Kenda Tires and Wheels – Tire with Wheel – AM3S120 Review –

Today, we’re going to review part AM3S120. This is the Kenda Loadstar Tire size ST175/80D13. It’s a bias trailer tire and it is mounted
on a 13-inch Dexstar white spoke wheel. This wheel has a white powder coat finish
for superior corrosion resistance on the front and on the back of the wheel. Few measurements we’ll do on this wheel will
be the diameter of the wheel, which will be measured inside to inside. This will be 13 inches. The width of this wheel would be 4-1/2 inches
wide. This wheel does have a 5-bolt, 4-inch bolt
pattern and a way to measure that is from the center of this bolt hole directly across
to the bolt hole from it, and center to center would be 4 inches. So that would be a 4-lug, 4-inch bolt pattern. This wheel does have a capacity of 1360 lbs
at 50 psi. It does use a wheel bolt size of 1/2-inch
by 20.

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