King Ranch or Long Horn!? || This or That

King Ranch or Long Horn!? || This or That

– What’s going on, guys? Fuller from Custom Offsets. Custom Offsets TV on the
YouTube with Dustin, new face. I don’t know when this video came out, if it’s before or after the
last one that you were in, but either way, Dustin’s new. Oh, it’s gonna go before the other one? – Oh, perfect, all right. So, I’m the new guy. Hi.
– Yeah, welcome. Let’s jump into it, we have
another episode of This or That. Keaton’s gonna ask us some questions, we’re gonna answer them. – [Keaton] Atturo Trailblade MT or Atturo Trailblade XT? – Oh.
– Oh. – So like, the hybrid
tire versus the mud tire. – Yeah. – Hmm, which one would
I pick for my vehicles? I would go with the MT. The XT from Atturo’s actually
less aggressive, I think, than some of the other
hybrid tires on the market, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re somebody that does primarily on-road driving, but I really like the
appearance of the MTs, which is why I would pick the MTs. – See, I’m probably
gonna go the other way, I’d pick the XT because I
want the best of both worlds. – Yeah, and honestly if most
of your driving is on the road, you don’t get as much road noise, you don’t get as many vibrations or steering wheel feedback on the XTs. – Maybe that’s just I’m getting old, but 16 you want a lot of road
noise, now it’s like, uh, we can dial that down
– Yeah, you’re so old – a little bit.
– Dustin. – I’m just sayin’. – What are you, 25? – 26, thank you. – Oh, I’ll be 25 next month. – Oh, just a little baby. (laughs) – Just a small little baby. – [Keaton] King Ranch or Long Horn? – [Unison] Oh! – That’s good.
– That’s a good question. I like that one. I have been a Ford guy
(tires squeal) for most of my life. My parents had Fords. Cobb’s making tires squeal like,
as much as he possibly can. I’ve been a Ford fan for a
large portion of my life. My parents had Fords, my
first vehicle was a Ford, so the King Ranch is pretty slick. I would go with the King Ranch. Or a Platinum, like,
they’re both very similar. I was just down in Florida and everybody has King Ranch
down there for some reason. – Really?
– Yeah. – ‘Cause I would expect
them in like, Texas, right, ’cause Texas, King Ranch, it’s like– – Well, of course, yeah. – You know, but I would say, probably also go King
Ranch, just for like, that interior is so nice.
– I love the interior. – [Dustin] That leather, double stick. – People either love or hate
the tan or brown interiors and I don’t know, I have
a caramel-colored interior in my car right now and I love it. I think it looks great. Some people think it looks terrible. – Especially on like, a
white vehicle like your car. Like, a white King Ranch.
– Exactly. – So good. – White King Ranch, I
would even go as far to say the white King Ranch with the two tone that’s got like, the tan trim pieces and then the tan interior. – [Dustin] I’m about it. – [Fuller] I can get onboard with that. – [Dustin] Yeah. – [Keaton] Three inch
lift or eight inch lift? – Okay, I’m short, so I’m
gonna take the three inch. As long as it’s a good, leveling coil over or something like that, then
I would take a three inch. – Yeah, I guess it’s really dependent on what you’re gonna do with it, right. If you’re looking for a daily truck, like three inch is probably ideal. If you’re looking for a show truck, it’s eight inch all the way, because it’s go big or go home. – Right, obviously the bigger you go, the bigger wheel tire
package you can fit, too. So, that really is a
personal preference, I guess, but it’s just me on my vehicles,
I would run the three inch. – ‘Cause, short. – ‘Cause I’m short. – We can get you one of those
rope ladders that falls out. – And I don’t have a lot of money, so I have to use the rope ladder, ’cause I can’t use the
powered steps, you know. Those are pretty sweet though. – Yeah, they are. – [Keaton] Slammed Chevy
3100 or lifted Ford F1? – I think I would go with the Chevy. – [Dustin] Really? – [Fuller] I think when
you get a vehicle that old, I think it should probably
be closer to the ground for when it falls apart. – [Dustin] All right, that’s fair. I’ll give you that. – [Fuller] Just kidding, I
think it looks really nice when an old school truck like that, lowered, slammed, maybe on air. I think that’s pretty sweet. – I would go the other way. I’d go lifted F1. There’s something about
like, that old school truck, and not like major lift, right, like four maybe and 33’s. Nothing super, super aggressive
but still functional. – I’m definitely not mad about that at all ’cause you can, I think, pull off really awesome looks with
those old trucks, too. I mean, even going as far as like, people that make a
monster truck kinda build out of that body style. I don’t know. It can look good both ways. Maybe I should pick the lifted one because we’re in Wisconsin
