Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Rear Spare Tire Light Mount (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from and this
is my review and installation of the Rugged Ridge Rear Spare Tire Light Mount, fitting
all 2007 and up JKs. Today, we’re gonna talk through the installation
of this light mount, which is going to be a very simple one out of three wrenches. Getting this installed onto your Jeep is really
as simple as removing your spare tire and putting it back on again, but we’ll talk more
about the install in just a second. We’re also going to talk through the construction
and a few of the features of this light mount. Rugged Ridge calls this a light mount, and
while you can mount an auxiliary reverse light or a third brake light on this bracket, you
can also mount your license plate on this. So it does have a couple of different functions. Some of you have removed your factory license
plate bracket because it just gets in the way on the trail, or you have some other mods
where you’ve just removed that. So putting it in the center of the spare tire
is a nice spot for it. Just keep in mind that if you are relocating
your license plate onto this bracket, you are going to have to have some sort of license
plate light in order to stay legal in most places. Other than that, as I said before, you do
have a couple of spots on here that you can mount either a large auxiliary reverse light
that can be tied in with your factory reverse lights or just put on a switch or you can
mount a third brake light on this bracket. This is going to make mounting any of those
accessories very simple because this plate simply sandwiches between your spare tire
mount and your spare tire, giving you a spot to mount any of those accessories, and this
comes in at a fairly low price. This is a steel bracket that’s covered in
a textured black powder coat finish, and it comes with stainless steel hardware. As you can see, the mounting plate has a couple
of different holes drilled in it, so if you do have a bit of an odd lug pattern on your
JK, you can still use this. And it has a quick-release pin, so it’ll still
make removing and reinstalling your spare tire very easy, even if you have some accessories
mounted on here. Of course, you will have to make sure that
you route your wiring in a way that that’s not going to get tangled up if you do need
to use your spare, but this bracket itself will make it very easy to remove your spare
tire. So as I said before, to get this installed
is a very simple one-out-of-three-wrench install. All you need to do is remove your spare tire
from whatever mount you have it on, whether it be a factory mount or an aftermarket mount
on a tire carrier or a tub-mounted tire carrier. Any of those scenarios will work as long as
you have a three-stud pattern in order to attach this onto that carrier. Once you have your spare removed, you simply
slide this plate over top of those studs and put your spare tire back on without the center
cap in place. You’ll use your factory lug nuts to attach
your spare tire and make sure that it’s nice and tight and in place, and finally, slide
the second half of this bracket in, using the quick-release pin. From there, you can attach whatever accessories
onto this bracket that you choose to, whether it be a license plate, a reverse light, or
a third brake light, and go ahead and do all of your wiring. I should note that this is pre-drilled for
a license plate, and it does have a bolt here that can be used for attaching other auxiliary
lights, but you also have some metal here that you can go ahead and drill if you wanna
add some additional lights and need some additional holes. This is going to be a very easy install that
won’t take you more than a half hour to complete, and you won’t need any specialty tools to
do so. This bracket comes in at right around $70,
and, in my opinion, that’s a pretty fair price. I think you’re getting a quality piece here,
from the textured black powder coat to the stainless hardware. All of those things mean this is gonna last
a good, long time. And the way that I consider it is, if I were
to fabricate something to mount my license plate, a reverse light, or a third brake light
in the center of my spare tire like this setup, how much time would I have into it and how
many dollars of materials would I have into it? And this seems very worth the price when you
consider all of that. So if you’re looking for an easy bolt-on way
to mount your license plate in the center of your spare tire and/or add an auxiliary
reverse light or a third brake light, this is a bracket that’s going to make it very,
very easy and, in my opinion, is fairly priced. So that’s my review of the Rugged Ridge Rear
Spare Tire Light Mount, fitting all 2007 and up JKs, that you can find right here at

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