Jeep Wrangler NITTO Trail Grappler Tire (31″- 37″) Review

Jeep Wrangler NITTO Trail Grappler Tire (31″- 37″) Review

These Nitto Trail Grapplers are gonna be for
those of you that have a 1987 and up Wrangler, and are looking for a 31- to 37-inch tire,
fitting a 15- to 20-inch wheel, that is going to be aggressive enough for the trails, but
also, a little bit more mild so it’s going to wear better and be a little bit quieter
on the road. Nitto does offer a Mud Grappler, which is
going to be a little bit more of an aggressive tire, so it’s going to have lugs that are
spaced even further apart, a little bit of additional siping. It’s going to get a little bit more traction
and a little bit more clean-out when you are on the trails, hitting the mud hard, but they
are going to wear a little bit quicker and be much louder on the road than a tire like
this. So this gonna be a really nice balance of
a great tire on the trail, but also, a little bit better on the streets. So if you do have a dual-purpose rig, I think
this is going to be a nice option for you. This also has some other features built right
into it that make it a very good off-road tire. An indicator of a good off-road tire is that
it’s going to have big lugs that are going to really grip into the ground, get you over
obstacles, and get you through the sloppy mud. Now, as I said before, this is going to be
a little bit more of a mild tire than Nitto’s Mud Terrain. It’s still going to have those big lugs, however,
they’re just going to be spaced a little bit closer together to offer a little bit less
road noise and a little bit better wear when you’re on the street. These lugs are still going to be siped, and
what that means is, they have a slice through the center of them, and that’s really going
to enable the tire to flex and move as it’s going over obstacles. So when you air this big tire down, especially
off-road, it’s going to conform over an obstacle, give you the most contact with the ground,
and give you the most possible traction. Now, if we step away from the actual tread
of the tire, move on to the sidewall here, this is going to have a good bit of sidewall
lug built right into it, as well, and that’s gonna do a couple of different things. You’re going to get a lot of traction from
that lug on the sidewall, so when you’re crawling on the rocks, you’re turning the wheels back
and forth, you are going to be able to grip in this whole shoulder area and even on the
sidewall. But, more than that, this is going to give
you a lot of protection against any sort of puncture. The area that tires fail the most is going
to be in the sidewall, especially in the shoulder, so what Nitto, as well as a lot of the other
companies have done is build a tire that has these sidewall lugs for the looks, for the
performance and the traction, but also, for the protection. That’s going to help keep this tire intact
and keep you rolling down the road without having to worry about any sort of issue when
you do take this thing wheeling. As far as installation of this tire goes,
you can install a tire like this on a wheel at home if you choose to. It’s going to, most likely, be a difficult
process for you. I’m sure you guys have all seen the videos
where people set a bead with some brake clean and a lighter. I don’t recommend doing that. What most of us are gonna do, and the smart
thing to do, is to have a shop install this tire on whatever wheel you decide to run. They’re going to be able to do it very easily,
using a tire mounting machine, and of course, they’re going to be able to balance that tire
out for you. So once you have the wheel and tire package,
it’s really just a matter of unbolting your existing wheel and tire, bolting these onto
your Jeep, and the install is going to be very simple. As far as the price goes, these tires are
going to be like all of the other ones, dependent on the wheel size, and also, the tire size
that you choose. Actually, the bigger wheel you go with, the
more expensive the tire is going to be, and of course, the bigger tire you go with, the
more expensive it’s going to be, so these are going to range kind of all over the place. Now, you can expect any big mud terrain 33,
35 by 12.50 to be right around that $250 range and up, and that’s exactly where these are
going to fall. So if you’re looking for a tire that’s going
to perform well both on-road and off-road, I definitely recommend taking a look at this
Nitto Trail Grappler that you can find right here at

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  1. Had these on my 07 JKU, great looking tires. Unless you are planning to go off road 75% or more, these are not much suitable on pavement. Not very good on snow either but outstanding on mud and rocks, plus they are heavy and pricey. Planning on Goodyear KO2 or Duratrac on my 17 JKU in the future.

  2. Been looking at these for awhile, but torn between them and a set of bf ko2 all terrain 315/70 R17 like the ones I put on my wife’s jk. Would it be too much to talk about the KO2’s and the difference between the “E” rated and “C” rated. She is running the C rated right now. I have a 14 jku 3.5 lift, rock hard skids all the way back, gobi rack. I am most concerned about the weight of my rig and airing down on a softer tire.

  3. These tires run circles around the toyo MT and goodyear duracraps. You will also get 60,000 miles out of a set

  4. Disaster of a tire for normal driving. Took a massive $$$ hit and was forced to sell them after 3 attempts to balance them.

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