Kia or Hyundai Motor Driven Power Steering Clunk Noise MDPS Rubber Coupler // 현대 아반떼

Kia or Hyundai Motor Driven Power Steering Clunk Noise MDPS Rubber Coupler // 현대 아반떼

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  1. update: everyone who has EPS light needs to go the shop or hyundai dealer and it just needs to be adjusted with.better to go to the regular shop,since its going to be cheaper.
    it cost me only 68$ to reset/readjust all the lights (ESC OFF, EPS)
    once again thank you, great,helpful video. I guess somehow Ive triggered those lights.
    now everything is good.

  2. hello..
    thank you for the detailed instructions. everything went well… although something caught my attention… when i opened the motor i saw the shaft of the motor wiggling a little bit.. exactly like this :
    is that how it is supposed to be??

  3. I think my mechanic missed the step u did at 13:00 , he removed the old coupler and installed a new one and I'm feeling that he changed the center of my steering wheel , what's the solution for this problem ?

  4. Same problem for my car in India.First Hyndai service center examined and told that it will cost Me 100K rupees (1400USD) to replace complete colum but after seeing this video I raised the complaint to main Hyndai customer care service and then same service center fixed the problem for 2000 rupees (24 USD).

  5. Helpful detailed video. Just did the same on my 2012 Elantra right hand drive. Couldn't find a video on that. The rear bolt on the steering column couldn't be fully removed. The bolt head just fouled the brake pedal bracket on the way out. So I had to remove the fuse box and then the brake pedal assembly before dropping the steering column. Took 3 hours. Still better than paying the dealer $200 to fit.

  6. Would this part cause my EPS Light to switch on? My car makes the clunking sound when turning or hitting rough spots. My EPS light just recently came on and I took to a hyndai dealer and the dealership said it was a $50 fix but the light came back on about a month later.

  7. Saludos, Gracias por el video, sin ese video nunca lo logramos. No tuve que sacar nunca el guié completo como en el video. Dure en total hora y 40 minutos. Gracias nuevamente 👍🏻😃

  8. My 2008 elantra started to do this clunking noise at almost 111k miles. About how much does this job go for?? And is it a one day job?
    Also, you said there are other/bigger issues if the check engine light comes on. Mine comes on and off. The computer reading had 2 codes: P0700 transmission control system signal and p0741 Torque converter clutch stuck off.
    Is this due to the same problem or are they separate issues??

  9. Thank you so much for posting this video! I did this job and after putting everything back together the EPS light is on and no power steering. double checked and all connections are connected. any idea what could be the problem? there were no lights before. just the clinking noise.

  10. I don't understand why at 12:35 You couldn't move the Computer out if you remove all three Nuts or Screws . Once you have it on the Table We can clearly see it was Easy to put it back

  11. It was possible for me to do this job without removing the steering wheel or even loosening it. I had to carefully operate 1/4 " drive sockets under the dash and it may have taken a half hour longer. Only one of the electrical plugs was decoupled and I also had to pop out the clip that holds the motor assembly wires against the steering column tube. My car is a 2012 elantra 4 cyl.

  12. I have Azera 2007,I have same problem ,I have been observing this noise when I have drove the steering to the the right side ,I would like to ask you about the price of this steering coupler

  13. Saludos y gracias por el video, muy instructivo y acertado.
    Realicé el reemplazo del acoplador de la dirección y el sonido clap clap del volante desapareció pero ahora el motor eléctrico tiene otro sonido cuando giro el volante hacia un lado ú otro es como si el motor eléctrico se accionaria cuando muevo el volante, hice todo correcto pero no se por que suena y me inquieta, gracias por sus respuesta de antemano

  14. Thanks for you very detailed video! Question, If this is not replaced is there any chance of complete steering failure? Just curious. My 12 Sonata is doing this but I’m getting a new car in 6-8 months and I’m putting it of as long as I can. Thank you!

  15. Yo tengo un Hyundai i30 2010 y no encuentro la referencia exacta del año para el MDPS Clunk Noise Rubber Flex Coupler, podría ayudarne?

  16. I have a Hyundai i30 '10, but Icant found the exact reference to MDPS Clunk Noise Rubber Flex Coupler, Can you help me?

  17. First I want to thank for this magnificent informative video, it is the best and most complete of all, many congratulations.

    I have a Kia Ceed SW 1.6 CRDI 115 hp EX ISG of the Year 2010, the 3 months ago I started to have this problem. I saw this video a few times, I also saw similar ones and I decided to order the Rubber Flex Coupler. I made this repair this past Saturday and I was totally successful. I do not have any alarm or any noise in the Steering Column.

    I did two different things in relation to the video!

    1 – I let the car cool down 30 minutes before disconnecting the Battery, I think that in modern cars they do not turn off completely when we remove the ignition key, some things are still working and they are sending information to the Computer Centralina, in addition the energy of capacitors used the circuit takes a few minutes to dissipate.

    2nd – In my car I did not remove the steering column I did all the maintenance in your place, I did not find any difficulty to have opted for this solution. Some cars may need to bring the column to the work bench but most think it is not accurate. If you have to bring the steering column to the bench, follow the instructions in the video to make the markings carefully, it is essential to avoid any alarm problems.

    I hope this helps to help someone else solve this problem.

    From Portugal is everything, thanks again for the video.

