Jeep Wrangler JK Barricade HD Tire Carrier for OEM Tire Mount (2007-2018) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JK Barricade HD Tire Carrier for OEM Tire Mount (2007-2018) Review & Install

The Barricade HD Tire Carrier for OEM Tire
Mount is for those of you that have a 2007 to 2018 JK that are running a larger than
factory tire, want to be able to carry a larger than factory spare tire, but want to avoid
all of the issues that can come with mounting a much larger and heavier spare tire in the
factory location without any modifications. So, if you’re trying to put a big tire on
your factory spare tire mount, one, you may just not have enough room. The tire could make contact with the bumper,
not allowing you to close the tailgate properly. Another issue you can have is that the tire
can fatigue and eventually wear out the tire carrier itself. That mount is designed only for the weight
of a factory spare tire, and when you put in a much larger, heavier spare on there,
especially because it’s not gonna be tight up against the tailgate properly, it can move
around, torque, eventually break the metal of that tire mount itself. You can wear on the welds of the tailgate,
the tailgate can actually start to come apart on you. That’ll of course cause some noise, and, eventually,
complete failure of the tailgate and the tailgate hinges can also wear out on you because of
the additional weight of a larger spare, making it so that you have to lift up on the end
of the tailgate every time you open it and close it. So, in order to fix some or all of those problems,
you really have two main choices. One is going with a bumper-mounted tire carrier,
and the other is going with a tub-mounted tire carrier. Now, a lot of people like a tub-mounted tire
carrier, myself included, because in order to open the tailgate, you don’t have two steps. You don’t have to first open the tire carrier,
and then open the tailgate. This is all going to open with the factory
tailgate latch, so it’s going to lock, it’s going to open with one hand in one motion,
which makes it much, much easier. The other benefit to a tub-mounted tire carrier
is the fact that you can get whatever bumper you want. You don’t have to pick a bumper that has a
tire carrier to go with it, so that does open up some additional options for bumper choices
for you if you decide to go with an after-market bumper. Now, this piece that we’re talking about today
is going to be an easy one-out-of-three wrench install. We’ll talk more about that in just a second. This is gonna bolt right up to the tailgate,
and what this is really going to do is replace your factory hinges, giving you a much stronger
hinge, but also reinforce the whole area across the back of the tailgate so that you don’t
have to worry about those welds breaking, as we just talked about. Now, this is designed to be used with the
factory spare tire mount, so the issue of that mount fatiguing and breaking, that tire
not fitting tight up against the tailgate, torquing around, moving, eventually causing
that metal to fail, that issue is not going to be solved by this piece here. There are options for beefed-up tire mounts
that you can use with this tire carrier that will solve all of the issues of running a
big spare, but by itself, as it stands, this is going to fix the hinge issue, it’s going
to fix the tailgate weld issue, but it’s not going to fix the tire mount issue, so just
keep that in mind. Of the other options out there on the market,
there is one from Rugged Ridge, there is, of course, the option from Teraflex. This is going to be a pretty good choice. It is going to be less expensive than those
other options, which is really nice. This is gonna be a little bit heavier because
it’s of steel instead of aluminum. It’s not going to have all of the brass sleeving
that can come in some of the hinging to ensure that things continue to work very smoothly
over a very long period of time. If you have a higher budget, you’re looking
for the premium option, and you have the premium budget to go along with it, those options
certainly do exist. We have those on the site, again, the Teraflex
option being one of them. If you are looking to save a little bit of
money, this is going to be an excellent choice as well. As for the construction, this is going to
be all-steel. It does come with a textured black powder-coat
finish on it like most of the other after-market accessories you’ll purchase and bolt onto
your Jeep. As you can see here, it does have the spot
for your hinges. This does come with the hinge side, as well,
so you’re going to completely remove that factory hinge off your Jeep, and be using
the new hinge that comes with your tire carrier. Essentially, what this does is, this becomes
the structural part and your tailgate gets bolted onto this, versus your tailgate being
the structural part that your tire is bolted onto, which can cause those failures. So this ends up carrying all of the weight. You mount your factory spare tire mount right