and our roads suck. – That’s true. – I’ll go with the Chevy. – [Keaton] ’06 Duramax or ’06 Bullet Proof Powerstroke? – Oh, I like this one. – So, the issue with the Powerstroke was, right, they came up with the six liter and it would just blow up on everybody. – Yeah, the heads would
just (pops lips) lift. – But, if you had them bulletproofed, then they were bulletproof
and they would last forever. I have driven both, also, so
that plays a factor in there. Brent actually, in the shop,
has a 6.0 in his Excursion. That thing’s sick. (slow pop music) I would take a Bulletproof 6.0. I’m not scared. I’ll jump in. – Yeah, I’m absolutely with you. I had a six liter.
– Really? – I had an ’04 and there’s something about that VGT turbo spool,
when it’s cold and it just sounds like a jet taking off.
– It’s so good. I remember having the
truck parked in my driveway and then I’d start it up in the morning, like, obviously it’s cold out, and let it run for a bit. You just crank it and it’s just so loud and then you go inside and
I’m sitting inside my house, getting my morning coffee
ready and stuff like that and you just hear the (imitates engine). – Yeah, you just hear the turbo. – It’s like a jet outside.
– Correct. – They scream and they
sound nice under load, too. Getting on it, driving down the street, they sound really nice, so 6.0. – Yep. – I feel like we’re gonna
get some hate for that. – That’s fine, I’ll take it. – Bring it. (laughs) – They said Bulletproof, now
non-bulletproof, you keep that. – In stock application, it
better have really low miles and only driven to church on Sundays and then a couple extra
thousand in the bank account for when I need to do the bulletproofing. – Correct, if the truck
comes with like 10 g’s, I’m good with it. – Hello, bank? Yes, I need a loan for the car and then another 10 on top of that. – Correct, for the motor
when it inevitably goes. – [Keaton] Bonus question. – [Unison] Oh! – [Dustin] Bonus question, all right. – [Keaton] Who has the best
beard from This or That? Rainey from CO or Kota from FI? – What? (laughs) – Rainey, like, when he
actually gets his beard trimmed, it looks really nice
but otherwise, Rainey, he just looks homeless all the time. – It’s just scruff, yeah. – But, I mean, I guess Kota’s probably a little better than that. I’m gonna go with Kota. – I’m going the other way,
even with the homeless look, I think it’s still, yeah. – I just don’t ever, like… If someone told me, if I
had never met Dakota before and then they’re like,
this is what he drives, this is what he likes,
this is where he works, I would be like, okay, yeah, sure. And then he’s gonna walk in the room and I’d be like, who is that? That is not the same guy. The beard, I feel like it
doesn’t match his personality, but it’s a good beard. – [Dustin] Correct. – I keep shaving mine and then growing it back and shaving it. – I trimmed mine up yesterday. – You’ve got quite a bit going on. – I put a little shape back in it, otherwise, it gets all all square. – Dustin has entered the
ring. (Dustin laughs) So, that’s another
episode of This or That. If you guys have any questions
that you want us to answer, or you like Dustin or
you don’t like Dustin, you can obviously let us
know in the comments below and we’ll kick him off the stool and kick him outta the show. – Damn. – Peace. (hands clap) (funky music)

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  1. Would you drive THIS or THAT?!

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  2. On a 07-13 silver-a-doe….

    3.5 in rough country level lift with out loaded struts
    3.5 in superlift with bilstein rears

  3. A ram 3500 high output Cummins with Toyota aisin trans longhorn with white exterior and brown lower rocker panels would be the ultimate truck. Only complain would be the trans but that’s fixed with the aisin instead of the 68rfe.

  4. King ranch cuz when you’re the king doesn’t matter how long the horn is. BUT If you have a long horn you’re the king!🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Literally the main reason to pick a ram over a ford is because the interior is far better but then you go on to say that's the very reason why you choose the Ford.. really confused with your response as everyone knows the ram has the best in class interior. Opinions are one thing but your flat out way off on your assessment on that. You could have virtually said any other reason to pick the ford over the ram and I would have agreed. But ram owns the title for interiors

  6. The only thing even a bulletproof 6.0 has on an LBZ is the turbo spool under load. Any VGT truck in high idle sounds like a jet

  7. hey Custom Offsets i have a question that i need help with. i have 2014 ram 1500 that i want to get a 4 inch BDS suspension lift, wheel, and tire for but dont know what size wheel or the backset i need for it. i hope you guys see this and can help me because the website got me confused.

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