tires Overview | Perdition

KMC XD128 Machete Wheels and Nitto Trail Grappler Tires Overview | Perdition

Hi guys it’s Ken with 4WheelOnline. Today
we’re checking out the wheels and tires we used on our 2016 JK Unlimited build. For the wheels we went with KMC XD Series
128 Machetes. The one we have here is 20×10 inch with a
satin black finish. The XD Series logo is boldly protruding from the center cap and
rugged beadlock accents wrap around the rim. The 128 Machete is also available with a machined
face and matte gray finish and can come in 16, 17, 18 and of course 20 inch sizes. We used Westcoast Access ories Spline black
lugs to match the color of our new wheels. For our tires we went with beastly 37 by 13
Nitto Trail Grapplers. What else would we go with? Nitto Trail Grapplers combine the performance
of a mud terrain tire with the on-road comfort of an all terrain tire. Nitto uses a 3-ply sidewall and thick rubber
construction to increase puncture resistance and capability on and off road. The tread block arrangement is made from a
3D computer simulation that minimizes noise despite its large tread blocks. So unlike
other mud tires, the trail grappler isn’t nearly as loud on the street or highway. The Trail Grappler also features a dual sidewall
design. Each side has a unique styling so you can choose which design you like best
on your vehicle. Best of all; you can order any XD Series wheels
with these tires and have them mounted, balanced and shipped free with an install kit. You can check out all the wheels you can have
pre-mounted and balanced at this link here and follow the rest of our 2016 JK build here.

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  1. you said you went with 37 13.50 how does that ride with the 13.50 does it ride good or is it too wide AND TY TO WALK SIDE WAYS DOWN THE ROAD ?

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