here in this space. The tire gets mounted right onto that. Again, this replaces the hinges. It really does take care of two of those three
issues of running a big, heavy spare. This spare tire carrier is going to come in
at $300, and I don’t think that’s gonna be a bad price for what you’re getting. If you do step up and you also purchase the
spare tire mount, of course, that’s going to add a little bit to the cost of this, but
that is going to solve all of the issues of running a big heavy spare, where this only
solves, really, two out of three. Now, I’ll have a member of the install team
show you how you get this installed on your JK. As you can see, our spare tire is already
removed. We didn’t wanna bore you with the details. We’re gonna go ahead and get our tire carrier
removed now. We’ll begin by unplugging our third brake
light, getting the wire out of the way, then we’re gonna remove the bolts around the perimeter. We’re missing a few here. Yours will have all eight of them. Ours is using a 13-millimeter socket. We’re gonna go ahead and get these bolts removed. Next, we’re gonna go ahead and get our rubber
bumper isolator out of the way, followed by the covers of our hinges. You wanna be gentle with these and make sure
you don’t break them. They are rubber, and the little tab on the
inside usually snaps off. Just take your time. Now, we’re gonna remove the covers off of
our hinges, hinges just snap right on. Go ahead and give it a tug, they pop right
off. Okay, next we’re gonna
go ahead and unbolt our hinges from our tailgate, but we’re gonna leave our tailgate latched. Hopefully, this will stay in place for alignment. Now, to remove the bolts from the tailgate,
we use a 13-millimeter socket. Now, the bolts that are on the body are a
little bit different. They’re a torx bit, so we’re gonna use a T-50
to get those off, and we’re gonna take our time with these because we don’t wanna strip
them out. Now, as you can see with our hinges off, the
paint’s a little discolored underneath. That’s because when they painted these, they
painted them with the hinges on already. You wanna go ahead and hit this with a little
bit of spray paint, a little touch-up paint. Get it cleaned up. This will prevent rust. Certain parts of the world, we do get more
rust than others. All right, now let’s move on to the installation
of our new tire carrier. Now, assuming that you did not strip out any
of your factory hardware, we’re gonna go ahead and get our new tire carrier installed using
our original hardware. We’re gonna begin by our brackets that bolt
to the body that holds the new hinge in place. When installing your brackets, you’re gonna
wanna leave them a little loose, just so we can get the alignment and everything correct. Now that our hinge mounts are in place, we’re
gonna go ahead and get our new tire carrier on here and in place. With our new tire carrier mount, it sits flush
up against the tailgate, so this vent’s gonna be in the way. We’re gonna go ahead and get that out of the
way, and install the new one. We’re gonna go ahead and install our new tire
carrier mount. Now, to replace our old vent, we have this
piece of foam that they provide us. Of course, this’ll keep the water out, but
it’ll also relieve the pressure inside when you go ahead and close your doors. Just peel off the 3M tape on the back and
stick it over the hole. That’s gonna sandwich between our new tire
carrier and our tailgate. Once you slide your carrier into place, go
ahead and drop the pins in. Now, we can go ahead and get this mounted
to our tailgate using the factory bolts. Now we can go ahead and snug these down. Now that we have it snugged down to our tailgate,
we can go ahead, finish our alignment, and get our hinges locked down into place on the
body. Now, using a ratchet, sneak in behind here,
tighten your mounts down. Now, using a dead blow hammer, you’re gonna
wanna go ahead and tap your pins down into place. I recommend using a dead blow hammer instead
of a steel hammer because with the rubber coating on the outside of it, if you tap your
vehicle or you hit the hinge itself, it’s not gonna chip off your finish or mar the
end of your hinge pin. Okay, now this part’s gonna be a little bit
more difficult than anything else you’ve done. You’re gonna install the C-clips on the bottom
of your hinge pins. Now, you’re gonna do this with a pair of needle-nose
pliers and carefully slide them over, but make sure you have eye protection on just
in case a clip gets loose on you. Now that our new hinge and bracket are mounted
to our vehicle, we’re gonna go ahead and get our factory tire carrier mounted back on top
of it. All right, now just lining it up with the
factory holes, go ahead and reinstall your factory tire carrier. Just plug your third brake light back in. Now, at this point, you can go ahead and reinstall
your spare tire, or maybe you have a new set of wheels with a bigger tire on it. That’s what this is great for. This reinforces your hinges and makes your
tailgate stronger. For more parts and videos like these, make
sure you come visit us at

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