John Deere E 100 Series Lawn Tractors Buyer’s Guide

John Deere E 100 Series Lawn Tractors Buyer’s Guide

Hi, I’m Ron Weingartz I’m here today to talk about the John Deere E 100 series riding lawn tractors John Deere offers nine different models in ranges of 42, 48 on up to 54 inch cut, with different features depending on the features you’re looking for but they’re all the John Deere quality that you expect from a company like John Deere. Start with the E 100 series. This is the only model in the line that uses what’s called a CVT transmission. The CVT is a Continuously variable so it’s a mechanical transmission Basically just shift it in forward and push the pedal the further you push to faster it goes Neutral and round to reverse for backing up. So this is a more economical transmission So it’s a nice entry-level price point Still get the job done, comes standard with a 42 inch mower deck as we move up in the John Deere Line all the rest of the models have a Hydrostatic transmission which is operated off two pedals so from the operator’s seat you have a forward pedal the further push the faster it goes and reverse pedal Further you push the faster it’ll back up So the hydrostatic transmission is basically a hydraulic drive is like an automatic transmission like what you’d have in your car. As you as you see it comes with a higher back seat as standard equipment All the controls are community mounted up on the dash Electric PTO clutch to engage the mower deck The throttle and choke all in one lever and you keep in your keypad Control handle off to the side for your height of cut very easily. It’s playing assisted for less effort to the operator And you notice it comes standard with a cup holder and little glove compartment as well As I mentioned they all use the Briggs and Stratton engine designed to John Deere specifications But you notice some of the engines have this large oil filter canister To change your oil on these models they call to 30-second oil change There’s basically the oil is stored in the container and you just twist this filter off like you would on automotive filter The oil is right in the cartridge and then you just replace with a new filter. So there’s no drain plugs There’s no mess, the oil is stored right up in the cartridge So depending on the models You will find that quick change filter system on some of the different models in the E series lineup Okay, the mentioned there’s nine different models in the John Deere E series some of the different features you’ll see are front bumpers. This particular model has the adjustable. It’s a larger seat a little more support and it’s also adjustable to give you more support in your back and This particular one is the largest that’s the 180 the largest in the lineup and this runs up to a 54 inch 54 inch mower deck and as you move up the line, you’ll also notice that you have larger front rear tires So gives you better traction or if you have rougher terrain gives you a little nicer ride

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  1. Anyone have an D and E series lasting 3 years yet? Told mine won't last another summer. Just bought it last summer. I take care of it well. Not buying an upgrade. It runs well. Ready to start another summer of 2019. Changing the oil soon.

  2. I just purchased an E140 from Lowe's last weekend… it runs & cuts beautifully, and I fully intend to maintain it properly. This model didn't come with a quick change oil filter, but that doesn't bother me because I do my own oil changes & filters on my vehicles anyways. Plus I only own an acre of relatively level land, so I don't think it will be overly worked.

  3. I just bought a JD E100 and it goes very, very slow even when I press the speed level to the full. Is the transmisión wrong? Is there something wrong?

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