Jeep Wrangler ARB Traction Pack RD100/117 (2007-2017 JK Exc. Rubicon) Review

Jeep Wrangler ARB Traction Pack RD100/117 (2007-2017 JK Exc. Rubicon) Review

I’m Ryan from, and this
is my review of the ARB traction pack fitting all 2007 and up JKs. There are two different versions of this traction
pack, one for those of you with the Rubicon, and one for those of you without, so make
sure you pick the right one for your Jeep. Today we’re going to talk through the installation
of this track pack, which is a three out of three wrench installation. This is something that the vast majority of
you guys are going to want to take to a shop to have them install. This is not something that you can simply
open up the differential, and throw in like a lunchbox locker, or something that’s easy
to do in your driveway. You are going to have to completely reset
up your gears, and even if you are comfortable setting up a differential, the intricacies
of an air locker do make it even that much more difficult. So, for the vast majority of you this is going
to be something you’re going to be taking to a shop to have them install. We’re also going to talk through the construction
of this setup, what it comes with and the big benefits and features of a traction pack
setup like this. This traction pack is for those of you who
want to add lockers front and rear of your Jeep, and also add on board air at the same
time. This package is going to give you all of that. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with
what a locker is and specifically an air locker, a locker will connect the two wheels on the
same axle together so that they are always spinning at the same speed, at the same time. An air locker uses air to actuate that mechanism. Some of you might be thinking, “I already
have four wheel drive, why do I need a locker?” Well, if you don’t have a Rubicon you do have
four wheel drive, but only one tire on each axle is going to be receiving power at one
time. If you have an open differential when one
tire is up in the air receiving very little traction, that’s the tire that gets power. If you have a posi rear, you’re going to be
getting all of the power to the tire that has traction, but none of the power to the
tire that has less traction. So, the locker is a way that’s going to completely
lock that axle together. If you have front and rear lockers like this,
all four tires are going to be spinning at the same time. So, it makes it much more difficult to get
stuck. Obviously, this is called a traction pack. This gives you a ton more traction. You have to be high centered in a position
where most of the tires aren’t touching the ground, or at least don’t have enough weight
on them to pull you forward to get stuck. You’re going to put yourself in a situation
where you can get over a lot more obstacles when you have lockers installed, especially
when you have front and rear lockers installed. One of the big benefits to installing an air
locker or really any selectable locker is that you can turn it on and off whenever you
need to. When you’re going around a sharp corner on
a trail, you can very easily kick off your front locker, or your front and your rear
locker to make it around that corner a lot easier. If you have the lockers installed, your turning
radius is definitely a lot worse, so having a selectable locker like this is a really
nice option. The fact that this also includes because it
is an air actuated locker, basically an onboard air system for you, you have your compressor
that’s going to run these lockers, but you also get included an air hose with quick disconnect
fittings on it, and a fill gauge so that you can easily air up your tires after you’re
done out on the trail. This is a really complete kit. If you’ve been doing some research on lockers
for a while, you’ll know that ARB has a really good name in lockers because they build a
very strong mechanism. In fact there are a lot of manufacturers out
there from overseas that have been trying to copy this mechanism for a long time, obviously
not doing it as well because they’re trying to do it cheaper, and they end up breaking. This is a very, very strong locker mechanism. That being said, just because you have a set
of lockers, you have a lot more traction and your locking mechanism is very, very strong,
that’s not to say that the rest of your setup is going to be able to handle being locked
up. If you have 37s and you have lockers, chances
are you’re probably going to break something along the way. You’re going to break an axle shaft. You’re going to bend an axle housing. So, it is important to remember that when
you get to the level of installing a pair of lockers like this you have big heavy wheel
tire combinations, you do have to be careful. You have to remember that there are other
mods that are going to come along with these lockers to make sure that the rest of the
drive train can hold up to it. The traction pack I have in front of me is
designed for a non-Rubicon JK. This is going to fit your Dana 44 in the rear
and your Dana 30 up front. What this locker is going to do is completely
replace the carrier mechanism inside of your differential, getting rid of the spider gears
in their more traditional sense, and replacing everything in the differential with this new
