Jeep Wrangler MORryde Spare Tire Jerry Can Holder (1987-2017 YJ, TJ, JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler MORryde Spare Tire Jerry Can Holder (1987-2017 YJ, TJ, JK) Review & Install

No matter what year or body style Wrangler
you have, cargo storage based on the interior is always at a premium. So being able to utilize an otherwise unutilized
space on the outside of the vehicle to carry some extra cargo is always a good idea. Today, we’re going to talk through the installation
of this kit, which is a very simple one out of three wrenches, and can be done in under
an hour. But we’ll talk more about the installation
in just a second. Now, there are a couple of different carriers
that will attach in the same location as this, some that will attach above the spare tire,
and of course you also have a receiver-mounted basket that you can use for carrying any number
of items. However, this is specifically designed for
a NATO or a jerry can-style fuel or other liquid water carrier. That’s going to fit specifically into this
little container here, into this tray. It’s going to come with a strap, it’s going
to come with a mat, and it’s going to hold that exactly where it goes, making sure that
it’s not going to move around. Now, the one thing you do have to be concerned
with is weight. Now, the factory spare tire carrier is designed
for a factory-size spare tire. If you are running a larger spare tire on
that factory [mount], you’re already going to be taxing that a little bit. So when you add additional weight by adding
a bunch of liquid and the weight of this mount itself, you can be putting even more stress
on the factory spare tire carrier, the factory hinges on your tailgate, or the tailgate welds
themselves, which are known to break under some additional stress. It’s important that if you are going to be
using this, you know about those additional stresses, or you go ahead and mitigate those
additional stresses by attaching this to a tub-mounted or even a bumper-mounted tire
carrier system. As far as construction, there isn’t much to
this kit. It’s no frills. It just works. It’s exactly what you need to get that jerry
can or NATO can mounted on your spare tire location. Of course, you have this plate that’s going
to get sandwiched between your spare tire carrier and the backside of your spare tire. This part here is going to attach onto the
mount, and finally the tray gets bolted onto that. As I said before, it comes with a rubber mat
on the bottom to keep the can from chaffing the powder coat off of the tray. It does come with a ratchet strap as well,
to make sure that the can stays in place and doesn’t bounce out. Now, this is available with the tall tray
that you see here, and also a shorter tray. I think the tall tray is a little bit more
secure, just being that it has those taller sides to it. But the option is completely up to you. This is also designed to be installed and
removed pretty easily. This part here would stay between your spare
tire mount and your spare tire. But with one bolt, you can go ahead and remove
the rest of the mount, which would include the tray, if you did want to remove it and
just have this small, little piece here sticking through the center cap area of your spare
tire. Like I said before, the install for this kit
is going to be a very simple one out of three-wrench installation that you can get done in under
an hour. The first step is going to be removing the
three lug nuts that hold your spare tire in place, and removing the spare tire from its
mount. From there, you’ll slide this plate over top
of your three spare tire mounting studs and put your tire back in place. Of course, you are going to have to remove
whatever center cap you may have had on your spare tire. Or if you have a third brake light mounted
there, you are going to have to come up with another solution, because this bracket does
stick through the center of that spare. Once this piece is in place and you have your
spare tire back on, you can go ahead and torque down those lug nuts. You’re done with removing your spare tire. Then, all you need to do is, in whatever order
you choose, either connect the tray to the rest of this bracket, or put the rest of the
bracket on the Jeep, and then bolt the tray down. Again, it’s completely up to you. Then, you lay your rubber mat in here, put
your jerry can or NATO-style fuel can on your new tray, and ratchet-strap it down. The whole process is very simple. This is something anyone can do in their driveway
in about an hour with just a socket set. This kit is going to come in at right around
$130, and the one with the short tray is going to be a couple of dollars cheaper, just because
there’s a little bit less material there. For the build quality that you get from this
kit, which is something we’ve grown accustomed to with MORryde, they build a really high-quality
piece, I don’t think $130 is a bad price. Now, I do think it’s important to consider
the additional stresses and the weight that you’re going to be putting onto a factory
spare tire carrier. But if you already have an aftermarket tub-mounted
or tire-mounted spare tire carrier, then this kit is going to be a really nice way to utilize
otherwise unutilized space, and I think it is a good buy. So if you’re looking to be able to carry a
NATO-style or a jerry can-style container of either fuel or water, and especially if
you’re carrying fuel and you don’t want it on the interior of the Jeep, or you just don’t
have room on the interior, this is a good way to add some cargo space to the spare tire
area on your Jeep. So that’s my review of the MORryde spare tire
jerry can holder with either tall or short tray, fitting your 1997 and up Wrangler, that
you can find right here at

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  1. I was told that the jerry can holder that i had been waiting for had finally arrived and I was told that all lines were busy and they would call back but never have and I'm still Interested.

  2. Just bought this, yes it’s pricey but it’s also convenient and unique as it looks good too. Bought a cheap jerry can from eBay and put it on my 1992 Jeep Yj looks good . Cheers from Connecticut!

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