Jeep Wrangler DV8 Off-Road Tire Carrier (2007-2018 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler DV8 Off-Road Tire Carrier (2007-2018 JK) Review & Install

If you’re looking at putting bigger tires
on your JK, then looking at heavy-duty tire carriers is most likely on your agenda as
well. When adding a larger tire, it’s always recommended
that you have a bigger tire carrier to support that added weight of your new spare, instead
of stressing out your tailgate hinges. With most aftermarket wheels, you’ll have
a more shallow backspacing that will not tuck the tire in as much as the stock set up, and
this can cause some extra leverage and extra stress on your tailgate as well. This DV8 Off-Road Tire Carrier will mount
to the body of the Jeep, alleviating all that stress on your tailgate. This will cradle up to a 42-inch tire, and
it can even accommodate a tire width of up to 13.5 inches, providing some protection
for your tire as well as creating a rugged and different look, compared to most options. Not to mention, this will give you the choice
of whichever aftermarket bumper you would like to go with, instead of searching for
one with a tire carrier or one that is compatible with a tire carrier. Installing this is a two out of three wrenches
on the difficulty meter, since there is a little bit of drilling required, but I’ll
give you more details about the install in just a minute. DV8 really put a lot of thought into this
tire carrier, and it shows in the construction. The carrier itself is made of 1 3/4-inch diameter
steel tubing, that’s strong enough to take the load and the stress of the larger tire. It mounts in four places on the body of the
Jeep for even weight distribution and helps ensure that you have a rattle-free carrier. This does mount to the hinges but it’s the
outer hinges on the body of the Jeep, like I just mentioned, so this will not interfere
with the tailgate or its functionality. Not to mention, this carrier will be compatible
with aftermarket, rear corner guards, if that’s something that you’ve already added to your
Jeep, or you were looking to add to the Jeep in the future. This is a high-clearance carrier, which will
raise the tire up to accommodate the larger tire diameters, and it will tuck the tire
more towards the body, creating a better departure angle for more clearance. How the tire is mounted inside of the carrier
makes for very easy removal and better support, which is beneficial, if you’re in a pinch
on the trail. There is a large rod that will bolt through
the center of the wheel and use a large spindle to thread on and hold the tire in place. Opening the carrier is also a breeze, because
it uses quick release hitch pins to open up, and it has a hinge stopper that will stop
the carrier from opening up too far. This even has a rubber bump stop on the mount
to avoid any slamming of the carrier. This also has a couple other cool features,
including removable dimple plates on the back of the carrier as well as a license plate
relocation bracket and a cover for the old mount for your license plate. The tubular design even is good for mounting
accessories like a high lift jack, off-road lights, jerry cans and even your CB radio
antenna. This is on the higher end of the price spectrum
for a top-mounted tire carrier coming in at right around $590. But with the well thought out construction
of this, it is worth the price. A lot of other lower-priced tire carriers
will require you to mount them on your bumper or they will come pre-installed on a new bumper. This option gives you the choice of sticking
with any aftermarket bumper you would like to run in conjunction with your new tire carrier. Also, some other lower-priced options include
similar top-mounted tire carriers like this. However, they will be a bit more updated and
a heavier-duty version of your stock tire carrier and your stock mounts. With those options, you will get heavy-duty
hinges and reinforced mounts that will bolt up to the tailgate. These will still be great options if you’re
looking for a tire carrier that is, basically, a heavy-duty version of the stock mount. But this option here will not put the weight
on the tailgate at all, eliminating all those worries about the tailgate sagging. Not to mention, this thing has a style of
its own compared to all of the other average tire carriers. Overall, if you were looking for something
different and well-constructed to hold your over-sized tire, this is definitely worth
the price. Like I mentioned, this will be a two out of
three wrenches on the difficulty meter, taking you about an hour or so to get this one installed
and ready to go. Now, this will require drilling, so you, obviously,
will need a drill and a couple other hand tools to get the job done. First things first, you have to remove your
stock carrier with a couple of bolts and disconnect your third brake light harness. This does not come with the third brake light,
so you can tuck the wire inside of the tailgate if you’re not looking to use it right away,
or you can completely remove it if you’re not looking to use it at all. After that, you need to remove the rubber
bump stops and the hinge covers. You have to remove and modify both hinges,
but you have to do one at a time, to prevent the tailgate from slipping. Take off the top one first and remove the
one end of the hinge pin from the OE hinge with a Dremel and remove the hinge completely. Then you can install the DV8 hinge with a
longer hardware in the OEM location. Then, you can repeat for the bottom hinge
and insert the hinge pin in the hinge stopper bowl. Moving to the other side, remove the tail
light and the license plate bracket and install the tire carrier on the new hinges. Then you can install the tire stud and the
license plate holder and then install the tire on the mount, to have the proper weight
on there for more accurate drilling. Take the bracket that will be bolted on the
driver’s side of the Jeep and attach it to the swing, and then close it gently up against
the body, to mark and drill holes. After you’re done drilling, you can open the
tire carrier and mount the bracket to the body and drill two more holes, that were originally
covered when the tire carrier was closed. You can re-install your tail light and do
any other adjustments needed for good alignment with the adjustable cam on the carrier hinge. Lastly, you can test your new carrier, making
sure everything fits easily, and you’re all set. So, if you’re looking for an efficient, yet
different way to carry your over-sized tire, DV8 has you covered. This is Merideth with XT. And you can find this, and everything else
Wrangler, right here at

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  1. Solid tire carrier! Would have love to see the opening action and loaded up with some accesories. Can it hold rotopacks or gas cans?

  2. How do you hook up your license plate light since that is a requirement you have to have it light light it up at night it's the law

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