Jeep Wrangler Low Tire Pressure Warning Reset (2006-2018)

Jeep Wrangler Low Tire Pressure Warning Reset (2006-2018)

What’s up YouTube just making a quick
video here for a Jeep Wrangler about the tire pressure warning so you’ll see
something like this once you start the car.
It will indicate with this symbol right over here and it will say – now that it’s gone,
alright, so just want to tell you if you if you do have that, actually just came back,
alright so we have a low tire pressure, so what you want to do is come over here
to your door area, open your door and on the side here, of the door, of the
driver’s door, you have the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle, so spare
tire needs to be set to 35 front and rear both the 35 psi and once
you set it, in order for you to reset and have that message go away, you need to
drive the car for about 10 to 15 minutes at speeds of above 15 to 20 miles per
hour, this will reset your tire pressure warning so as long as you put the proper
pressure in and you drive the car around it should go away, if it does not go away,
I would recheck your tire pressure make sure that you’re not losing any pressure
and if that doesn’t fix it, you have to go somewhere where you could scan the
tire pressure system, you may have a faulty sensor that needs to be
replaced or re-calibrated thank you for watching please like and
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  1. Is there anyway to get rid of it all together? I upgraded my rims and tires to a bigger size. The new rims and tires are built for off roading and don't have the sensors in them. My light on the dash stays on, any way to get rid of it?

  2. This doesn't work if you have 35" tires or bigger and NEVER fill past 26psi on AT or MT tires.

  3. Waste of time, thought I'd actually learn something. You told us basic information, if someone doesn't know that they shouldn't be driving in the first place!

  4. Actually, from all the comments, there are some people who do not know after checking air pressure in tires, adding if necessary…would then have to drive the vehicle around to get the system to reset. Why would one have to drive the vehicle to get the system to reset? I shouldn't have to drive my vehicle to get it to reset, ensuring proper pressure should be enough but, hey…its technology at its best. LMAO.

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