Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction Device

Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction Device

Providing light weight and durable traction
in icy and snowy conditions, the Kahtoola Microspikes give you confident traction no
matter what adventure you are going on. We will take a look at all the features here,
the materials that make these so lightweight, so convenient, easy to use, but, again, offer
all of that confidence on icy and snowy conditions. The Microspikes are made with a couple of
different materials that make them extremely easy to use, extremely easy to put on and
take off and they provide a really great alternative to a traditional crampon, where a crampon
could be cumbersome to put on and take off and they might offer too much of a spike.
So the Kahtoola Microspikes offer just enough of a spike, giving you really lightweight
and durable traction. The first thing I want to point out are the
spikes and the part that gives you the most traction. So if I turn these upside down you
have got hardened stainless steel spikes. These are three eighths of an inch long. So,
again, they are not too big, but they are going to give you a lot of traction on ice.
So they are really going to dig into that ice, give you traction on snow. And then there
is a chain that connects those pieces together. It is a flexible chain. It is going to allow
a lot of movement and that is also stainless steel. That is going to provide a really good
purchase on ice and it prevents snowballing. So if you have ever worn boots or worn crampons
that you get snow and ice caught up inside of there and then it actually provides kind
of a slippery surface, these are going to shed that snow and ice really well, because
of that flexible chain that is underneath. If I go to the top you have a very flexible
and supple harness. That is the part that attaches to your shoe. So this is very flexible.
It is stretchy and you can stretch it over most boots and shoes. So I use Microspikes
for anything from backpacking to hiking, every day use. If there is a snowstorm or an ice
storm and you just want to get from here to there in town. I have also used them for trail
running on really difficult terrain. So, you know, they are definitely lightweight enough
that you can use them for trail running. I have got them on two different shoes her.
I have got them on, like a lighter weight sort of trail running shoe just to show the
size. If you are in between sizes or you are using them on a smaller shoe, I would size
down. If you are using them on a bigger boot or a much bigger snow boot I would definitely
size up, but this harness here is reinforced in the areas that it needs to be. So if you
look at all the little discs that connect the chain to that harness, there are reinforced
discs in there. So a you pull on the chain that actually pulls the entire disc, So it
is not just a little stamp that is put into this material. It is reinforced. It is going
to last a really long time. Looking at some of the other features on the
harness, up in the front they show just a little sign that says front, so you know you
insert your shoe into it that way. And then on the back this really easy to us pull tab.
So basically what you do is you take your harness, you position your foot onto the spot
where it says front and you just pull them over the bottom of your shoe. And then pull
them up high enough that they are tight and taut on the bottom of your shoe. And then
you are ready to go hiking or adventuring or whatever else you are getting into. The design of that elastomer harness is really
great. It is going to be flexible and supple up to negative 22 degrees Fahrenheit. So these
are meant to be used in extremely cold conditions so this stretchy material isn’t going to
freeze up. It is not going to break on you when it is really cold. Overall, these are just a really great, innovative,
lightweight piece of gear that is going to give you more confidence on snowy and icy
trails and they are going to be perfect for anywhere from everyday use to challenging
conditions in the backcountry. They are the Kahtoola Microspikes.

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  1. I love all your views Becky! I am torn between the nano spikes and micro spikes. I don't want to buy both pairs but was hoping to get something that can be used when I walk my dog sometimes on pavement when its snowy and icy, but something i can also using hiking and camping in the winter. Do you think the microspikes can be used on pavement as well? Which do you recommend for someone who wants one pair of kahtoola's that can be used across the board? Cheers!

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