Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Bug Deflector (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Rugged Ridge Bug Deflector (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from and this
is my review and installation of the Rugged Ridge bug deflector in matte black, fitting
all 2007 to 2016 JKs. Today we’re going to go over the construction
of this bug deflector, and, of course, the installation. First and foremost, a bug deflector is designed
to deflect wind up over the windshield of the front of your Jeep, allowing small stones
and bugs to be deflected with that wind and not end up splattered on your windshield. Now, how much aerodynamic change you actually
get from a bug deflector is certainly for debate. A lot of people will install these because
either they like the look, and it definitely changes the look of the front of your Jeep,
or because they have some damage on that leading edge of their hood that they’re looking to
cover up, or they want to protect it from damage. The leading edge is certainly a magnet for
stone-throws, so if you have some damage and you don’t want to get the metal and paint
repaired, this is going to be a much less expensive way of making that repair or, as
I mentioned, some people just like the look of these bug deflectors. This bug deflector is made of an acrylic material,
which is really the traditional material for a bug deflector. It’s going to be strong but also a little
bit flexible. Of course, this has the matte black finish
which makes it look really nice with either the matte black window visors or just as a
standalone accent piece on the front of your Jeep. Now, this has a couple of tabs molded onto
the back of it. These ones here on the outside are designed
to put a screw into to hold it onto the underside of the hood. And these, of course, have 3M adhesive pre-applied
on them to make the installation really secure. Now even though there are a couple of screws
that hold this into place, there’s no drilling required with this installation. You’ll just be using some J-nuts in existing
holes that are already in the hood. So speaking of the installation, it’s going
to be really simple for this part. All you need to do is first clean the underside
of the hood where that 3M adhesive is going to attach. Using an alcohol prep pad or a good alcohol-based
cleaner will be plenty to get that area clean. After that, you can install the J-nuts in
the existing square holes on the underside of your hood. Make sure the bug deflector lines up properly
and is nice and square and exactly where you like it. Then peel off the red backing on the 3M tape
and press it into place. Finally, you’ll use the screws and washers
that come in the hardware package with the bug deflector to attach the two outer tabs
into those J-nuts that you just installed. The whole installation process shouldn’t take
you more than a half hour and you won’t need any specialty tools, just a good cleaner and
a Phillips-head screwdriver. I find that a lot of visual modifications
that are well-built and fit well will come in right around the $100 mark, and that’s
exactly where you’re going to be for this bug deflector. So, if you want the visual modification and
you like the way this looks, or you want to protect or cover up damage that’s existing
on your hood and you have $100 to spend, I think this is a nice piece. It’s very well-built and it’ll fit really
well. So, whether you’re looking to protect the
leading edge of your hood, cover up existing damage, or you want the wind deflection over
the windshield to keep bugs from splattering on it, this is going to be a really nice addition
to your Jeep. So that’s my review of the Rugged Ridge bug
deflector in matte black, fitting all 2007 to 2016 JKs, that you can find right here

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  1. Yup bought this off you guys as well and got to say I do love the looks of it and it does keep a lot of bugs off the windshield but not 100% (didn't expect it to). Installation was very easy. The screw on the driver side does not stay in place but with the hood closed you never know. All in all it is a great buy for your jeep.

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