Kenda Tires and Wheels – Tire with Wheel – AM31959 Review –

Today, we’re going to review part number AM31959. This is a Kenda Karrier Tire, size ST175/80R13. It is a radial trailer tire and it’s mounted
on a 13-inch Deckstar Five Spoke Aluminum Wheel. Few things about the wheel, this wheel is
a five spoke design wheel. The face and the outer lip of the wheel has
a machine finish and then the whole wheel is clear coated to protect it from corrosion. The inserts or the openings of the wheel is
silver painted, and is also clear coated. The whole wheel is clear coated. Back of the wheel protected also. Few dimensions we’re going to do on
this wheel, we’ll do the diameter, which will be measured inside-to-inside is 13 inches. The width of this wheel is 5 inches wide. The
bolt pattern on this wheel will be 5 lugs, 4-1/2-inch bolt pattern.

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