JL Spare Tire Delete License Plate Mount

JL Spare Tire Delete License Plate Mount

– Spare tires are totally ridiculous. They cost almost as much as
a regular wheel and tire, but when are we ever going to use it? I’ve got like 95 ply
sidewalls, what am I going to run over a land mine? And it’s like 100 extra
pounds hanging off the back of your jeep. Why would you want that much
weight hanging off the back of your jeep? Then you go to lift it
off and you get a hernia. I’m gonna do it by myself,
even though it’s a 37. Oh Jesus, it’s so big. You have a $50,000 doctor bill, all because you wanted to be “prepared”. And everyone’s like you
gotta be prepared with a spare tire blah blah blah. I don’t need to be prepared,
being prepared is completely overrated. Uh yeah, triple A, can you
come get me I got a flat tire. Ridiculous. Jason offroading made our
tire carrier delete plate with legality in mind. It holds a license plate, it
holds a license plate light, legality, it holds a third
brake light, ladies, and it holds a JL backup camera. So you can pretend that you
know how to parallel park. (tires squealing) – Like a glove. – All in this fantastic
little package that keeps you totally legal, and gets rid
of that ridiculous, worthless, spare tire. Watch this video, I’ll
show you how to install it, and at the end. (bleep) (laughter) We can cut. (trumpet)

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  1. Looks like you ignored the “H” in “CHMSL”…..but people who buy this ignore the need for a backup plan so probably not important to them.

  2. So what do you do when you have a flat around 5- to 100 miles from home ? call a tow truck to tow you home and spend around $100 to $200 to tow you home ? no thanks i keep my spare with me and cal my free road side service to out it n and save me the 100 to 20 and not to mention oif you are on your way to a wedding or something very special and you have t tell everyone where you were going to go to NO i am so not coming because i didnt think it was cool to drive with a spare on the back so wont be coming to the wedding because its cool to carry my spare tire. but that OK i real col sitting waiting for the tow truck to tow me home

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