Kapeć, Flat tire – Iwona Blecharczyk 2019/48

Kapeć, Flat tire – Iwona Blecharczyk 2019/48

Good morning Case for today: I change flat tire! Yes, yes I do These days it is very controversiall for driver to change a flat tire Most of the companies have give up from attaching to the truck spare tire but in oversize branch there is no spare time for waiting for the service most of the drivers are self sufficient So here in long haul most of the driver change flat tires to save on time The truth is that this is not my flat tire but I have been on the road for 8 years now and I I have never change the tire If I had a flat tire it was always in convoy we were escorted by police or pilots and there was no time to do it we work in team so if one had a flat tire the whole team would gathered to help so for example at the time I was unscrewing spare tire someone else was anscerwing the flat tire this was collective work and I have never ever do it by my sleft! and today I`m trying to do it by myself actually I don`t know why do I want to do it by my self! I`m mad! I guess I want to challenge my self For all the skill I`m lacking is to change flat tire Before I was missing skill in putting up the chains now I have learned it verry well I feel I should learn how to change the flat tire ok, I`m going what do you think – left or right? the other was better Ok I have done it I got hot I tell you it is not easy ok, how to set it up? which one Hot to do it ok I`m affraid to the end to the end? ok come on on here, next one it is so cool fun! Now I will do it all the time! you are not going, you will! don`t stop, do it untill the end I liked it! just kick at the wheel this one we will put here how to do it, maybe this way look at the tire this tire wasn`t that old at all you could see at this tire it is not very old treads are still deep but I don`t know where this company is from no name brand, maybe from China or somewhere else so there should be not much expectation from the brand cause the inner tire is flat so that is an extension of valve, so that it will be possible to check the pressure come and see if I am doing OK – I think so – I don’t know much about that What?! Why am I doing that? I need you to check and say, what I can do better or faster – For 3 beers. I will share all my knowledge if you give me 3 beers. Shall I bring it now or when it is done? – Later – You know still there is a chance you put wheels the other way around and will stick out OK – Come on girl, sure it is fine – Too far Good now? – Yeah – Go and let the air out Wait, maybe I make it like that Well, not really – More – Don’t be that greedy Good! Yeah! O, nearly there! – Give it a kick! So that is will go till the end Exactly Now second tire and done I forgot about the other tire 😀 – You are not going to use that one? Do you want it? – Sure – Look at that Have you seen it? Look what happens to that tires GT tires It will explode as well But you don’t have any other – Inside the same Aren’t you OK with only one tire? – If you fasten that one tightly, I am fine cracks everywhere – It looks as if it was regenerated tire but this is a original tire GT RADIAL don’t buy it how long did it use it? – I don’t know, that’s not my regulat trailler OK, I’ve got a deal. You can get my spare tire for 3 beers. – I don’t have that much – Take the truck and go to shop – I pay The shop is closed – Let’s go to Germany, to autohof So you take it? – Yeah, for 3 beers SOLD! OK, let’s get the tire where are your gloves? – Over there, somebody put it under the tire Who have manometr? – I haven’t got And now we have a problem So please tell me now, what do you do is such a case? – In such a case you call a service That’s it, the end Shall we take my second spare tire? – We take a piece of wood, and with the hammer, we will take the tire out and then we poor some water and take the good tire Isn’t it easier to take my other tire? – But that tire has got a different pattern They will change it at workshop anyway So… I’ve got another spare tire for sale. It costs 5 beers. How about that? – I haven’t got that much – In such a case, you are without any spare tire You see the way it is? You think you have spare tire but have got none – It was pusched to hard What do you mean? – It wasn’t attached properly, but screwed till the end and it cracked and when it is broken that’s the end Shall we finish that today? – Would be good… – Or maybe better tomorrow? – Maybe he will go without a tire Will you do that? – Why not. I will be going empty, the first axle will be lifted anyway – Don’t but bolts on that one. Will be lighter. – The trailler won’t be hanging It is nice to work a bit sometimes, don’t you think? My welding, look how nice it is Can you see it? So many years and still fine Will you comment on that? – Nope But I didi it, really Prince, confirm – What? That stanchion holder – That’s truth OK, that was your design, but my welding Is that tire damaged? Nope – Can you see it? I