Jeep Wrangler BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire (29″-35″) Review

Jeep Wrangler BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tire (29″-35″) Review

This BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A K02 tire
is for those of you who have a 1987 and up Wrangler and are looking for a tire that will
fit a 15 to 20 inch wheel in a 29 to 36 inch tire, and you want something that’s going
to be good both on-road and off-road. This is going to be a very nice balance between
on-road and off-road Generally, in an off-road tire, what you’re
looking for is a big lug, spaced far apart that’s gonna give you a ton of traction, it’s
gonna give you a ton of grip off-road and it’s also going to clean out when it does
get mud built up in it. However, that tire would be big lugs spaced
far apart. It’s going to be loud on the road. It’s not going to wear very well, and it might
not give you great traction when you’re actually on the asphalt. This here is going to be really nice mix of
a big, knobby lug tire that’s also siped, which is going to give you a ton of flex out
of the tire, giving you really good traction off-road, but the lugs are going to the spaced
a little bit closer together, which is going to eliminate some of that road noise and also
wear better on-road. Now, stepping away from the tread of the tire
itself, and moving around to the shoulder and the side-wall here, this is an area where
you’ll see a lot of failures off-road. Most of the failures are going to be from
punctures or tears in the sidewall, especially in the shoulder area, so what BFG has done
with the K02 as well as the KM2, and what a lot of the other manufacturers have done
as well, is really beefed up this shoulder area and the sidewall area and actually added
some lugs that worked their way around onto that sidewall of the tire. And that’s gonna do a couple of things for
you. One, it gives the tire a more aggressive look,
so even though this is more of an all-terrain tire than a mud-terrain, it still gives you
an aggressive look. Two, it’s going to give you some additional
traction when you are off-road you have this tire air down you’re going to be able to grip
and grab onto obstacles, even with the sidewall the tire giving you some really nice traction. But maybe most importantly, this is going
to give you some nice peace of mind and some nice protection against any sort of sidewall
puncture especially up in the shoulder area, which is most susceptible to damage off-road. BFG uses a unique 3D siping method in their
tire, which is what you see in the actual lugs itself. Those are the cuts that go through the lugs,
and what that’s really designed to do is allow the tire, even where it has that big lug,
to do a lot of flexing and deflecting, especially when it’s air down off-road. You’re letting it really wrap around and grab
onto obstacles, giving you the maximum amount of traction. This tire also has BFG’s coreguard technology,
which again is just going to give you some peace of mind against any sort of puncture
when you are off-road. This is a really well-balanced tire. It’s going to have about a 20% stronger sidewall
than some of the other tires out there, again, for that puncture and off-road resistance,
but still giving you a lug that’s closer together which will give you a much more comfortable
and quiet on-road ride. A tire isn’t something that you’re going to
want to mount at home, by yourself, onto your wheel. Of course, you can. I’m sure you’ve all seen the videos of people
mounting tires and setting beads with brake cleaner and a lighter, which I certainly don’t
recommend. I think that what most of you are gonna do
is the right thing to do, take your tire to a shop, have it mounted professionally using
a mounting machine onto your wheel, and then also have it balance properly. Now, sometimes, with a big knobby tire like
this, a company won’t necessarily want to balance it right away. It’ll wanna have you put 250, 500 miles on
the tire, because you are going to lose a good bit of rubber in those first few miles,
and then they’ll balance them out. That’s up to the shop that you end up using,
but either way, I would recommend using a shop, have the motorman balance for you, and
then it’s really just a matter of bringing them home and bolting them onto your vehicle. The price for these tires is going to vary
widely depending on the size that you choose, and also the size of the wheel. The larger the wheel, the more expensive the
tire. The larger the tire, of course, the more expensive
the tire will be. So, you are going to vary anywhere from $200
to $400. This is going to fall right in the same area
as a lot of the other all-terrain tires in the same category. So, if you’re looking for a good well-rounded
all-terrain tire that’s going to be good on road and also off-road, I definitely recommend
taking a look at these K02 by BFG, and you can find them right here at

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  1. I just removed the 32" BFG Mud Terrains from my 17 Recon Edition and put these tires on in a 35". They are way quieter than the 32" mud terrains were. I haven't had them in the dirt yet, but expect them to do well. Speedometer was off a little but, just calibrated it this morning with the super chip.

  2. I own a '10 Toyota Prado J150 with Dunlop Grandtreks and I want to put some tires on it for this winter season, my friends are telling me that these tires are the best for snow, should I buy these?

  3. Do you have a review of the Mickey Thompson atz p3? I realy like bfg ko2 but I'm starting to think the Mickey Thompson atz p3 might be better

  4. Have these on my TJ, I love them so much. Great off road and great on road. The wear is really awsome too!!!

  5. Shop This BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2:
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  6. I bought a set of these and with in a week they saved my life in a rain storm. Great traction help me with better braking and avoided an accident at freeway speeds. True story. One of those hart stopping moments. 30×9.5r16 was the size.

  7. Bealieve it or not i had the old version ko's on my jeep, and put over 80 thousand miles on them, and they still had good tread left of them. Great tires! I think the best.

  8. I bought a set for my 2106 f150 in dec 2018, worst mistake I ever made on tires. My tire size was 275/65/18 , never could get them to balance correctly after 3 attempts including road force balancing. I ran them for about a 1000 miles before I took them off. Just remember these are E rated tires and you will feel every little crack in the road. If your not going off road much I would stay away from these tires.

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