  18. انا مكنبكي كييا هاذ كل شغلو غلط في غلط لازم يطلع كل المقود على الطاوله قدامو بعين يبلش يشتغل اما حمار صحيح

  19. Thank you very much for your thorough instructions about how to do this!!! With the 2012 Kia Soul, I was able to avoid pulling the whole steering column. Just got the new coupler back in and time to button it up. Even though you were doing a hyundai, yours was the most comprehensive video and it saved my ass. A big thanks again!!

  20. great video! any thoughts on 2013 Veloster? only 2 bolts holding and it doesn't drop. took everything out including fuse box and instrument cluster. Update: Veloster only has 2 nuts to remove in the front and one long bolt (Horizontal) to remove in the back. The coupler apparently wasn't it, like brand new; I will keep looking!

  21. You are a good mechanic. I hope you are paid what you are worth, and you do a great job making the video. Speeding up the redundant stuff like removing screws, speaking clearly, not trying to be an entertaining clown, and no stupid background music. I would hire you to work on my car, and thats saying a lot if you knew me. Wishing you success and thanks you! A+

  22. was the noise more noticeably after letting the car rest the entire night, and the following morning with the first movement of the steering wheel you could hear a loud knock??

  23. While trying to position the steering wheel back in place i accidently turned the wheel and now its completely locked. How would I fix this? Or at least whats the actual problem.

  24. We replaced the coupler on our Kia soul but now the EPS light will not go out. How can i fix this? Thanks

  25. I think kia&hyundai should stop producing cars. I have same problem with 2018 cerato-forte.
    mdps changed, but problem continues.

  26. I hardly have any maintenance experience besides oil changes and replacing tires and it took me 4 hours to get it done with a little help from my Dad. Toughest part for me was mounting the steering column back into place. After messing around with it for about an hour we found it was easier to tighten the top two screws before the bottom two screws.

    Hyundai quoted me $290, part was only $6 from amazon. Thanks for the vid.

  27. Just a note, check with your Kia or Hyundai dealer to see if this part is covered under a factory warranty extension. My dealership replaces these at NO COST to the customer almost every day. Primarily the Optimas have this warranty extension, but is also on some other models for specific year ranges. You will need your VIN number when you call your dealer, ask for a Service Advisor, they will look it up to see if you are covered.

  28. I had the same issue on my 2014 Kia forte with 65k miles on it. Good thing it was covered under my extended warranty. Claim was for 230 in labor 1 dollar for part. You would think Kia would design a better part.

  29. Hi! Thanks for the video. My steering wheel is making a rubber sound when I turn the wheel? Any idea what that is from?

  30. Thanks for posting this video, it helped me a lot. I went to my dealership to buy this part and they said no, I had to book it in because the motor will need replacing it was about $800+tax+labour, i said no, just the coupler please, he said I don't think you can buy it on it's own, so I gave him the part number and he said oh here it it is, $22.00 AU.
    Took me two and half hours to do as I have a Hyundai i40 2012, much more complicated then car you worked on, I couldn't remove the steering column out of the car like you did, back breaking work, but it's done. Thanks again, you have helped a lot of people, judging by all the comments below.

  31. you not need out evry thing >>> look this very good

  32. That yellow harness with the yellow plug you were fighting @ 6:25 is the air bag connector. I've never looked into Hyundai/Kia but Honda/Acura has a very specific safety procedure to prevent static electricity from setting off an air bag….

  33. I need help ! I did every step and it’s fixed however my tail lights will not turn off anymore . Did I mess up a fuse ?

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  35. I traced down a side to side clunk on a 07 Elantra with 147 k to be caused by wear between the splines of the intermediate steering coupler and the pinion shaft of the steering rack. The bolt felt tight. Smaller, lighter , and cheaper crap. It's, kinda like trusting your life to a harbor freight flex ratchet for 15 years not to fail.

  36. thanks ! same problem here with a KIA CEED 2010 .Official Kia Store wanted to change the entire part for 2000€ final . Finallyi paid The rubber coupler and hand job mechanic for 350€

  37. I don't understand how you did not realized that piece at 11:17 to 11:30 you can move it and find the last screw or little bolt. It was right there. My Elantra 2008 has today 128,600 Miles and still good.

  38. Why does a 1000kg car (2,000 pound) even need power steering? I have a 2010 i30 diesel, the most annoying thing about the car is the technology. I don't need power steering, I don't want traction control.
    Is there a MDPS delete?

  39. I fix the problems but the wiper is not working and looks like the alignment of steering is rotated on the left (1 cm). Without opening everything can I get the alignment back ?

  40. I am always amazed at how worn the coupler is when I do this job. These steering systems have gotten a lot better. I have a 2017 Hyundai Tucson and the motor driven power steering performs much better than my 2012 Elantra did. I haven't seen worn couplers on newer Hyundai's yet either.

  41. 👍👍👍…Very nice and informative video…I own a 2012 Sonata and had this issue with the steering wheel clicking…I couldn't figure out the noise to save my life..I took it to my local mechanic here in Cleveland,Ohio and he knew exactly what it was.I wrench on my own vehicles and consider my self an experienced dyi'er.But there's nothing better than asking your mechanic questions or describing the issue or even researching here on the Tube for videos and tutorials to pinpoint the issue and not assuming,and wasting time and money fixing the wrong part.I definitely could have done the repair myself, but not having a lot of experience with Korean vehicles or this particular issue I would've been replacing parts and fixing things that aren't broken.Once again,nice video.I will be subscribing…Wrench on brother!

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