can’t see, wait What is it? Show me – Let’s take it down – No. Let’s take the bolts out ant then will shift it – No, you have to put it down first – No, I don’t have to – You have to. I am not crazy to do that like that – Will you open that safety lock? – I wil – Let’s do it then You needed such a lock, didn’t you? – You have one with a cable now! – we need to take the barrier out – Done It is pretty smart – Made in Goldhofer my trailler I love Goldhofer Greetings for Goldhofer – You seen it? Your trousers are dirty again – Now he has no trousers for party – Have you seen it? I will grease mine – Wait a minute. I will take mine, will be easier for you then – That’s no a problem with my fingers – Would be funny if it turned out to be flat as well – Unscrew it – You unscrew it! – I have no gloves, look at my fingers – I will help you to drink your beer – We should clean that rim – And paint as well. Do you have paint? I have black one – Nope, no paiting. But need to clean that rust from the middle – And we are done – We need to clean it a bit – Come on, it will be lifted anyway Help me please Do you keep it? More to the left Yeah, you are doing great I thought I’ve seen some cracks – Nope, it is OK It is just a dirt – A rust from the buckle It must have been there since my last tire I remember the police was waiting to escort us and we were doing the flat tire – What? – We will clean it – What with? – Give it to me You are equiped for everything Come on Volvo! How much do you want? – 8,5bar – Not 9? – Nope, 9 is max – 8,5bar is good, cause when the tire is working, the air inside worms up and the pressure rises 8,5bar will be good You say it is good for summer? – Exactly. You can put 9bar in colder time And here are come turists unloading their toilet afterall we are in Danmark. Here, parking lots are well prepared for everybody You can leave your toilet container clean it drinking water is here like in France or somwehere in Alps drop water and? Was 5,5bar, now? – 7. Sth is wrong, goes to slow – The pressure doesn’t go up – Where? – On manometr – Cause you are pumping – Only 0,2bar? – Something is wrong as if was low pressure in the air tanker you know what I mean? – OK – Let’s switch from trailler tanker to the Volvo tanker Let’s put the air lane under the trailler Go – What a day… Instead of ride my bike, I am here working on flat tire What’s wrong with that? You need to take your motorbike on your trailler – Yeah, that’s what I need to do You need at least 1bar difference to pump fast and we have 0,2 only Look, now it is 10! Now it works properly Do you see it? 10,5bar now And 8 in the tire – But now it is connected to the main truck air tunker not one of the last one in the trailler 12bars, great! Just look at that 8,5bar, enough That was fast – Do you know why it was like that? Case the presure is reduced form the truck to trailler and it is possibe that in the trailler system it is 9bars only you know why cause in her trailer the switcher is installed not on the first but last tanker – Time to do the job OK, let’s get it done. You excercise it on the gym, I do here – I’ve got a feeling, they will call us a chauvinist Why? But you aren’t a faminist, are you? I am and I am not… – It means it depends what you need? So when you need somebody to help you… But you see I am working on your tire – That’s not mine All tires in my Opel Astra are OK I am half half I don’t see myself as a faminist, but when you look at my career, it seems I am – So you wanted equality so you have it And I like it – I wouldn’t like to see stupid comments about us. She wanted to do it! We don’t ‘use her’. Damn, doesn’t want to work a bit backwords – Do you know where feminizm ends? I don’t know – When a woman needs to bring a big closed to the 3rd floor Wait, it doesn’t want to fit – Finally, after 3h of work we managed to change the tire – Lets put few nuts diagonally I know it So here my feminism ends – You know why? It is 12bars… Interesting how this one goes How to change the direction? – There is a black swither -Ahhh, here I love that device – Upper as first one – But not to strong – It seems it doesn’t work – It is not connected – Push it! – Check it It is a kind of more powerful now – The pressure is higher – More, more, till the rims come toghether more don’t be affraid – OK that one for longer – enough, don’t take the bolts out we will have to exchange bolts in the minute! – enough I had to dirty my hand so now instead of 4 beers I will get 3 only? – One only! – Wait. Put all the nuts and then you take pneumatic wrench – I am so hot already – But do it gently one turn and then one more check – How can i do it gently when I don’t have sense to it the sun is burning – you can’t let the pneumatic wrench do strange noises – I will show you how to put the double nuts on the bolt just look at that I’ve seen I was missing one… and was wondering what happened to it – You see, now you know – We are creatig new history Why? – A woman