Jeep Wrangler JK AFE Scorpion Hi-Tuck 2.5″ Axle-Back (2007-2018) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

Jeep Wrangler JK AFE Scorpion Hi-Tuck 2.5″ Axle-Back (2007-2018) Exhaust Sound Clip & Install

The aFe Scorpion Hi-Tuck 2.5 inch Axle-Back Exhaust
system is for those of you that a 2007-2018 JK that are looking to change out your exhaust
system for one that’s going to give some additional exhaust volume, a lower exhaust tone, and
you still want to keep all of your exhaust components in the same place but get a little
bit more clearance. A lot of these systems will give you dual
tips for the style, but there’s just more stuff to get banged up in the back of the
Jeep. This is going to tuck everything as high as
it possibly can be remaining in the factory locations. Now, if you are looking for something that
is even more of a high-clearance system, there are systems that will move the muffler to
where the resonator is on the later model year JKs, and just have a tailpipe that will
dump either before or after the axle, so that’s gonna give you even less stuff to bang up
on the trail. But again, if you want to keep your system
fairly factory, just tuck it up a little bit tighter, and get that additional volume and
tone, this is going to be a nice choice for you. This isn’t something that you see from a lot
of other companies, having something that is basically a factory layout just tucked
a little bit tighter. So this is going to be a really nice option
being that there aren’t a lot of them out there that are built like this. This system is going to be a nice, easy one
out of three wrench installation. The exhaust system on the JK, the Axle-Back
system, is very, very easy to swap out. There’s just going to be one clamp and a couple
of hangers that you need to remove to get your new system in place. This is a two-piece system. There’s a joint right here, a slip joint,
so that makes the installation that much easier for you. And we’re gonna talk a little bit more about
that in just a second. So any time you help your engine breathe easier
in or out, you can expect a little bit more power, but swapping out your exhaust system,
especially the Axle-Back part of the exhaust system really isn’t going to provide a ton
of horsepower gains or torque gains in the RPM range, where you’re really going to feel
it. I wouldn’t expect to put this on, and all
of a sudden have your Jeep feel a lot faster. However, you can expect to put this on and
have your Jeep sound significantly different from the factory. So again, you’re gonna get a lower exhaust
note as well as a louder exhaust tone. This system is a little bit more, I’ll say,
plain than some of the other ones, but like I said before, you can find a lot that are
gonna be dual outlet, giving you some additional style there. You find a lot that have a polished tip. This system is made of aluminized steel. Other ones that are made of aluminized steel
will still give you a stainless polished tip so that you do have a little bit of flash. This is gonna be a little bit more muted than
some of those other systems, but you’re also gonna save a little bit of money by going
this direction because there isn’t going to be any stainless involved in the system and
the materials are gonna be a little bit less expensive. And because it’s not really designed to be
seen, as it is designed to just work, this is definitely going to be a function over
form piece that’s gonna save you a few dollars as well. So like I said, this is a two-piece system. You’re going to have a slip joint right here,
and that is going to make the installation a little bit easier. You have this pipe that’s going to connect
to your factory exhaust system, you have your factory style hanger here. This is a 13-inch baffled muffler, and then
this section here, the tailpipe section with the turndown, that is all welded directly
to the muffler. And of course, you have another hanger here. This pipe and the way that the hangers are
welded that’s what makes this a High-Tuck system. That’s what allows this to get tucked up a
little bit tighter into the bottom of the Jeep. So it’s going to be a little bit more difficult
for you to bang it up off-road. But again, if you’re really looking for the
highest clearance, you want to delete this completely, go with a bullet style muffler
where the resonator would be up on the frame rail, and then that’s really going to give
you a lot more clearance. And we have those systems if you’re interested
in that, but if you just looking for a little bit more clearance, this is going to be a
good choice. Now, I mentioned before this is aluminized
steel, and a lot of exhaust systems are aluminized steel. And it’s perfectly fine to have it that way,
but the system is not going to be all that rustproof. If you live in the Rust Belt where we do,
