Jeep Wrangler Cepek Extreme Country Tire – 30-35″ (1987-2018 YJ, TJ, JK & JL) Review

Jeep Wrangler Cepek Extreme Country Tire – 30-35″ (1987-2018 YJ, TJ, JK & JL) Review

Finding the right tires for your Wrangler
can be tricky, since there are a lot of options on the site, from mud terrains, all-terrains,
and street terrain tires. If you’re looking for the best performance
off-road in muddy and swampy terrains and you moderately drive your Jeep on the street,
a mud terrain is probably the tire that you’ll be looking for. This Dick Cepek Extreme Country tire is a
great option to check out if you’re the avid off-roader who fits into those categories
of wanting great performance off-road, with an aggressive mud terrain tread that looks
just as good as it functions. The Extreme Country ranges from 30 inches
all the way up to 35 inches and it fits 15 through 20 inch wheels for all ’87 and up
Wranglers. The Extreme Country has a solid design, with
a two-ply, high-tensile body core [SP] that reinforces the sidewall, keeping things flexible. Like I mentioned, this tread will work great
off-road, but it won’t provide the best road manners, like an all-terrain or a street terrain
tire would, and that’s because of the very aggressive tread pattern. Compared to an all-terrain, the lugs on a
mud terrain are spaced out a bit more, which will make things a little noisier on the street
but will provide some great grip and traction in loose and wet terrains, like sand, mud,
and snow. Also, with more space in the tread, the tread
will clean itself out when you’re wheeling, which means if you hit the throttle a little
bit, the tire will fling any excess mud or snow that’s stuck in the tire out. We all know if mud sticks in there between
the lugs, it can act like a slick, which is definitely not beneficial on the trail, so
the self-cleaning feature is very helpful. Like I mentioned, the downfall about the tread
on a mud terrain is found in the comfortability and the road noise while you’re on the street. However, Dick Cepek designed this tire with
a tighter inner tread, which will help with the road manners and ultimately make for a
more comfortable and quieter ride on the street. The Extreme Country does not have as much
of an aggressive sidewall as other options. However, these will still have wide outer
voids and shoulder scallops on the side that will provide extra traction when you’re aired
down on the trail and they’ll help protect the tire from any debris puncturing the tire
on the trail. Starting at right around $150, the Extreme
Country tire is one of our most affordable mud terrain options. Mud terrains are a bit pricier than all-terrains
or street tires because of the aggressive tread, the higher strength compound, and the
general durability of the tire. And they can range anywhere from our lowest
option, starting at around $110, all the way up to our most premium options, around $320. Other higher-priced options, like Mickey Thompson
or Nitto, will include thicker ply cord or even stronger sidewalls. On the other end of the spectrum, if you were
looking for a less expensive choice in a mud terrain, Mickey Thompson has their Deegan
38, however, it will not be as aggressive as this one that I have here. Overall, this will give you great performance
with that aggressive look. So at this price, this Extreme Country is
a great option to take into consideration when shopping for some new shoes. So if you’re looking for an affordable mud
terrain for your Wrangler, Dick Cepek has you covered. This is Merideth with XT and you can find
this tire and everything else Wrangler right here at

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