Jeep Wrangler Teraflex Rear Utility Cargo Rack (2007-2017 JK 4-Door) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Teraflex Rear Utility Cargo Rack (2007-2017 JK 4-Door) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review of the TeraFlex rear utility cargo rack, fitting all 2007 to 2016 four-door
JKs that have a hardtop. If you have a two-door JK or a soft top on
your four-door, you will not be able to use this rack. This is for those of you guys who use your
JKU for camping or just, like, to haul around a lot of gear. This cargo rack will give you some additional
space and also allow you to strap down your cargo when it’s in the Jeep, making sure that
it stays nice and secure. Now, like all TeraFlex products, this is really
well-built and also has the price tag to go along with it, so if you have the budget for
it, I definitely recommend taking a look at this rack. As I said, this rack is really well-built. The sidebars are made of an extruded aluminum
that’s covered in a UV-resistant anodized coating, which means they’re going to look
good for a long time. And this rack is available with the black
sidebars or with the silver if you want a little bit of a different look. The corners of the sides are made of a plastic
composite material, and the bottom is a stamped steel to give you plenty of strength. All the side rails have T-slots built into
them so that you can add accessories and also tie-downs, and this kit doesn’t come with
just the basket. It also has your mounting brackets. These allow you to mount the basket onto the
support cage of your JKU, and something I really like about them is that they’re adjustable. So no matter what size cargo you’re trying
to carry on the rack or below the rack, you’ll be able to make the adjustment and ensure
that everything fits. Getting this rack installed on the Jeep is
pretty easy, but there is a little bit of assembly that you’ll have to do beforehand. TeraFlex does a nice job of including very
explicit instructions, and even though there are a lot of pieces, if you follow the instructions
carefully, the install is pretty straightforward. The first thing you’ll want to do is lay out
the bottom of the rack, and then go to installing all of the T-nuts that attach to the rails
onto the bottom of the rack. You’ll also snap in those composite corners,
and once you have the completed rack built, you can install the brackets onto the support
cage. Again, those are completely bolt-in, and they’ll
go into nuts that are welded into the support cage that are normally designed to hold your
soft top in place. Once you have the brackets installed, you
can bolt the rack itself onto the brackets and adjust it height-wise for whatever type
of cargo you’re going to be carrying. The whole installation will probably take
right around two hours, and you won’t need any specialty tools, just some Allen keys
and a socket set. As I said in the beginning, TeraFlex is known
for making really high-quality products, and along with that comes a little higher price
tag. There are other racks that mount in the same
location of your Jeep, and if you’re only going to use it once a year, maybe you save
a little bit of money and you go with one of the less expensive ones. But, if you want one of the higher quality
racks that’s available, you’re going to be using it a lot, and you want to make sure
that it holds up over time, I would definitely recommend going with this TeraFlex cargo rack. So, whether you use your Jeep for camping,
over-landing, or you just like to haul around a lot of cargo, this will add some additional
space and give you a nice area to strap down cargo, and also some accessories, into the
rear of your Jeep. This is a really high-quality, well-built
product that carries a price tag that goes along with it, but if you’re looking for one
of the nicer cargo racks that I’ve seen that mounts onto your support bar, I would recommend
taking a look at this rack. So, that’s my review of the TeraFlex rear
utility cargo rack, fitting all 2007 to 2016 four-door JKs, that you can find right here

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  1. When installed, what is the vertical height between the floor and the underside of the rack? Also, is it height adjustable? Also, is it compatible with both hard and soft tops?

  2. man, I REALLY want one of those… but that price, plus not being able to run my soft top… that's a deal breaker.

  3. There's too many parts to put it together and it's complicated to put together for such a simple rack. The many parts that could get lose after a while also. It's not worth the investment to get it. I'm getting an ACE brand cargo rack. The rack is one piece and everything is welded together, there's only eight screws to mount it to the Jeep. A lot simpler compared to the forty eight screws it takes to put that one together.

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