Jeep Wrangler MORryde Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler MORryde Heavy Duty Spare Tire Carrier (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review and installation of the MORryde Heavy-Duty Spare Tire Carrier fitting all
2007 to 2017 JKs. Today, we’re gonna talk about some of the
features of this tire carrier kit and talk you through the installation. There are a few different problems that come
up when you try to run a large, heavy spare tire on the factory spare tire location. The first of these problems is that your tailgate
hinges can start to wear out, causing the tailgate to sag. The second problem is that the tailgate itself
can start to come apart at the welds, causing a lot of rattling and a lot of other noises. And finally, you can have issues with the
spare tire mount on your factory tailgate starting to fatigue and break, especially
if you don’t keep that new, heavy, larger spare tire from moving around. So those are three issues that can occur. MORryde has three separate parts that will
all fix one of those three different issues. This part that we have here is the tire carrier
that can be used in conjunction with MORryde’s tailgate reinforcement kit and heavy-duty
tailgate hinges, or it can be used as a standalone product. If you’re using this on its own, it’ll mount
on to the factory tailgate, so you’ll still have the issues of a tailgate that can come
apart at the welds and weak hinges. However, it will allow you to physically fit
a larger spare tire in the factory location with this aftermarket mount without having
an issue with the tire hitting the bumper. You can run up to a 40-inch tire on this spare
tire mount in the factory location on the factory tailgate without having any clearance
issues. But that’s not to say that’s a good idea,
I would recommend if you’re running a tire that large or really anything over the stock
size and weight that you do either purchase the tailgate reinforcement kit and the heavy-duty
hinges or go with a full tub mounted tire carrier or bumper mounted tire carrier to
support the additional weight and size of a large spare. All of that being said, if you’re just looking
for a mount to be able to mount a larger tire on and be able to have it guaranteed to have
that larger tire in the factory location, this is going to be an option. So, as far as construction goes, this is made
of a mild steel material. It’s covered in a textured black powder coat,
and really it’s a fairly simple design. As I mentioned, it works for up to a 37-inch
tire on the first adjustment and a 40-inch tire on the second, and that adjustment is
really two sets of holes, one that’s slightly higher than the other. You’re not going to have a lot of up and down
adjustability like you would with a full tub mounted tire carrier or with a lot of the
tub [SP] and bumper mounted tire carriers. If you’re looking for additional adjustment
up, down, and also in and out, I would recommend taking a look at the TeraFlex Tub Mounted
Tire Carrier or the Barricade Extreme HD Bumper Mounted Tire Carrier. Both of those will have the in and out, and
up and down adjustability. Now the in and out adjustability is nice because
again you have a lot of weight hanging off the back of the Jeep in a large, heavy spare,
and you want it to be tight up against whatever tire carrier you have. Otherwise, you’re going to have that tire
twerking around as you hit bumps on the road at low speed and at high speed, and that can
eventually fatigue the metal and then cause some issues. So without adjustability, you get to keep
everything nice and tight. The up and down adjustability is nice because
if I’m running a larger 33 or 35-inch tire, I wanna be able to keep that as low as possible
on my carrier and have maximum visibility of the back of the Jeep. This, however, doesn’t give me enough adjustability
to tuck say a 33-inch tire nice and low as tight up against the bumper as I can get it,
giving me maximum visibility. This does have a lot of adjustability in the
third brake light mount that comes with it. So, no matter what size tire you’re running
all the way up to the max on this carrier of a 40-inch, you are going to be able to
adjust the third brake light mount so that you can see it over the top of that 40-inch
tire. I do like this third brake light mount. It takes the factory a third brake light out
of its housing allows you to put it on this adjustable mount, so you’re not going out
to purchase a separate third brake light. This will keep you legal and keep you safe
without the need to purchase any additional components. Getting this mounted up on the Jeep is going
to be a very simple process. The first step is to remove your factory tire
carrier from the back of the Jeep by removing the eight bolts that hold it on to the tailgate. You also have to pop a trim piece loose on
the inside of the tailgate to get to a plug to allow you to unplug your third brake light. From there, you can detach the third brake
light from the factory spare tire mount and put it in your new adjustable mount. You’ll then use the factory hardware to attach
your new tire carrier on to the tailgate in those factory locations, so no drilling is
necessary. Again, if you’re running up a 37-inch tire,
you can use these upper holes, and if you’re running a 40-inch or larger, you’ll use the
bottom holes to move the tire carrier up as high as possible and give you a little bit
of extra clearance. Once you have this bolted on, you can bolt
your third brake light into its new adjustable mount on to your new carrier, plug it back
in and replace that trim piece, and then it’s just a matter of putting your new, larger
spare tire on to your spare tire carrier. This whole installation shouldn’t take you
more than an hour, and you won’t need any specialty tools to get the job done, just
some hand tools. When you consider the price of this tire carrier
at right around $150, it may not seem like a bad deal right off the bat. However, it’s important to remember that this
doesn’t solve all the problems of having a big, heavy spare mounted in the factory location. As I mentioned before, if I was going to run
this for any extended period of time with even a 33-inch tire, let alone a 35, 37 or
bigger, I would be running this with MORryde’s Heavy-Duty hinge kit and also tailgate reinforcement
kit. And by the time you buy all three of those
parts, you’re going to be right around the same cost as a full tub mounted tire carrier. And as I mentioned before, the one from TeraFlex
has some built-in adjustability that this doesn’t have that I really like. So, if you wanna be able to piece something
together, buy a couple of parts now, a couple down the line, spread out the cost, having
this modular kit isn’t a bad idea. However, I wouldn’t look at this and say,
“This is significantly cheaper than another model on the market, I’m just gonna buy this,”
because this is not going to be everything you need to support running a large, heavy
spare. So, if you’re looking for a modular kit to
put together in order to run a large, heavy spare tire on your tailgate without causing
damage to the tailgate, this is going to be part of that modular kit. However, if you’re looking for a one-stop
shop that’s going to have everything you need from the hinges all the way through the carrier,
then I would recommend looking at one of those other options on the market. So that’s my review of the MORryde Heavy Duty
Spare Tire Carrier fitting all 2007 to 2017 JKs. You can buy them right here at

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  1. This looks like a great product at an even better price! Most of these carriers of this style can only support up to 37's, this one states it can do a 40! I would still however do something about the oem hinges like Ryan said. After running the oem stuff for a long period of time with a larger, heavier tire you WILL see the spot welds inside the gate start to divot in, sometimes even crack or pull through completely! Ryan, you always do a great job and so do all the people behind the scenes that people don't think about or see. Another great video guys!

  2. So all 3 of the Morryde pieces together, I was under $500 and the TF hinges are quite a bit more. They work well so far and I don't anticipate any problems.

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