Jeep Wrangler Synergy Spare Tire Relocation Bracket (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Synergy Spare Tire Relocation Bracket (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

This is Ryan from, and
this is my review of the Synergy Spare Tire Relocation Bracket, fitting all 2007 to 2016
JKs. Those of you who are running a larger than factory spare tire on the factory spare
tire mount with a factory rear bumper will know that a large spare tire will contact
the bumper, not allowing the tailgate to close properly. The idea of this bracket is to move
the spare tire up just enough to clear the rear bumper and allow you to run up to a 35-inch
tire on your factory setup. However, in my opinion, this is really a temporary
solution. When you’re running a large, heavy spare tire on your factory spare tire mount
on the factory tailgate, a number of issues can arise. The additional weight of that spare
tire can wear out your factory tailgate hinges, causing the tailgate to sag, and you’ll have
to pick up a little bit every time you open and close the tailgate. The additional weight
of the spare tire can actually break the welds on the tailgate itself, causing rattling and
eventually the target to completely break apart. And the factory spare tire mount is
only designed for a certain amount of weight. So having a big, heavy, large spare tire on
it can cause the metal to fatigue and eventually break. Adding a bracket like this, while it does
give you the clearance to have a larger spare tire, it does not address the weight issue,
which is why, again, in my opinion, this is a temporary solution to a problem that eventually
you’re going to have to find a permanent solution to. And that permanent solution will be a
tub-mounted or a tire carrier that is not into the bumper to better support the additional
weight. This not only doesn’t solve that problem,
it can actually compound it. This bracket will push your spare tire away from the tailgate
a little bit, which causes even more leverage to cause even more damage to the tailgate
hinges, the tailgate itself, and the spare tire mount. Even though this is a temporary
solution to a much bigger problem, the product itself is really well-built. It’s made of
a quarter-inch steel plate that CNC bent and welded, and the whole thing is covered in
a black, powder-coated finish. This comes with the studs pre-installed and all of the
hardware necessary to get it installed on the Jeep. Getting this bracket installed on the Jeep
is a really simple process. All you need to do is remove your spare tire, mount the bracket
onto your factory spare tire mount, and then reinstall the spare tire onto your new bracket.
Like we said before, this comes with all of the hardware that you need to get it installed,
and the whole process shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. The only tool you’ll need
is the lug nut wrench. I’m a little bit torn when talking about the
price versus the value of this product, because I think it is really well-built. It’s a very
solid part, and Synergy is known to make high-quality components. However, in my opinion, the price
does seem high for something that is ultimately a temporary solution. Eventually, you’re going
to need to get a tub-mounted tire carrier or a bumper with a tire carrier on it to carry
the additional weight of your spare tire. So in my opinion, it makes sense to save the
money you would have spent on this and put it toward one of those more permanent solutions. So if you’re looking for a temporary solution
to carry a larger spare tire on your factory spare tire mount with a factory rear bumper,
this is a really nice option. However, it’s very important to remember that this is only
a temporary solution, and eventually, you’re going to have to get a permanent solution
for carrying that large, heavy spare. So that’s my review of the Synergy Spare Tire
Relocation Bracket, fitting all 2007 to 2016 JKs, that you can find right here at

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  1. Hi Ryan
    Your point came across perfectly.Ive got a few questions.Do you own a jeep,an if so what kind jeep?Also if someone does use this spare tire relocator and it blocks the center tail light is that considered illegal?Ty,luv yur videos

  2. I like the honesty you had while doing the vid.
    I can still see someone getting this not taking the warning seriously resulting in damage then wanting to complaint ho the company.

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