Jeep Wrangler Mammoth Boulder Black Wheel & Tire Kit (2007-2016 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Mammoth Boulder Black Wheel & Tire Kit (2007-2016 JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from and this
is my review of the Mammoth Boulder Wheel and Tire Kit, fitting all 1987 to 2016 Wranglers.
This kit is available in both 16 and 17 inch wheels and in black, silver and charcoal finishes. Wheel and tire kits are for those of you looking
to upgrade the wheels and tires on your JK and you want to do them at the same time.
Generally going to a larger tire will mean a new wheel because you’ll need a different
width, diameter or backspacing, so doing them at the same time in a wheel and tire kit makes
things really easy. So if you’re looking to upgrade to larger wheels and tires on your
Jeep, or if you’re just looking to replace the worn out rubber you already have, I definitely
recommend taking a look at the Mammoth wheel and tire kits. What I really like about the wheel and tire
kits is that everything comes to you mounted, balanced and ready to bolt onto your Jeep
all without you having to take a trip to the tire store. So let’s talk about this wheel.
The Mammoth Boulder is a five spoke aluminum wheel. It looks really nice and it’s available
in a couple of different sizes. You can get this in both 16 X 8 or 17 X 9 inch, depending
on what size tires you want to run on your Jeep. And the wheel is available in three
different finishes. You can get black, charcoal or silver, so there’s a finish that will look
great with your Jeep no matter what color it is. Running a slightly smaller wheel has some
benefits, especially for you guys who take your Jeep off road. The smaller 16 inch wheel
will have more sidewall than the larger 17 inch, which is great for gripping rocks and
different obstacles off road, and the narrower 8 inch wheel will give you natural sidewall
pressure so when you air down to a lower PSI when off road, you don’t risk losing a beat.
But if you like the look of the 17 inch wheel, those are definitely available as well. Maybe
more important than the diameter and the width of the wheel is the backspacing, especially
for a Jeep. When you are running a larger and wider wheel and tire, there’s always the
chance that the tire is going to contact either the frame or the control arm when you turn
the steering wheel from lock to lock. Having a smaller amount of backspacing will push
the wheel and tire package away from the center line of the Jeep giving you the clearance
that you need. These Boulder wheels have four and a half inches of backspacing. That gives
you enough clearance to run most normal size tires that you’d want to put on your JK. Aside from dimensions, Mammoth made these
wheels hub centric, which means that the weight of the vehicle is supported by the center
hub and not by the lugs and they’re a five by five lug pattern so they’ll bolt directly
onto your Jeep without the need for adapters. Once you decide what wheel you like, you have
a few different brand, styles and size tires to choose from. After you pick that package,
you have a few more decisions to make. You will decide whether you want four or a full
set of five wheels and tires including the spare, whether you want TPMS sensors in the
wheels and tires which will retain all of the factory TPMS system operation, and you’ll
decide whether you want the white lettering in the tires in or out. No matter how you decide to customize your
kit, the tires will be filled with nitrogen which gives you more consistent tire pressure
reading regardless of temperature and doesn’t bleed through the rubber as much which means
you won’t have to refill them as often. And the best part about the wheel and tire kits
is that they’re mounted and balanced for free. So they get to your house, you pull them out
of the box and bolt them on the Jeep, all saving you a trip to the mount and balance
shop. Because these ship completely assembled, installation could not be any easier. The first thing you’ll do is break loose your
lug nuts, then jack up the Jeep making sure that you support it with a jack stand for
safety. After that, you can remove the lug nuts and get the old wheels and tires off
and put the new ones in place. You’ll want to use a torque wrench when tightening the
new lug nuts and tighten them to factory torque spec to make sure that you don’t stretch the
threads on the lugs and causing damage. The whole installation should take about an hour
and you won’t need any specialty tools, just a jack, a jack stand and the proper size socket
wrench. So, if you’re looking for a new set of wheels
for your Jeep, I definitely recommend taking a look at the Mammoth Boulder wheel. They’re
a really strong, good looking wheel that come in a variety of sizes and finishes, and if
you’re also looking for new tires, a wheel and tire package is definitely the way to
go. You might be able to get tires from here and wheels from here and take them all to
a mount and balance shop and save a few dollars, but for the convenience and the customization
of a wheel and tire kit, I think you get a ton of value for the price you pay. So that’s my review of the Mammoth Boulder
Wheel and Tire Kit, fitting all 1987 to 2016 Wranglers that you can find right here at

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  1. What is the largest tire you can run on the stock Rubicon wheels on a 2015? When I do eventually get her lifted I actually really like the stock wheels and would love to keep them if possible.

  2. He he I only watched this video because the jeep is the color of my jeep, but it gave me what I need to see what the tire would look like on my jeep! This jeep color is Anvil right?

  3. Mount and balance is not free! Its 60$ plus 20$ handling fee for each tire. That's about 140$ to 160$ depending on no. Of tires!""

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