Kenda Tires and Wheels – Tire with Wheel – AM3H430 Review –

Today, we’re going to go over part number
AM3H430, which is a Kenda 205/65-10 Bias Trailer Tire, mounted on a 10” Dexstar White Spoke
Wheel. This time wheel package will have a Dexstar
White Spoke finished steel wheel, it’s a powder coat finish. And a few measurements we need to do on the
wheel would be the diameter, which would be measured 10”. The width of the wheel is 6″. This wheel will have a 5 bolt pattern, which
is 5 on 4-1/2″. And on a odd bolt pattern wheel, the best
way to measure the bolt pattern is if you drew a circle around the center of all 5 lug
holes and then take roller and measure from the center of 1 bolt hole, all the way to
that outer edge of that imaginary circle. And it shall give you 4-1/2″ that will give
you a 5 on 4-1/2″ bolt pattern. The wheel is 1,650 pounds. This wheel uses a bolt size of a 1/2″-20. Another critical measurement is the pilot-hole
diameter, which is the large hole in the center of the wheel that will fit over your trailer
hub. On this wheel, when we measure it, the diameter
would be 2.8”.

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