Jeep Wrangler Barricade Vision Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier with LED (2007-2018 JK) Review & Install

This Barricade Vision Series Rear Bumper with
LED Work Lights is for those of you that have a 2007 to 2018 JK that are looking for a bumper
to add a lot of function and some form to the back of your Jeep and also get that big,
heavy spare tire off the factory mount, which can cause quite a few issues that we’ll touch
on in just a second. Now, I am gonna give this bumper installation
a two out of three wrenches. The bumper itself bolts right onto your Jeep
very, very easily, but because there is a tire carrier, there’s a little bit of assembly
to do here, and there’s also going to be a little bit of cut and splicing to do in order
to get these lights working properly. So, again, two out of three wrenches, and
we’ll talk a little bit more about that in just a second. So when you are talking about a spare tire
that gets mounted on your bumper, you’re gonna solve a couple of different problems. When you try and mount a big spare on that
factory location, you’re gonna run into a couple of issues, and one is room. The tire can actually make contact with the
bumper when you try and open and close the tailgate, so physically you just don’t have
enough room to run a big tire in that factory location. Two, your tailgate hinges can start to wear
to the point where you have to lift up on the tailgate every time you open it and close
it. That can also cause some noise. The welds on the tailgate can actually break,
again, causing some rattling. And, finally, the spare tire mount that comes
on your Jeep from the factory is only designed for the weight of a factory spare tire. When you put a big, heavy spare on there,
that metal can actually fatigue and break over time. So in order to fix all three of those problems,
you’re really looking at one of two different solutions. One is a nice, heavy-duty, tub-mounted tire
carrier, or, two, something like this, which is a bumper-mounted tire carrier. And a lot of you guys really like the way
that this looks and the way that this functions. So if you are looking for a bumper-mounted
tire carrier that has some extra features built into it, like the D-ring recovery points
here and also these LED reverse lights, I think this is going to be a really nice choice
at a pretty fair price. This is really going to come to you as two
pieces with also a bunch of other stuff that you need to make everything work together. So the one main piece, of course, is the bumper. This is pretty much one piece here. You’re going to have a separate piece that
you could unbolt if you wanted to here that’s going to be the surround for your light and
then your light itself. Those are going to be right here flanking
either side of the bumper, and that’s gonna give you a nice bright flood beam behind you
when you turn on those reverse lights, or if you decided to wire these in a different
way, you could, and that’s going to make it a lot easier to back up your Jeep, especially
at night, especially if you have some tinted windows. You guys know when you put a big spare tire,
even if you mount it as low as possible on the spare tire mount, it’s still a little
bit tough to see out that back window. So this is going to make it a lot easier and
a lot safer for you to back up. Of course, it does have these D-ring mounts,
and this also comes with D-rings right in the box, which is a pretty nice feature, so
you’re gonna have those for any recoveries that you might need to do. Now, the tire carrier is a place where I feel
like this setup really shines. There are a lot of tire carriers out there
that don’t have all the features that this one has. Now, one of the features that I’m talking
about is the ability to adjust your tire up and down, and we just touched on that a little
bit just a second ago. So if you’re only running maybe a small 35-inch
tire, you wanna be able to mount that as low as possible so you can still get the maximum
view out that back window, So you have a nice deep cutout in the bumper, and you have the
adjustability to lower that tire down as far as it’ll go, again giving you the max view
out that back window. Now, maybe more important than the up and
down adjustability is the in and out adjustability. You want that tire to be tight up against
this tire carrier, that way it can’t torque and rattle around, which can fatigue the metal,
which can cause some noise, some undue wear and vibration. So, again, making sure that tire’s nice and
tight up against the tire carrier is important, and this has the adjustability to allow you
to do that. Now the third thing is that you want the tire
carrier to be nice and tight up against the body of the Jeep. Again, that’s going to eliminate any rattling
and any additional metal fatigue. So this actually has two bumpers that mount
here and here, and they’re designed to go right up against the factory tailgate snubbers,
keeping everything nice and tight, and, again, they’re adjustable as well. So I think this tire carrier is very well-thought-out
from an adjustability standpoint. From the standpoint of the actual spindle,
it’s going to have a couple of bearings in there, which is going to make it easier and
give it a longer life than some of the other options. Some of them are just a steel tube over a
steel dowel, essentially. This is going to have a bearing system inside
of it, again, making things easier for you to open and close, even when you have a big
37-inch spare tire on this tire carrier, which is the maximum. So, between the adjustability of the tire
carrier, the recovery points, the reverse lights, the style of this bumper, I think
that this bumper has a lot going for it in terms of both form and function. I’ll give this installation a two out of three
wrenches, and the process should take you right around two hours or so. And it’s only getting a two out of three wrenches
because of the little bit of wiring that’s necessary to get those LED work lights wired
up and working. So the first step in the install is going
to be removing that factory rear bumper, which you’ll do by simply unbolting it from your
frame rails and removing it from the Jeep. After that you can bolt the new rear bumper
onto the Jeep and then go ahead and attach the tire carrier. The tire carrier is going to slide over the
spindle, then you’ll actually attach the tire mount onto the tire carrier and make the adjustments
to ensure that your tire stays nice and tight up against the carrier and the carrier rests
tightly up against the tailgate. Once that process is finished, you can go
ahead and wire up those LED work lights. Now those are going to get wired either to
a switch on the dashboard, or you can wire them directly into the reverse light circuit
on your Jeep so they come on automatically when you put the Jeep in reverse. This bumper/tire carrier combination comes
in at $850. Now, that certainly isn’t the most expensive
bumper and tire carrier combination that’s out there. There are some that are more expensive. I think that this one’s actually very fairly
priced for what you’re getting. I just went over all the features that are
packed into this bumper, from the adjustability of the tire carrier, to the D-ring, to the
reverse lights, the style that this bumper provides, the fact that it’s completely bolt-on. This bumper has a lot going for it, and I
think for the $850 price tag, it’s actually a very fair price. There are bumpers out there that cost the
same or more and don’t give you all of the features that this one does. So if you’re looking for a rear bumper and
tire carrier combination that is packed full of features and priced very fairly, I think
this is going to be an excellent choice for you, and you can find it right here at

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