if there is saltwater near you, salts on the road in the winter, you are going to end up
with at the very least some surface rust with this system, if not some rusting through after
a few years. If you wanna go with something that is a higher
grade material that’s gonna to resist that rusting, you’re gonna wanna step up to a 409
or 304 stainless, but as you make those jumps, the cost goes up as well. So you’re gonna need to balance quality and
longevity with price based on your budget and your build. This system is gonna come in at $285. It’s gonna be a little bit more expensive
than some of the other aluminized steel Axle-Back systems that we have that have a single outlet
and that’s because this does add the additional feature of being a bit of a higher tuck system. But this is gonna be less expensive than most
of the other aluminized systems that are going to have dual outlets or a little bit fancier
tip or something like that, that just in general makes them more expensive. As we mentioned, you step up to a stainless
system, that price tag is definitely going to go up, so anything aluminized is going
to be a little less expensive than that. So what does all that mean? For a system that is more of a function over
form, a Hi-Tuck system, gonna give you a little bit more clearance. If you’re just looking for additional sound,
I think this is gonna be a pretty good choice. If you do live in an area where you get a
lot of rust, you wanna step up into a stainless system, if you really want even more clearance
by deleting the muffler from this area completely, we have those systems, but they’re gonna be
a little pricier. Now, I’ll have a member of the install team
to show you how you get this installed. We’re gonna begin the installation of our
aFe Axle-Back Exhaust on our Jeep JK series Wrangler by just removing the single clamp
that comes on our factory exhaust, the two hangers, sliding our factory muffler out of
the way. Then, we’re gonna go ahead and get our new
one in place. Now, let’s go ahead and get started. All right. Now, to begin, we’re gonna use a 15-millimeter
socket, now I’m gonna do this is with my impact gun. You can do this with just a ratchet also. And we’re gonna remove or loosen up our factory
clamp on our exhaust, but at first, I’m gonna spray everything down with a little bit of
penetrating oil. And I’m gonna do this to the bolt and to our
factory rubber hangers because this will make disassembly a lot easier. Now, using my 15-millimeter socket on my impact
gun, I’m gonna go ahead and loosen up this bolt. Now, next using a pry bar, I’m gonna go ahead
and pry our factory hangers out of the way, and we’re gonna slide our factory muffler
out. Now, using a small pry bar, I’m gonna start
here on the driver side, and I’m just gonna pry it off of our muffler. I’m not gonna pull it off of the frame because
we are gonna use the hangers later with our new exhaust. Okay. Now that everything is loosened up, our hangers
are disconnected, we’re gonna go ahead and slide our factory muffler off. Now, this is gonna take a little bit of wiggling,
maybe a little bit of prying, but it will come off. There we go. All right. Now that your factory’s muffler’s off, if
it’s still in good condition, go ahead and sell it at your yard sale. Now, as you can see here, we have our factory
muffler in comparison to our new aFe muffler. You can see the size difference. This is gonna be much more low profile, and
it’s gonna sound a lot better too. Now, to begin, we’re gonna take our over axle
pipe and slide it up into the hanger and on to the end of our factory pipe. Now, using one of the new clamps that come
that come in the kit, let’s get this installed. Now, to make your life a lot easier, go ahead
and spray a little bit of your penetrating fluid over the end of the new hanger that
comes on your exhaust pipe. All right. Now that we got that up into place, we’re
not gonna tighten it just yet, we’re gonna wait until we get our muffler and everything
else in. This way, we can go back and tighten everything
up and line it all up properly. This just gives us that little bit of adjustment
in case things don’t fit a 100% right at first. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and slide our new
clamp over the end of the pipe here and let’s get our muffler up into place. Okay. Now that everything is up into place, the
hangers are on, our pipes are all inserted into each other, we can go back, line it all
up the way we want it, and tighten our clamps down. Now, to tighten our clamps down, we’re gonna
use the same 15-millimeter that we used to take our original muffler off. That ties up the install of our new aFe Axle-Back
Exhaust on our Jeep JK series Wrangler. For more videos and parts like these, make
sure you come give us a visit at

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