Kenda Tires and Wheels – Tire Only – AM1ST51 Review –

Today we’re going to review part number AM1ST51, this is the Kenda ST175/80D18 bias trailer tire, in a load range C Now this tire has a flatter tread to offer improved stability for excellent handling This is a special trailer tire design, it is created specifically for trailers, not intended for use on other vehicles It does couple the strength of a bias tire with the durability and stability of a radial tire It does use advanced rubber compound, it gives you longer tread wear, it gives you low rolling resistance for a nice smooth ride It has a nice computer-generated tread design on it, and this is a bias that will meet the department of transportation requirements A few specs on this, it is designed to fit a wheel size of 13 inches by 4 and half wide, 13 inches by 5 wide, or 13 by 5 and a half inches wide

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