is working on the flat tire and men are watching… Shall I fulfill the greasing system in your traillers? Do you accept it? I do – What shall we do now? We take all the tires on my trailler – Take 2 old tires, she will take one with the broken valve I don’t want a rubish tire! He can take it to the workshop! – Exactly. I will take all the tires, fasten it and they repair it on the workshop – Exactly – If I take, I take everything I will let the dispatch know I have all the tires I agree Now show me how to put the tire on the trailler You told me you would show me the trick with a ladder! – But we don’t have any ladder – Can you lift it on your knee? I can’t… I thought you would show me some trick… – OK, I will show you And I will do the second one – You won’t you are too weak What did you say?! – It weights 70kg (155lbs) – Don’t waste your spine I need to try – You are damaging your spine I am balancing – Fight it you want – Well, it didn’t work. But it was my first attempt – Enough – Help her you will lift it toghether – What now? – You will have a brown bobble in the second – I can see it coming! 3,2,1… Let’s take this one as well I will stock them I am done with my gym today That is a 2 year tire Can you see it? 23rd week 2017 and the other one? 4th week, 2011 this is the one with a broken valve the middle one is GT as well but is depends on which axle it was… – Yeah but it is not cracked… yeah- – Look, I am so dirty – Take the wrenth size 13, I have anohter job I cut the air lane supply to the air bag where is it? – somewhere there What did you brake there yeasterday? – I didn’t broke anything. I had to cut air supply so that the bag on the flat tire axle would work – Why did you do that? :p – Cause I wanted to lift that axle – You can always supply one bag, and cut the other side as well – Exactly – Every bag is independent – Do you have a screwdriver? or a knife I can’t do it with my finger or a toothpick and everything will work properly – Nope, I won’t make it without the screwdriver Wait, I will bring some Is the one with a red handle OK for you? – Nope, he likes blue only – Yeah, green one, pink one as well Pink one!? If you were to drive a pink truck – I would be so proud If I would to drive a pink truck, they would have to pay extra for that OK, good Are you doing it in the nice way? My truck will be lighter now OK, time to say what was unsaid yet First of all it is so much easier when you have a pneumatic wrentch but I know how it is to do it with normal wrench cause we did it few times once we had to change the wheel which was there, for 4 years, so it wasn’t removed since trailler purchase we used chains and a van, trying to move the rim we’ve been working on that tire 2h! we were hiting with a heavy hummer tyring everything to remove the rim so I know that it can be really tough the one from today sorry, I’ve a chewing gum so the one from today was extremly ease one 2 kicks and that’s it and the second thing we earlier we didn’t have a pneumatic wrench I had to jump on the classic wrench I know how tiring it can be that you can fall down from the wrench and do sth to your knee I never recorded that before cause we always worked in team look, a ship is coming cause we are in the port now so coming back to subject the reason I recorded that movie is to prove women can change the tire as well of course, you can say that’s now a propper way to do that but we have technology that should make our life and work easier we had to ask so many times to get that pneumatic wrench in our team but when we finaly got it you see how it works nobody was crying about doing that work he just did it when it comes to safety I would never to it on the highway when I see a trucker changing a wheel on the hard should I think he is stupid sorry to say that, but that’s the tuth risking life for tire… pure stupidity I can’t find any other word maybe if police closed one one and parked behind me… but still you have to look around all the time so many police officers was killed like that on the road the highway is not a place to fix the tire what else? one more thing is flat tire change job for a trucker or service? I think, that is a truck is equiped with a spare tire and tools then that’s the job for him but obviously most of the companies resinged from spare tires it must be more profitable for them so most of trucker doesn’t have that problem they just call a tire service I didn’t have a spare tire when I worked in Essers when I had flat tire I had to wait for service I don’t think service is a faster option it take more time for them to come with a propper tire 3 times I had flat tire in Essers and everytime it took around 3h it take time to find a service in the area, send poeple, do the work… when you do it by your self and the rim is not ‘welded’ 30-45min and it is done with a pneumatic wrench even faster OK, I think I said everything I wanted to say about the flat tire thank you for watching and see you next time!

