Jeep Wrangler Thompson Baja MTZP3 Tire (Available From 32″ to 40″ Diameters) Review

Jeep Wrangler Thompson Baja MTZP3 Tire (Available From 32″ to 40″ Diameters) Review

This Mickey Thompson MTZP3 tire is for those
of you that have a 1987 and up Wrangler and are looking for a very aggressive mud-terrain
tire. This is going to be the most aggressive tire
available from Mickey Thomson, and it’s available for wheels 15 to 20 inches and in tire sizes
of 32 inches up to 40 inches. Now, what makes this the most aggressive tire
by Mickey Thompson, and what really makes it a mud-terrain tire instead of an all-terrain
tire, is really the way that the lugs are. This is going to have slightly smaller lugs
in an altering tire, which is going to have more space in between them, and that’s really
what’s going to give you all of your grip. The space in between is also designed to help
the tire self-clean. So when you get off-road, it gets packed up
with mud and dirt, the tire can essentially become a slick. But if you get a little bit of wheel speed
built up, this tire is designed to self-clean, giving you all of your grip back. Now, in each one of these lugs, you’re also
going to have some siping right from the factory. And what that means is that that lug is going
to be able to flex and move so when you have the tire air down, you’re off-road, you’re
really going to be able to conform to obstacles, get the most contact with the obstacle and
the tire giving the most traction and the most ability to get over an obstacle or through
the sloppy mud. Now, if we work our way down to the sidewall
of the tire a little bit, of course, this tire is also going to have some lugs on the
side wall. Now, they’re important for a couple of different
reasons. One, they’re gonna give you that aggressive,
off-road look that a lot of you guys are after. Two, they’re going to give you some more traction
and some more performance when you’re in an off-road situation, especially when you’re
crawling on the rocks, you come up to a stamp or an obstacle at a bit of an angle. You’re gonna get some grip out of these sidewall
lugs. And finally, these are gonna offer some protection
to the tire. This shoulder sidewall area is the area that
is damaged most often off-road, and that can certainly end your day very quickly, so having
these lugs are going to offer some good peace of mind and some protection. So I already went over a lot of the construction
of this tire as far as the lugs and the grooves that make it a mud-terrain tire. But a couple of things that are specific to
Mickey Thompson, you’re going to have their PowerPly 3-ply sidewall technology that is
going to give you a really strong and puncture-resistant sidewall. You’re also going to have their Four-pitch
SideBiter technology, and that’s going to be in these grooves up here on the shoulder
in the sidewall of the tire, and that’s what’s really gonna give you all of your grip coming
from that area. On the tread itself, you have decoupling grooves,
and what they are designed to do is give you the maximum amount of traction both on-road
and off-road. And finally, you’re going to have variable
draft angles and stone ejector ribs build into the tread itself to keep you from picking
up those big rocks and stones which can be very annoying when you get off the trail,
start rolling down the road again, and you end up with that ticking. So these tires are designed to eject those
stones, not hold on to. As with most tires, you’re gonna wanna take
these to a shop to have them mounted onto your wheels as well as balanced out. Of course, you could probably muscle a tire
onto a wheel. You could set the bead. We’ve all seen the videos of people doing
it with brake cleaner and a lighter, but that is not recommended. You would still have to take your tire to
a shop and have it bound. So take it to a shop. have them mounted and balanced. Then you just have to bring them home and
bolt them up to your jeep. These tires are gonna fall into the same price
range as a lot of the other mud-terrain tires on the market. Of course, the pricing is going to depend
on the size of the tire, of course, the bigger the tire, the more expensive, and also the
size of the wheel you want it mounted on, the bigger the wheel, the more expensive. But they are going to be really comparable
to a lot of the other mud-terrains out there. So really, could just comes down to the features
you’re looking for and the tire you put on your jeep. So if you’re looking for a very aggressive
mud-terrain tire, I definitely recommend these MTZP3s from Mickey Thompson, and you can find
them right here at

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  2. How noisy are these on the the highway? Also what about life span wearing issues. I'm looking for tires so looking at all options.

  3. The most aggressive is the
    BAJA CLAW TTC.. an there are a couple versions of the TTC. I have owned a set of the BAJA CLAW TTC in 33×12.50 on 15" rims. I had these on my 88 Cherokee with 6.5 lift with cut fenders an 44s front an rear with 5.38 ARBs in both an dual tcases an the were exelent tires best rubber ive ever purchased they took me every where i wanted they ran the rubicon, all over moab, a number of trails around the central valley (WHERE I LIVE.. turlock CA…) an northern CA, and a few trail down around Johnson valley. An i have no real complaints that actually matter ya they were a bit loud but no more than expected an ya they didnt help my fuel mileage a lot but thats not what u r looking for in a tire like these.. the grip in mud sand an all types of rock wet an dry is 2nd to none would recommend to anybody who wants a aggressive mud terrain who wants to do some real wheeling an get the best traction they can

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