Jeep Wrangler Smittybilt Gen2 Bolt On Tire Carrier (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Smittybilt Gen2 Bolt On Tire Carrier (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review of the Smittybilt XRC Gen2 Tire Carrier, available for all 2007 to 2016 JKs
that are currently running the Smittybilt XRC or SRC Gen2 Rear Bumper, or those of you
who have the 10th Anniversary Steel Rear Bumper. Today I’m gonna tell you a little bit about
the product features, the installation and the pricing of this carrier setup. As I mentioned, this is really for those of
you who are currently running the Smittybilt SRC or XRC Gen2 Rear Bumper, and are looking
for a tire carrier for a larger-than-factory spare tire. When you try and run a larger-than-factory
spare in the factory spare tire mounting location, you can run into a few different problems. One of those is wearing out the hinges of
the tailgate, which will require you to lift up on the tailgate every time you open it
and close it. Another issue is breaking the welds of the
tailgate themselves, causing the tailgate to rattle, and finally the factory spare tire
mount is really only designed for a factory weight spare tire. And when you put in a much heavier spare tire
on it, you can fatigue the metal and actually cause it to break. So having a bumper-mounted spare tire carrier
like this one will solve all of those problems. If you already have the Smittybilt SRC or
XRC Gen2 Rear Bumper, this will bolt on very easily, and ends up being a really nice seamless
piece. This tire carrier is made of steel and is
covered in the same textured black powder coat finish as the rear bumper, so it’s going
to match and everything. Again, it’s going to look seamless, almost
like one piece. There are a lot of tire carriers out there
that will mount to a pivot point that is welded directly into the top of the rear bumper. This, because it does have Rotopax mounts,
so it’s designed to carry a little bit more weight, has a little bit of a stronger mounting
point. This pivot point actually gets bolted directly
to the frame rail and you drill one hole in the bottom of the frame rail for even more
strength. So the pivot point is actually on the frame
rail and not on the bumper, giving you plenty of strength for all of the weight that you
could put on this tire carrier. This is designed to hold up to a 37-inch spare
tire, it is adjustable up and down, so if you have a slightly smaller spare, you can
put it as low as possible, giving you the maximum view out of your rear window. But if you do have a larger spare, you can
move it up a little bit, giving you plenty of clearance with your bumper. You can also adjust your spare tire in and
out. So, regardless of what width tire, or what
back spacing wheel you’re running, you can make sure everything stays nice and tight,
pressed up against the tire carrier, which will eliminate any rattles or any metal fatigue
down the line. This setup does come with a third brake light
mount, which allows you to use your factory third brake light. All you have to do is remove it from its current
mount and bolt it in. There’s no cutting, no hacking it up. So if you do ever wanna reverse this process,
you can do that. And as I mentioned, you have the ability to
mount a couple of Rotopax for either water or fuel right on the carrier itself. You can also purchase a Hi-Lift Jack mount
that will go in this area, which is available separately. So, if you wanna put even more accessories
on your tire carrier, you can do that. But, let’s talk about the big thing that separates
this bumper-mounted tire carrier setup from a lot of other ones. This setup allows you to open and close your
tailgate with one hand, in one motion. A lot of other bumper-mounted tire carriers
first require you to swing-open the tire carrier, and then swing-open the tailgate. This has a turnbuckle system that attaches
it directly onto the tailgate with this mounting plate here, so everything opens and closes
in one smooth, easy motion. That is a really nice feature if you’re somebody
who goes camping or just uses the rear cargo area of your Jeep a lot. It makes opening and closing the tailgate
a lot simpler. Because this is designed to mount with your
Smittybilt SRC or XRC Gen2 Rear Bumper, the installation is a little bit different than
some of the other tire carriers out there. The first step in the installation is to remove
your factory spare tire mount, which will also require you to remove a plastic trim
piece from the inside of the tailgate and unplug the factory third brake light. But hang onto that, you are going to use it
in this installation. After that, you can remove the block off plate
from the top of your bumper, and a couple of the mounting bolts for the bumper itself. This will also require you to support the
bumper with a tall jack stand. You don’t have to remove the entire bumper,
just a couple of the mounting points on the pats of your side to get this pivot point
bolted on. Once the pivot point is bolted in place, you
can use it as a guide to drill the hole in the bottom of the frame rail and add that
additional bolt for even more strength. Once that’s done, it’s really just a matter
of bolting this mounting plate onto the tailgate itself, then sliding the tire carrier over
top of your new pivot point and attaching the two together. From there, you’ll attach your new third brake
light mount with your factory third brake light, re-plug it in, you’ll attach your tire
carrier itself and make the necessary adjustments for both height and for the in and out adjustment
to make sure everything is nice and tight. And you’ll also install your Rotopax mount
if you plan on using that for additional accessories. The whole installation for this setup shouldn’t
take you more than an hour, and you won’t need any specialty tools to get it done, just
a good set of sockets. When comparing the price of this tire carrier
versus some of the other ones on the market, it becomes a little bit difficult. This is almost a hybrid system. This isn’t a tub-mounted tire carrier that
can just be run with any bumper on the market, but it’s also not a bumper-mounted tire carrier
system. It actually attaches to the Jeep and goes
more through the bumper than attaching to it. So, there are those additional hardware pieces
included. All in all, I would say that this is a pretty
good value for what you get. This system is going to be incredibly strong,
it does give you mounting points for Rotopax, for a Trail Jack, and you get that one-handed
opening and closing, which is a really nice feature. That, coupled with being able to use your
factory third brake light so you don’t have to go out and buy another one, means that
this does have a lot of features that I really do like. However, by the time you purchase this tire
carrier and you purchase the bumper, either the SRC or the XRC, you are going to be at
the upper end of the price range when you just compare this setup to any other bumper-mounted
tire carrier and bumper. So if you’re going to use the additional features,
the additional mounts, and you like the one-handed tire carrier and tailgate opening like I do,
I would recommend this setup. However, if you’re somebody who’s on a bit
more of a budget or you’re not looking for quite as many accessory mounts, there are
other options from Smittybilt and some of the other brands on the market that will do
this for a little bit cheaper. So if you have the Smittybilt SRC or XRC Gen2
Bumper installed on your Jeep and you’re looking for not only a spare tire mount but also an
accessory mount, I would definitely recommend taking a look at this. The whole system is a little bit pricey, but
it looks seamless and it’s incredibly functional. So that’s my review of the Smittybilt XRC
Gen2 Bolt-On Tire Carrier fitting all 2007 to 2016 JKs, that you can find right here