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  1. should have put the air valves at a 90 degree from each other not at same spot but great job as always

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  5. If the tire is made for the US, it would have a Four digit DOT code that gives the manufactured date. Yes, some European truck companies use tires manufactured for the US.

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  8. Ja też wole wymieniać w naszych naczepach noteboom lub stokota pod gabaryty bo są małe koła. Polecam wymienić w standardowej naczepie typu chłodnia załadowanej 22t zwykłym planetarnym i zwykłym lewarku 😀 pozdrawiam.

  9. Takim sprzętem i takie małe kółko,to sama przyjemność zmieniać.A gdzie zwykły klucz do kół,brecha i rura jako przedłużka,oraz wymiarowe koło pod załadunkiem i na drodze ?
    To jest prawdziwa zmiana kapcia…wszystko przed tobą dziewczyno,to się średnio liczy.

  10. hello you are a charming woman hardworking and very beautiful princess God bless you in your work and your travels I would love to be the companion of your trips would be an honor for me I love you I love you princess take care of yourself

  11. hello, i wona i come from indonesia, our work is the same, i learn a lot from you about the safety of goods and we ourselves, don't be discouraged in carrying out work that

  12. So much rust! Is low quality steel or what?
    not equipped for everything… no safety glasses… rusty dust in your eyes? big problem….

  13. A beautiful lady with a powerful wrench in her hand great friends to help…awsome. Now you get into your truck ( 500 / 600 HP) again you have a powerful tool in your hands. Iwona you are awsome…Love it ..😚Texas

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  20. Nice to see teamwork. I’ve said it before but I certainly hope you and your friends get paid for doing all the mechanical work you are doing. Slugging tires around is heavy work. As you know in Canada those wheel nuts would have to be torqued to a specific amount and rechecked after 160 kms of driving. Well done by you and your friends.👍👍

  21. maybe oneday can you try drive truck in indonesia with different truck, situation and different rules, and of course will be different experience for you. good job iwona.

  22. Great job done!!👍 Only that when the vehicle is on jack, you must be careful all way – your left foot is going underneath the jacked tyre while unscrewing it's bolts!!

  23. Iwona, When you tried to lift that heavy tire onto the trailer by yourself, you could hurt yourself doing that. please don't be afraid to ask for help.

  24. Обалдеть!!! Супер! Молодец! Мало того красотка!так ещё и колеса тягает. Вот бы такую напарницу! 👍😘

  25. Now when anybody is having a flat tire they call for Iwona,
    because she said she "wants to do it all the time" and had so much fun with the power tool.
    And they even would have video evidence and over 200k witnesses that she said it 🤣

  26. You have wonderful and very helpful colleagues that love you and respect you too, you rarely find men like them in the field

  27. Feminism isn't about physical strength! We can't have "equal" physical strength. I wish we could, but no. 😀 Equality is about respect, imo – appreciating what each of us has to offer – teamwork.
    I am enjoying the banter with your teammates. And I'm fascinated by the whole process of the tire change. Haha – if you won the lottery, you could have all new Michelins all the time!

    Wow – a wheel weighs 155lb?! They looked quite heavy for their size when you were changing the flat. Is it just the rim that is so heavy? Or is the tire itself much heavier for its size than an auto tire? I laughed when you had the tire on your knee, but were pinned in place, then you started laughing. 😀

  28. Totalna ściema jeździ 8lat i ani razu nie złapała kapcia Jestem ciekawy jak byś Sobie poradziła Sama i bez klucza pneumatycznego

  29. Z całym szacunkiem do umiejętności kolegów, ale PRZESTRZEGAM przed metoda zarzucania ciężaru za pomocą kolana, grozi to nie tylko zerwaniem ścięgna w pachwinie ale innymi urazami również. Może wśród doświadczonych kolegów jest "pomysłowy Dobromir ", który skonstruowałby urządzenie wspomagające przy wymianie kół, – a może takie urządzenie gdzieś w świecie już funkcjonuje? Pozdrawiam

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