Jeep Wrangler | WD 40 on BFGoodrich KO2 Tires

Jeep Wrangler | WD 40 on BFGoodrich KO2 Tires

Welcome to mikegolden Games it’s
finally spring now and as you can see my tires are really dirty from the winter
so I’m gonna be cleaning them up so here’s the product we’re gonna be using
we’re gonna be using the Turtle Wax wheel and tire clear and wd-40 first
we’re gonna see how the tire cleaner does and then I’ve heard wd-40 is
actually really good I’m making the tires look you know really nice and
black and just really clean looking so anyways here are my tires and as you can
see the winter really is rough on your tires makes them really dirty and just
like dirt just grit from the road all that salt
just really makes everything really nasty looking you can see how dirty
these are like let’s do this yeah it’s pretty dirty I’m gonna try this Turtle
Wax tire clear and see how this is pull that away we’ll just go right into
it damn shot look at this shit child-resistant nozzle to press tab
twist open what tab II took this is uh this is okay we all know how these child
locks are they’re just for adults that make them look stupid all right here we
go so we’re cocked in right and I go just see how this works
oh there we go yes we’re just gonna get it on there we’re gonna let it soak for
a few minutes I’m not sure how long but we’ll come back in a few minutes after
you know just what it’s it we’ll see what it looks like let’s just get it all
on it mmm looks good now this is tire and wheel cleaners so we are gonna spray
it in here as well see how this stuff works hopefully it works good actually
it looks like it’s clean them that dirt up pretty good might be a little hard to
see on the camera it should be fine you can see it’s really pulling that dirt
off seems like it’s doing a really good job so I’m gonna go around and do this
to all the tires so I just gotta finish spraying the last tire on the other side
and as you can see it’s just pulling the dirt off it’s looking better already
looks like I might need to get some more up here and then I’m gonna get my hose
and wash it off and then we’ll see how they look but all right you could get a
cup of water too probably but that’ll take a while so I’m just gonna go you
guys all right I got my hose here so let’s go over here and just spray it
down looking pretty good they do have a power
washer but that takes a little more time to set up which I actually did setup
yesterday for the first time since you know last summer or fall we need to spray some more cuz it’s
still a little dirty okay I’m using an iPhone iPhone Ted so I
can get it as what as I want it I’m gonna try not you though just because that dirt coming off looks like we’re
gonna need a little more on there but so far that looks pretty good
sprint down one more time hopefully we can get all the grime off trying to get
this back to white the BF goodrich you know logo or the text used to be white
so anyways let’s try and get this sprayed down some more gonna go spray
down the other tires is like on this one still see on the edge there’s still some
caked on mud so hopefully we can get this all cleaned off and we’ll see what
the wd-40 does I’m just gonna use your quick paper towel and wipe this off
really quick see if that works look at that that is working a lot better okay
if you’re gonna do this I’d say get a brush first I didn’t get one so I’m just
using this paper top I’m just kind of wipe off the dirt that’s on the logo
here alright so what I did is I just kind of wiped it with my hand and that
basically made the dirt come off didn’t really stick to my hand either so
overall that looks pretty good so now I’m gonna let it dry for a second here
then I’m gonna spray it down with the wd-40 and
that looks got the wd-40 here it’s not completely dry but for the sake of the
video I’m just gonna spray it down and we’ll see how it looks so just kind of
you know overall just get it what and let’s just spray this whole thing
down and see what it looks like what the entire surface and it’s really caked up
in here with the road grime and brake dust even though I am using ceramic
brakes you know there’s still all the crap from the road that just gets all
caked up onto your tires so it’s gonna need some more cleaning but like I said
for the sake of the video let’s just do that and see how it looks and let that
sit for a minute and then probably do one more coat because there is still
water on there but overall let’s back up here that looks pretty good I gotta say
it looks really nice alright there we go let her sit for a
minute now looking pretty good you’ll see how it is when it dries off alright
guys so I’m gonna leave the video here let me know what you thought in the
comments below have a great day guys and see you next time
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  1. I had some new ironman tires..they had a brown film on them from the looked terrible..I tried everything but nothing would remove it..finally I used wd40.  and left it look great..the brown disappeared

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