Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1 – Episode 208 – Aryaman tires to impress Alya

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1 – Episode 208 – Aryaman tires to impress Alya

Sorry, nowadays something
always comes in my way. It’s okay. You don’t
need to explain to me. How are my shoes? They are good and comfortable.
But why are you asking? Harshad! You will never improve.
Again you are spying on us. Mukti, I know you will think
something like this about me. But to be honest, you are
not to be blamed. That’s because, the past
does catch up. I can’t change my past. And if you ask me about my present
then I don’t want to ruin it. Are you learning
Philosophy instead of music? Harshad. What were you doing outside
the auditorium? Well, I saw… …Cabir and Navya coming
together to the auditorium. So I just wanted to check,
if she wore the shoes… …which I gifted her
last night. Listen, Harshad. Stay away from
Fab 5 and from Navya as well. Harshad, Navya is pregnant.
She is going to be a mother. I know that Navya is going
to be a mother, Mukti. The mother of my child. Do you know what Harshad said? He said he cares about me.
He cares about our baby. Are you sure?
– Yes. He also given me a chocolate.
I forgot to tell you. Navya, don’t you know what
kind of a person Harshad is? Whatever excuses… Excuse me, girls! Does this kerchief
belong to one of you? But there is nothing
in your hand. I don’t know anything
right now. So to get the real feel of India
I watch a lot of Hindi films. Then you are watching
the wrong films. That’s a very old line
to talk with girls. You know, just an excuse
to start a conversation. Aryamann, you don’t need any
excuse to talk to any of us. Nandu, you guys talk.
I’ll be back. You take care
of yourself. Okay? Aryamann, thank you so much! Thanks a ton, being a
stranger you helped us a lot. You helped in arresting Pandit. It really means a lot to me. Like,
seriously. Thank you so much! Thank God I helped you,
because now I need your help. My help?
– Alya. Alya!
– I mean, where is Alya? Why? What happened? She showed me the entire
college and the music library. So I just wanted to
thank her in person. Is that the real reason?
– Yeah, absolutely. Why? So, I… Alya. She is in that auditorium. It’s alright, but this chocolate? Nandini, that is sweet. You brought
me this chocolate to thank me. It’s actually…
– I need it. Please! See you!
Thanks! Bye! So it’s finally decided, right? Decided! What? That Dhruv isn’t leaving. Yes. Tell him. No, Cabir. I am really leaving. Yes, on top of that… …he has to be at the
airport within one hour. – What? So guys, let’s rush then. Where is your bag? Is
it here or at home? Guys, mom is coming
to pick me up. To take me to the airport. And the luggage is also with her. Are you really going
for the workshop? Obviously, where
else would I go? Mukti, why are you saying this? Then what else should we ask? You didn’t tell us anything
about the workshop. And you don’t even want us to
come to drop you at the airport. If you want to go alone,
then go. – Obviously. Cabir, it’s not like that.
It’s just that… …mom wanted to drop me. So I said yes to him. Anyway, guys!
Wish me luck. I know that all of
you will miss me. Alya. Bye! Take care. Bye! Bye, buddy! Will you go just like that? Group hug! One last time. Alya, come. Did Aryamann go? Yes, Navya he took
away your chocolate. Harshad’s?
– Yes. But I think it’s better if you
keep away from Harshad. Thank God! Some
people don’t change. Like my old friend, Nandini
Murthy, who never backs down… …from giving people free advice. But you know what,
it’s good to see that… …you are taking so
much care of Navya. She deserves all the care. I really feel that she
should be taken care of. Navya, thank you so much
for wearing these shoes. Look what I got for you. This is supposed to be one of
the best books on pregnancy. Because it is very
clearly written in it… …what you should
eat or not… …which exercises you should
do, you know, everything. So that the baby won’t
have any problem. Just have a look. Wow Harshad, from where did
you get this idea? Did you Google it? You may have searched
on the internet… …how to make a
