Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with David Letterman

Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with David Letterman

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  1. Apparently Dave doesn't use Google maps like everyone else on Earth, then wonders why the lady thought he was walking.

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  3. Dave, you are one of the all time greatest. Top three in my opinion. Mr Carson obviously number one. You retired. STAY retired. You deserve it. You don't need the limelight anymore. Just go and LIVE!!

  4. Letterman is the king. They said it was Carson but I have to say that Letterman took the the "Talk Show" to new heights! The new guys all bring their share of Letterman's influence to the game and they all give him his props. He is now the crotchety old elder and he does it in style! Bravo to Jimmy for the little bull!

  5. Some people prefer cynical, resentful, hate-driven humor, so they tuned in to Kimmel or Letterman. Thankfully I was never one of them, so I preferred Leno or Conan.

  6. Letterman sucks how in the hell did they think that he was supposed to be funny. Paul his band director looks like a condor bald headed jerk. Letterman started on the news in Indianapolis Indiana and he was not taking the news seriously they should have fired his dumbass

  7. You gotta love how the band falls apart during the intro music, straight into polish free jazz at the end there 😀

  8. Poor Letterman. Looking old and tired. It seems like only yesterday he was the coolest thing on late night.

  9. Any regrets Dave? Yes, I Retired
    Why is that a regret?
    Because i can not rip the piss out of Trump on a nightly basis
    Look up the words "BITTER OLD BASTARD" and there is a picture of LETTERMAN

  10. Two of the bogged baby killing scumbags in America, how i pray their sons are struck down dead’s because no liberal baby killer deserves to have children , they are col blooded baby murderers , nothing more

  11. He is alredy 73 years old ( 2 steps from the grave) he has 35 millions dollars and he offers tires to his niece and cries about a horse gift he didn't get back ( he is serious about it, he is not just trying to be funny)…..tragic

  12. The audio on David Letterman is terrible. I don't know if it his beard that muffles it or it is just bad technicians but while Kimmel's audio and everyone else's is clear and loud, for much of the interview David Letterman is barely discernible.

  13. Two very talented talk show hosts here. Letterman was always funny to me in a torpid, hebetudinous, and dopey way.
    And I wonder why he decided to grow that horrific, repulsive, abhorrent beard. I'm not against men having beards and I actually have a beard. I AM against men who grow beards that look like a rats nest on steroids. The only beards that look presentable to me are beards which are trimmed closely. Not more than about 1/4 inch in length.

  14. Oh Dave, he tried so hard to deny that he missed his show and all it meant. Most telling was often involving Paul so often in this. But you can tell that he does, almost desperately. He still has "it" though and is trying hard to replicate something of what he had. If anyone can pull off a comeback, he can, and I hope he does. It's damned hard to leave what was your whole identity behind in retirement.

  15. That's when you know you are a legend and Im talking about the legendary Letterman. Im talking about DiFaras pizza in Brooklyn. I cant believe I just saw that at the beginning. Very Cool!

  16. Enougb about Conan and the horse. What a lousy guest. He didnt make it as a comedian talking about every other talk show host. How about some observational humor he used to be known for?

  17. Hold on let me pause this and go search Conan talking about the horse with Steve Cobert… okay i'm back.. unpause.

  18. He was much better than Stephen Colbert. Sure Stephen is definitely witty. But I find him quite annoying. I actually can't even watch his show at all. And Jimmy falon has moments that I like , some of the games he does are funny. Some make me cringe. I think that late night television is not what it used to be. Or maybe I'm just getting old

  19. Sadly there isn’t a Letterman channel on YouTube. He surely left with a fight! I love this man, he is the perfect example of an Anchor or Host!

  20. Dave in an old bitter dude who still wish to be young and funny. His insecurities are always on display.

  21. A beard does not make you look good a beard does not make you macho it's actually embarrassing to see these men with all this hair on their face

  22. Jimmy Kimmel: "Hey guys, lets have David Letterman on with Paul Shaffer…it will be great for ratings and will help us wipe out our competition"

    David comes on the show and proceeds to talk about Conan for 10 minutes.

  23. I really like the new series on Netflix. It's very good..he asks great questions and gets fantastic responses!

  24. I HATE absolutely HATE Kimmel's laugh. Makes it almost intolerable to watch Letterman, my absolute favorite talk show host

  25. jimmy loved every minute of this!! he let his mentor do his thing!!!! just how john Stewart dose his thing on the tonight show!!! it is called respect!! learn from the past and the next generation should improve on it look at the mistakes of the past Fallon!!!

  26. I want Ellen to fill in for a late night host to see what it would be like if the queen of daytime stepped into late night – hard to say if it would fit right but she deffs knows how to interview celebs :p

  27. Kimmel has an enormous amount of respect for Letterman to let the man talk and not interrupt to make a witty quip.

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