Jeep Wrangler Mudclaw M/T Tire – 31″ to 35″ Diameters (1987-2018 YJ, TJ, JK & JL) Review

Jeep Wrangler Mudclaw M/T Tire – 31″ to 35″ Diameters (1987-2018 YJ, TJ, JK & JL) Review

This Mudclaw MT tire is for those of you that
have a 1987 all the way up to the current model year Wrangler that are looking for a
mud-terrain tire that’s still going to be a high-quality tire. It’s just going to be a little bit less expensive
than some of the other options out there. This tire is going to come from a 31 to a
35-inch size, and fitting a 15 up to a 17-inch wheel. Now, this is the Mudclaw MT. There’s also the Mudclaw MT Extreme. The Extreme is going to have a three-ply sidewall. This is going to be a two-ply sidewall. So this tire’s gonna be a little bit less
expensive than some of the other ones out there for, really, two reasons. One, that it’s a two-ply and not a three-ply
sidewall, and two, the fact that it’s Mudclaw and not one of those more well-known names. You are going to save a little bit of money
because you’re not buying something that has that well-known, household tire name. That being said, I still think this is a very
high-quality tire. As far as the tread goes, it’s still going
to have the same large lugs with large space in between, designed to give you maximum traction
off-road. However, with any mud-terrain tire that has
this setup, they’re going to be a little bit louder on the road and wear a little bit quicker
than an all-terrain tire, but that’s just what you get on the road. When you’re off-road with any mud-terrain
tire, this one included, you’re going to get maximum traction because of the way these
lugs are designed. The tread does work its way down on to the
sidewall a little bit, giving you some additional traction, some protection for the sidewall,
and giving you that tell-tale MT look also. Now, if you are somebody who does a lot of
off-roading on the rocks, you’re in the mud where there’s sticks, roots, different things
sticking out, you want a little bit of a stronger sidewall, you can go with the Extremes, you
go up to a three-ply, still with the Mudclaw brand, and still save some money over some
of those other brands out there, while still having a very high-quality tire with a little
bit of the thicker sidewall. Again, this is going to have that two-ply
sidewall, saving you even more money, which is great as long as you’re not going to be
using the benefits of that additional sidewall thickness. A mud-terrain tire in general is going to
look very similar to this one. Again, it’s going to have these nice large
lugs with spaces in between, and the spaces are designed so that when you’re in the mud,
and mud gets stuck onto the tire, the tire can essentially become a slick. If you get up a little bit of wheel speed,
and you have these nice big spaces, that mud can be ejected from the tire, giving the tire
its claws back, giving it its bite again, and allowing you to get some traction and
get out of whatever hole you’re in. Now, these large lugs do have some siping
in them, right from the factory, and that’s going to be those cuts in the lugs. And what that’s designed to do is give the
lug a little bit of flexibility so, especially when you air this tire down off-road it’s
going to be a little flexible, it’s going to give you maximum contact patch when you’re
running over some rough terrain, which is going to give you the maximum amount of traction. That tread that is on the…facing the tire,
of course, is going to extend onto the sidewall just a little bit. And this area is going to have some protection,
also give you some traction, because of that tread on the sidewall. And, again, this is just going to be a two-ply
sidewall, not a three-ply sidewall. If you are looking for a little bit more sidewall
strength, something a little bit thicker, Mudclaw does offer their Extreme with the
three-ply, or you can step up to another brand that has one of those two-ply sidewalls as
well. Of course, with a tire, you’re going to want
to take your wheels and tires to a mount and balance shop and have them do that work for
you. Don’t be surprised if the shop doesn’t wanna
balance your tires right off the bat. A lot of rubber is going to sling off of a
big mud-terrain tire in that first 500 miles or so, so some shops won’t even waste their
time mounting and balancing right off the bat. They’ll have you come back after about 500
miles and go ahead and balance the tire out at that point. So, just something to note. Not all shops, but some shops will do that. Now, I know we’ve all seen the videos of people
mounting tires on wheels using some sort of explosive, some sort of combustible. That’s something that should be used as sort
of a last-ditch effort, a worst-case scenario, as a trail fix, not to mount up five brand-new
wheels and tires. You can do this at home if you’re installing
these tires on a three-piece wheel, something that has a bead lock, but if you’re mounting
it on a traditional one-piece wheel, do yourself a favor, take it to a mount and balance shop. These tires are gonna run about $145 to $240,
and that is going to depend, of course, on the size of the tire and the size of the wheel. In general, the larger the tire, the more
expensive, and the larger the wheel you mount it on, the more expensive as well. It’s a little bit counter-intuitive because
there’s actually less rubber required if you’re mounting this on a larger wheel, but that’s
just the way the tire prices break down. If you do step up to the Extreme, of course,
it’s gonna be a more expensive tire, having a three-ply sidewall. And if you step up to one of those other brands
that have the three-ply sidewall and a little bit of a better-known name, of course, you’re
going to be spending more for that as well. But I do think this is still a very well-built
tire, I think it’s going to work and wear very, very well for you, and you’re going
to save some money over some of those other brands. So if you’re looking for a tire that’s going
to be a little bit less expensive than some of the other options out there, but still
give you something that’s going to wear and work very well, I would definitely recommend
taking at look at the Mudclaw brand, and you can find them right here at

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