Jeep Wrangler | How To Rotate Tires On A Jeep | Morris 4×4

Jeep Wrangler | How To Rotate Tires On A Jeep | Morris 4×4

what’s going on everybody I’m Eric with
Morris 4×4 Center welcome back to another tech Tuesday now today’s tech
Tuesday subject is a little bit of an easy one to most people but you wouldn’t
believe how many times we see people get this wrong all the time now that’s
perfectly okay we’re here to help you guys out make you better jeepers keep
you well-informed so you are ahead of the game now today’s tech Tuesday
subject is going to be about how to properly rotate the tires on your Jeep
including the spare now I know most of you probably are thinking that the spare
tire is just there for emergencies you’re not really going to be using it
that often and you know it’s just gonna live on the back of your Jeep and that’s
basically it well I’m here to tell you guys that that
is incorrect you got to rotate your spare tire and there are a number of
reasons why this is going to be beneficial to you and the longevity and
the health of your tires on your vehicle so why do you want to rotate all five
tires including your full-size spare well for one it’s going to increase the
longevity and lifespan of the tires on your vehicle by up to about twenty
percent in a lot of cases now once you rotate those five tires that one tire
you’re taking off goes on the back it’s getting a break from touching the ground
and wearing out you know on all the gravel and the hard roads and everything
like that especially here in South Florida we’ve got a huge problem with
that so again you’re going to increase the lifespan by rotating all five tires
as opposed to four another point that’s key to rotating all five tires is what
happens when you actually have to use that spare tire if you’ve got four tires
that are completely wore out you know the tread is way down and the wear bars
are showing hitting the ground and things like that and you’ve got a
perfectly brand new spare tire with tons of tread like an inch difference as
opposed to the ones on your truck or Jeep well when you go and actually get a
flat tire and have to change it you’re gonna have a difference in tread from
the good tire and the ones that are wore out that could potentially cause
drivetrain damage now if you think about it that longer or that
has more tread actually takes longer to rotate than the one that has shorter
tread now it’s only a fraction of an inch but in like a case of a
rear-wheel-drive vehicle or four-wheel drive that has a limited slip rear
differential that tire is spinning at a different rate thing up and the other
one and you’re gonna start wearing out the clutches in your differential now
again this is an extreme example here but it could happen especially with
all-wheel drive vehicles or full-time four-wheel drive you’re going to have
that one tire that’s rotating just a little bit slower than the rest and it
can potentially wear out the drivetrain of your vehicle now last but certainly
not least it just comes down to the pure cool factor of rotating all five tires
you know when you go out to the Jeep meets or you’re out on the trail and
everybody sees that you know dirty Rock rash you know wore out spare tire that
looks just like the rest of your tires they’re gonna know that you are on top
of your game and you know what you’re talking about when it comes down to
maintaining your vehicle and for the people that don’t know they’re gonna
come up and ask you why the heck does your spare tire look like crap well
you’re gonna be able to drop some major knowledge on them and they’re just going
to be awestruck and you know amazed at how well you know what you’re talking
about when it comes to jeeps or your trucks or you know whatever when it
comes to rotating your spare tires they’re gonna know that you know how to
take care of your vehicle so let’s get down to how you actually properly rotate
the five tires on your jeepers truck with a matching spare now what I like to
do is I start with the rear tires I remove those and then I replace the
front left and right with the rear tires then from there what I do is I take the
spare tire and I move that to the right rear and then the tire that used to be
in the front left that is going to replace the spare tire position and then
from there the tire that was on the front right you will be replacing that
to the left rear position and that is how you properly rotate all five tires
now you continually do this and you can watch the spare tire move from each
position and then finally back to the spare tire position on your fifth
rotation so that is how you properly rotate the five tires on your Jeep and
this also applies to trucks and any other
vehicle that has a full-size spare tire you know preferably a matching one so
your Jeep or truck doesn’t look kind of odd having that one random tire on there
but again guys that’s going to benefit you it’s going to benefit your wallet
and just overall is awesome so guys I want to thank you so much for
watching this video I’m Eric with Morris 4×4 Center we got that subscribe button
right over here make sure you click on that guy and follow us on YouTube and
all the other social media platforms so you can stay well informed keep up to
date with all the videos that we do and all the content we create for you guys
so again thank you so much I’m Eric and I hope to see you guys out on the trail

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  1. So what if I've never rotated my spare, should I start on my next rotation or just wait tell I get new tires?

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