Jeep Wrangler Barricade Spare Tire Delete w/ License Plate Mount (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler Barricade Spare Tire Delete w/ License Plate Mount (2007-2017 JK) Review & Install

This is for those of you who want to delete
that factory spare tire carrier off of your tailgate and also cover up that otherwise
unfinished looking vent in the center of your tailgate once that mount is removed. Today we’re going to talk through the installation
of this kit, which is a very simple one out of three wrench install. This will bolt on without the need to drill
or do any other major modifications in less than an hour, but we’ll talk more about that
installation in just a second. Now, there are a couple different reasons
to want to delete your spare tire off of your tailgate. One is, those of you who are doing some hardcore
off-roading and need the departure angle, you don’t want a big tire hanging off the
back or your Jeep. Others just like the clean look that this
provides. So, if you’re going to be leaving the spare
tire at home completely, whether you’ve relocated it to the inside of the Jeep, or onto the
roof rack, this is going to be a kit that will clean up that tailgate area. Now, it’s important to note that this isn’t
necessary if you’re going to be running a tub-mounted tire carrier, or a bumper-mounted
tire carrier. This kit is for those of you who are going
to completely delete, have that area of the tailgate visible, have it not covered up,
and want to finish it off a little bit. Now this does come with your license plate
mount as well, but this does not give you a solution for your brake light. So, you are going to have to consider having
a third brake light mounted. And, if you’re going to be removing your license
plate from the factory mount and putting it here, you’re also probably going to want to
look for a factory license plate block off kit, which is available. This is a very simple kit. It just gets the job done. It’s going to cover up that area, make it
look finished off, and give you a place to mount your license plate in the center of
your tailgate. This is just going to be a steel bracket,
textured black powdercoat, that’s going to work. So, to get this installed, again, is a very
simple one out of three wrench installation that you should be able to get done in under
an hour. The first step is, of course, removing your
spare tire and your spare tire bracket, unplugging your third brake light in the process. Then there are a couple of clips that you’ll
have to push down on to remove the plastic vent cover that’s existing on your Jeep. After that, you’ll bolt this plate onto the
tailgate with the four outer bolts, leaving the four inner bolts empty until you put on
your license plate carrier. You’ll bolt your license plate onto this license
plate mount, and then bolt this section over top of this plate, using those additional,
and last, four factory mounting bolts. This kit runs right around $60, and in my
opinion, that’s a pretty fair price. So, if you’re looking to delete the factory
spare tire mount off your JK, but you want to finish off the look of your tailgate, a
kit like this is going to do that, as well as allow you to relocate your license plate
to the center of the tailgate. So, that’s my review of the Barricade Spare
Tire Delete With Licence Plate Mount, fitting your 2007 and up JK that you can find right
here, at

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  1. Kentrol it’s the parts you need for deleting your spare tire. Kentrol it’s a 3-1 unit it comes with a third brake light and a license plate light.

  2. Are you supposed to leave that final grommet in to the right of the square vent before plate install? Or does that come out to? I’ve seen videos leaving it in or taking it out.

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