Jeep Wrangler Surco Safari Removable Hard Top Rack w/ Basket (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Surco Safari Removable Hard Top Rack w/ Basket (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review and installation of the Surco Removable Safari Hard Top Rack with Basket,
fitting all 2007-2017 JKs with a hard top. Today, we’re gonna talk about some of the
features and the construction of this rack as well as the way it gets installed. The most unique thing about this rack in particular,
is that it is a no-drill rack for a hard top that does not require you to have a full roof
rack installed. So this is a smaller bracket system that attaches
to the hard top, that will allow you to run this basket, but it doesn’t require a full
roof rack that goes from the windshield hinges all the way to the back corner of the Jeep,
and is a full cage around the vehicle. The fact that this will allow you to mount
on to a hard top without drilling through your top, which of course, is a permanent
modification, that a lot of you guys don’t want to do and also can open up the opportunity
for some wicking, makes this a really nice option. Even the newer four-door JKs don’t have a
ton of cargo room on the inside, so if you are looking to haul some additional gear on
the road or to your favorite campsite on the weekend, and you have a hard top, this is
a really nice rack option. This rack is made from three quarter-inch
aluminum square tubing, that’s covered in a black powder coat finish, which means that
it’s going to be lightweight, it’s going to be strong, and even if you do get a scratch
in the finish, it’s not going to rust because it is aluminum. This rack has five-inch sides, and it does
have some slots on the floor which will allow you to run items that are about a medium size. There is a flooring kit available for this
basket, so that you can have additional flooring slots, and run even smaller cargo in here
without the risk of falling through. These sides allow you plenty of opportunities
for straps, bungee cords, or elastic nets to make sure that your cargo stays put when
you put it in here. Now, what you’re getting when you purchase
this product is actually two pieces. You’re getting this basket, and then you’re
getting a Jeep JK Hard Top Specific Mounting System. You’re getting two different boxes. So you’ll put the basket together, you’ll
put the mounting system on the Jeep, and then you’ll be able to put the basket on that mounting
system. Again, the big benefit to the mounting system
is that it attaches to the rain gutter, and it attaches to the area between the tub, and
the rear windows of your hard top, all without the need to drill anything. So the first thing you’ll need to do to get
this system installed is assemble the basket. The basket comes in four different pieces
for the sides, a bunch of different bottom rails, and of course all the hardware to get
everything together. Once you have the basket installed, you can
put the mounting system on your hard top. In order to do that, you’ll just follow the
instructions carefully. There are a couple of clamps that will attach
on to those rain gutters, above the rear windows of your four-door JK or the front windows
of your two-door, and also some brackets that go between the hard top, and the top of the
tub of your Jeep. Once all that mounting hardware is in place,
you can ahead and put the basket on that and you’re finished. Again, nothing to drill. This is removable although you do have to
remove all of the bolts that hold your hard top in place, to get the mounting system on
and off the Jeep. It is going to be a lot easier to remove than
something that bolts into place. We’ve gotten bolt hardware or something that
you drill, and then you permanently uphold in your Jeep. Now to get this thing installed, it will probably
take you around two hours, probably a little bit less, but that’s for the first installation. Once the basket is fully assembled and the
mounting system is assembled, the next time you take it on and off will definitely go
a lot quicker. You won’t need any specialty tools for this
job, just a good socket set and some screw drivers. I think that this roof rack basket is a really
good value. When you take a look at some of the other
roof rack systems on the market, granted a lot of them have a lot more material. Because they’re those full roof racks with
or without baskets, they’re a lot more expensive than this is. Personally, I like the look of this basket. I think it’s a lot cleaner while still being
very functional, and I love the fact that this doesn’t require you to drill anything. It will also come on and off a lot easier
than those full roof rack system, so I think this has a lot going for it. You couple that with the fact that it’s a
high quality system, and I think that the price you have to pay is more than fair. So whether you have the two-door or a four-door
JK that has a hard top, and you’re looking to be able to haul more year on-road or off-road,
I would definitely recommend taking a look at this rack. I love the fact that you don’t have to drill
anything, and it’s not a permanent modification to your Jeep, but it still gives you additional
cargo space, and as far as a functional cargo rack goes, I think this one looks pretty good. So that’s my review with the Surco Safari
Removable Hard Top Rack with Basket, fitting all 2007-2017 JKs, you can find right here

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  1. nice option but not quite what am looking for. do you have any recommendations for a rack that would be good for a canoe

  2. I didn't buy the basket just the cross members, hauls 2 kayaks with no fuss. One problem is the scream (and I mean scream, siren loud and bloody murder) at around 60 mph. Easily fixed by wrapping front bar with electrical tape. Now I'm considering buying the basket and hauling camping gear. Can you remind me what the load capacity is?

  3. I purchased this product within the last month. The instructions from manufacturer are very vague. I watched the video from Extreme Terrain…which did not help. I have several complaints about the product. 1) The 1/4-20 bolts should come with lock washers. 2) You need a special wrench to tighten the1/4-20 bolts OR you need to use a flat blade screwdriver…which is a pain in the neck. 3) The rubber pieces that attach to the gutter should be self adhesive or they move around and fall off. 4) There should be a very detailed video on How To Install this. I figured it out by trial and error. You need to make a video by the KISS principal.

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