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  1. Very slick – a lot of the DIY solutions are chintzy; this is exactly what I'm looking for. I've been looking for some opportunities to do some wood turning as well! Finally, an excuse to buy a 4 jaw chuck. Thanks for taking the time to show this off.

  2. Amazing! I'm hoping to somewhat replicate this for my kayak. My only issue is the nose cones. I don't have access to any sort of wood turning equipment and have come up with any sturdy enough ideas for something else to use. Any ideas??

  3. What’s up Rikkie? This is an awesome video, especially loved your design of these outriggers! This is why we think it would make a great addition to our video of the month contest! Just upload it to and you could have the chance to win a kayak, cooler, and be featured on Outside TV! See you on Campfire!

  4. Best looking home brew outriggers I have seen yet. Im a bit on the bigger side and and have only been out on my new kayak once and even though it went fine. I have not been on it due to not feeling stable in it, and been looking over ideas for outriggers to help that out and love what you did there. And it doesn't look expensive.

  5. best home made outriggers I have seen, that would totally pass for a commercial product , brilliant job! I shall try to build it for my kayak. thank you for sharing!

  6. Great design and execution! Were these version one or did you go through multiple iterations?

    Where did you get black pvc and all the fittings? I only see white or grey (schedule 80) here in the states.

  7. How did you get the pvc to bend under heat with precision? That bend behind the seat has to be the exact same on both sides correct?

  8. Instead of the oak, aluminum and pins, do you think that using pipe unions on the tubing would allow easier disassembly and be simpler to install? e.g.

  9. WOW. I am absolutely amazed at how perfect these are! I’d buy them in a heartbeat if they were mass produced. Sadly I don’t have the skills to even contemplate attempting anything like your fantastic design!

  10. Wonderful design and engineering. The best stabilizer I've seen whether home or factory made. Now I'll see if I have the patience and skill to do my own. Thanks very much for sharing this.

  11. Nice set up! Thanks for putting out the video and sharing the info. Getting older and less agile, im starting to look into outriggers now.

  12. Great job! One question what comes to mind since I'm very interested in putting stabilizers on for better stability, I can't keep from asking the question if current takes you into a pylon or a log a stump couldn't it get caught between the boat and the Outrigger and cause a undertow to pull you under? It seems like they should be designed to roll away from objects instead of objects being able to get trapped. I hope I articulated that well enough for maybe somebody to respond. Thank you.

  13. U should make a kit and sell them, better yet do a detailed video on how they were made. but as I said if you sold a kit you would do really well there bud. congrats nice job.

  14. Best idea yet. I have a setup with just a single arm and I had the same problem when it came to bending under power. Loved your idea and the setup looks awesome. Will now incorporate that onto my own hobie kayak. Brilliant. Thank you.

  15. Thanks for sharing the video. Great craftsmanship mate. I will try something similar on my kayak. All the best from West OZ

  16. Wow, gotta be one of the best explanations videos Ive ever seen. its what you pray 99%will turn out like but this one delivers! Thanks much.

  17. I also kayak in the ocean. One concern I have is what do you do if you flipped over despite the outrigger? Is is even possible to flip over when these are attached? If you did flip over, I think it might be very tiring to disconnect the pontoons, stash them somewhere and upright the kayak. Would you say it is almost impossible to flip the kayak even in the occasional dicy conditions one might encounter?

  18. with these on my boat I could carry more tackle with less fear of flipping and having a (yard sale) on the river lol🙃

  19. Nice work. One thing I noticed…the front of the pontoon can snag on vegetation/vines etc. That would be a bad day on a fast river.

  20. Thanks my friend, you shared awesome tips, forming, etc. curious where are the fairings?, my projects are built around my shitty bones fairings is an easy cheap must have for me. thanks again.

  21. maybe find a way to clip nettings on the arms will reduce splash and give you more storage space maybe a place to toss the fish, other improvement ideas to install a small furling sailing rig

  22. Nice design. There’s lots of work and thought went into making it. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hello from across the pond, upstate New York.

  23. Hi Rikkie. Great video and build. Maybe I missed it, but what did you end up using for the inside tube support instead of oak?

  24. Wow well made you have realy got me thinking now iv been on Ebay and most of what they are selling comes from China and is just rubbish i think i might be of to the harware store thanks

  25. great video thanks – how should the 'height' of the outriggers be set up – so just the bottom of them touches the surface of the water?

  26. The best on youtube, I'll be making a set for my hobie outback.  I think I'll hinge the connect points though.  Great job!

  27. Those are the coolest “Torpedoes “ for stabilizers. I’m going to make the back flat with fins and a small plastic electric trolling motor blade on the back.

  28. It's nice to so one take pride in there design like you have. Easy idea but they came out suppurb and look outstanding! Bravo my European fishing brother!!!

  29. Very clever ideas well presented, best of all no irritating background crap that some confuse for music! Cheers

  30. Aha our version of a boat in the Philippines. Baruto as we call it, it is made of palm wood called ‘bakhaw’ as my grandfather carved it using an adze.

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