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  1. Do you know if the bumpers on the 75th anniversary are available aftermarket? Like the look but don't like the cost of the 75th

  2. I like everything about this tire carrier. good job on the video and all the information. the only question I have is what bumper is shown in the video

  3. I have this tire carrier mounted on my XRC Gen II bumper. Worth every penny, wife and kids can open the tailgate easily. It does rattle a little when hardcore off roading but most tire carriers do.

  4. I just bought the 75th anniv JKU with the offroad metal bumpers (10th anniv bumpers) and this carrier is definitely what I will get. Thanks for the review.

  5. got this on a rubicon I bought ..the turn buckle on the rear door side seems to be worn out ..alot of play ..every little bump I hit on the street ,makes a hell of alot of noise..and the door isn't easy to close ..thinking someone did not install it correctly.

  6. I know this was designed to work with the xrc bumpers, and the 10A/Hard Rock bumpers. But in theory, could this fit on a stock Sport model bumper as long as a hole was cut in the correct spot to allow the arm to slide into the frame bracket?

  7. Awesome review! Finally someone did a quality video.
    For anyone with this, I have one since they hit the market and I've had to tighten the pivot arm multiple multiple times to take ply and slip out of it…..any pointers anyone has come across to help keep it nice and tight but allow the door to open and close easily?

  8. I purchased this bumper and tire carrier had a lot of fun installing it and it works great and is tough as all hell.

  9. this sounds more like a installation and sales pitch video. was looking for a review of this product. I want to know how the product holds up under wear and use.

  10. Just installed the tire carrier. Seems pretty rugged and firm. Instructions did not come with
    The carrier. Which would have been very helpful. It came with the mounting hardware for the high lift jack

  11. Just had this installed along with the SRC front and rear bumpers. Smittybilt did not include Instructions! The Jeep shop estimated 5.5 hrs to install. It took close to 10! Glad I didn't try it myself. Looks and works great though. Lots of compliments from the guys in the shop but for them it was a hard day.

  12. Currently trying to install this at the house. An hour is an understatement unless you just slap it on. No instructions in my box either, word on the forums is you need to call Tech support and they will email you a set of instructions. The product itself is of excellent quality visually and the parts have weight to them.

  13. what is the hitch rating? i need to haul a trailer 6×12 but i like the bumpers that have the hitch built in.. any suggestions on bumpers that will haul 3500-4000gvw let me know thanks..

  14. Where do you get off saying it’s an hour install?! Was yours already put together in the box when you got it?! It took me and my buddies 5 hours to install. The instructions were horrible. Those instructions need to be revamped. It was useless! I also had bolts missing! Other than those setbacks, this carrier is very well built and it does work and look great. Next time don’t exaggerate the products that you review.

  15. I ended up mounting the Rotopax support up much higher. I want to see my red Rotopax and I went with two of 3 gallon size.

  16. 1 hour my ass check out this and the following video hope it helps and we had the proper tools imagine if you didn't 1 of 2

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