pregnant girl happy… …right? Those chocolates, shoes,
and now this book. What’s next? Navya, next is going
to be a foot massage. Right, Harshad? Nandini, stop it! All of you
are misunderstanding me. I genuinely care for Navya. Anyways, you come with me. I want to talk with
you in private. Because I can’t keep
on justifying myself… …in front of each and
every friend of yours. So please, come with me. So you are actually,
seriously… …concerned for Navya.
– Yes. Good! Navya, follow us. Where are you taking us?
– To court. To register your
marriage with Navya. Does that make sense? Listen, Manik. I know what
you are trying to do. Really? Navya, a wedding is not
possible so easily. First of all, you have
to file an application. And after that there
is a waiting list. Manik, you should know that.
Right? Harshad! Harshad! So many excuses! You are keep giving excuses.
No point. By now I am sure that Navya
would have understood that… …what is right and
what is wrong for her. Right, Navya? Harshad. Leave from here. Alright, Navya. It’s okay if
you take Manik’s side today. But one day, you will
realise that you need me. The father of your child. Bye! Navya. Did you see Harshad
became so restless… …when Manik talked
about the marriage? I saw that.
Manik took my side. I…thank you. Manik, thank…
– There’s no need to thank me. I didn’t do it for you. I just can’t stand that fool. He is like that only. He doesn’t like to be praised. Now I am going to
do this for you. I am going to leave
both of you alone. And you could thank me for that. You know, your friend… …sometimes she makes sense. I mean, she knows that I
want to be with you alone. Yeah, maybe because she knows
that you keep finding ways… …to be alone with me.
– Really? So… …you think so too. Really. Guys, it’s funny to
see Manik like this. I mean, hopelessly in love. I mean, that dart went
flying to the dream world. It’s a love effect. Effects of love or side effects. Side effects! Why
do you say that? Didn’t you guys notice? There is so
much tension between them. The tension is also between
you and Dhruv, Alya. Everything could’ve been sorted
out if you would have tried it. Please, Mukti. I don’t
want to sort out it. Alya, now you are feeling this. Now he is gone. You’ll
start missing him. And didn’t you hear that ‘distance
makes the heart grow fonder’? Enough. I am not into Dhruv
anymore. Change of topic please! Is it a wrong time to
disturb the Fab 5? No, not at all. Because the principal warned
me, not to mess with you guys. No, in fact you have
perfect timing. And I have a chocolate for you. Thank you for showing
me around yesterday. So sweet. This chocolate. This is mine. It’s all yours.
– No, I mean… …I have an entire
box in my fridge. From where did you get it? No, it could be coincidence. I mean, these kind of chocolates
are available outside. No, I specially ordered it. Come on, I mean, you
can get anything here. – But… I had just come to give you this.
Okay. Bye! But… – Aryamann, first
impression goes wrong. Isn’t Aryamann somewhat weird? I mean, he had just came
to give chocolates. Manik, where are
you taking me to? Manik.
– Enough! That’s it.
– Manik. Did I say anything? Did I?
– You… …broke my heart. Manik, but what I… I am sorry! Just look at you. Look
at your face. Seriously! Tell me one thing.
Do you trust me? So, why are you asking?
Just come along. Do you remember? We’ve had so many memories. We sang together, Nandini. I think, music got us together. Yes. You know, what’s the best part? The best part is, when you sing. Seriously, I could
look at you for hours. I just keep on looking
at you when you sing. It’s a delight to watch. Nandini. I know, now, in our situation… …you have your bad memories
attached too, to this music. But don’t forget you’ve had
some good memories too. So why not just make
some good memories? Like… …100 good memories to every
bad memory, to cover it up. What do you say? Music, sing together.
Let’s perform. Together. You have a problem with
Veena, with the instrument. Fine! Don’t even touch it. How about a new instrument? This one. Let’s try this. Okay. Let me show you. Nandini! Nandini, listen.

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