Jeep Wrangler Fuel Wheels Maverick (2007-2016 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Fuel Wheels Maverick (2007-2016 JK) Review & Install

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review of the Fuel Wheels Maverick style wheel. This is a 17 by 9 inch wheel in the
black milled finish, but this wheel is also available in an 18 by 9, and both sizes are
available in a black with sheen finish as well. So there are a couple of different options
so you can get what’s right for your build. Fuel offers a more modern style wheel. They’re
definitely going to be flashier than your traditional steel wagon wheels or even a D
window, so if that’s what you’re looking for for your build, Fuel is definitely a good
option. Fuel wheels are a little bit more expensive
than those basic steel wheels, but they’re also not the most expensive wheel option that
we have on the website. If you’re somebody who takes your Jeep off road a lot and you’re
worried about getting rock rash on your expensive wheels, maybe you want to go with something
a little bit less expensive. No matter what style or what look of the wheel
you choose, the first thing you’re going to have to do is make sure you get a couple of
specs right. Once you pick the proper sizing and back spacing, it’s mostly about aesthetics
when it comes to wheels. The Maverick is an aluminum wheel that features
a matte black finish with milled accents. It’ll look really good no matter what color
your Jeep is. If you’re a fan of this modern styling, this is a really nice option. This is a uni lug wheel which means it’ll
fit on a few different lug patterns including the five by five on our JK. Now because it’ll
fit on a few different applications it’s not going to be a hub centric wheel on our Jeep.
Another spec to take a look at when considering purchasing a wheel, aside from just the lug
pattern, is back spacing. This wheel features four and a half inches of back spacing which
means it’ll push the wheel and tire away from the center of the Jeep just enough to fit
most popular tire recesses. This wheel will install just like most others
onto your Jeep. Once you have your tire shop, wrap whatever your favorite tire is onto the
wheel, you can remove the old wheels and put the new ones on. Now, when installing the
lug nuts you will need to support the wheel a little bit more because it’s not hub centric.
Once you get the lug nuts torqued down you’ll be able to install the plastic center cap
cover with a couple of Allen keys. If you want to retain the TPMS system on your Jeep,
make sure that your tire shop installs new TPMS sensors in the wheel, or have a calibrator
handy to turn that feature off. One installation tip to keep in mind: if you
plan on reusing your factory lug nuts and you have the factory wheel locks, your wheel
lock key will not fit in the lug nut hole on these wheels, so you’ll need to pick up
a couple of extra lug nuts or a whole set of black ones to match the wheels. Construction quality is going to be pretty
similar across the board when we’re talking about wheels. What you’re really paying for
is the look and the finish. I think Fuel does a really nice job of making a modern looking
wheel without being at the top of the price range. If you’re out on the trail every weekend getting
rock rash on your wheels, you might want to look at something a little less expensive.
But, if you like the modern styling and quality finish of the Maverick wheel, I think this
is definitely worth a look. That’s my review of the Fuel Wheels Maverick style wheel that
you can get right here at

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  1. Would you support the wheel a little bit more with hub centric rings and do you need to take off rotor clips?

  2. Trying to get a handle on whether to get 17×9 with 33 tires or 35 tires OR 18×9 on 33 or 35's. Which size tires are on that silver JK?

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