carrier, this new air locking carrier. You’re also going to have to drill a hole
in your differential so that you can get the air supply into this new carrier, so that
you can lock and unlock the differential at will. You have your compressor over here, which
is a high output compressor, which allows it to not just be used to run your air lockers,
but also to be used for your onboard air system. These lockers need a certain psi to engage,
and they really don’t need any volume. They just need that pressure to hold them
in the locked position. You don’t really need this high output compressor
to run these lockers, but this kit does come with a high output compressor because it also
comes with the air line and the fill gauge, so that you can use this system to air up
your tires when you’re leaving the trail, which again is a really nice feature. This system is really going to come with pretty
much everything that you need. It’s going to come with your air switches,
so that you can independently switch your front and your rear locker on. It’s going to come with an independent switch
to turn your compressor on and off. That’s important because you might want to
turn your compressor on so that you can fill your tires up, but not have your axle locked. This is going to come with all of your switches,
your wiring harnesses. This really does come with everything you
need to get it installed, however, as I said before this is not an install most of you
are going to want to tackle. This is something that you’re going to want
to take it not just to a differential shop, but if you can find one to a shop that is
experienced in installing these ARB air lockers. Because there are some intricacies when installing
a system like this that you don’t want to get wrong. Because you want to make sure that your locker
is going to work. If you’re in a situation where you’re on a
tough trail, you want to make sure that the locker locks so that you can get through the
obstacle and stays locked without causing you any sort of issues. Again, I’ve hit on it a couple of times. The installation for this setup is a three
out of three wrenches. Now, if it saves you some money, if you are
handy, if you do want to install part of this system by yourself, you can certainly install
your compressor. You can run your air lines. You can do all of your wiring. You can get all of that done, however, the
vast majority of us are going to want to take our Jeeps to a shop to have them actually
install the locker in the differential, get the rear setup properly, bore the hole in
the housing, do all of that heavy lifting work. This is not a job that a lot of you guys are
going to want to tackle in your driveway. There’s just a lot that goes into the installation. As far as tools you’re going to need, it’s
really everything that you have in your toolbox, and some specialty tools that you’re going
to need for setting up rears, for setting backlash. You’re going to need to be able to set all
of your pre-loads. You’re going to need calipers for measuring
shims. There’s really a lot that goes into installing
the locker portion of this. Again, if you want to install these other
parts and do part of it to save yourself a little bit of money, you can certainly do
that. But, these you’re going to want to leave to
the professionals. I said before I think this system is a fairly
priced system for everything that you get. It’s going to be around $2,000 but when you
get both lockers front and rear and you get an on-board air system, I think that that’s
a pretty good deal. Granted this is a tankless onboard air system,
but if you’re familiar with on-board air systems you can purchase a tank. You could certainly add a tank if you wanted
to have that as part of your system. You can still do it for less than it would
be to piece together a system like this. This is something that is going to save you
some money. It is going to be an easy one stop shop. One box has everything you need in it. I think that this is a really good deal. Granted when you’re budgeting for lockers,
I wouldn’t just budget for this $2,000 kit, and say, “Oh, I’m done now I have lockers.” You are going to have to budget to beef up
the rest of the drive train as I mentioned before to hold up to the added stresses that
a set of lockers will put on your drive through. If you’re serious about off roading, if you
want the maximum amount of traction possible, locking up your axle both front and rear is
the way to do it. Having not just a selectable locker but an
air locker like this makes it very easy to kick your lockers on and off when you need
them, still get around tight corners on the trail by being able to turn them off, but
turn them on very easily from inside the cab when you want to get up an obstacle, and because
you have to have an on-board air system in order to run these lockers, you automatically
have a way to fill up your tires when you leave the trail. This in my opinion is a really fairly priced
system, that is one of the highest quality sets of lockers that you can get that is going
to turn your Jeep into something that can conquer pretty much any trail you point it
at. That’s my review of the ARB traction pack
fitting all 2007 and up JKs that you can find right here at

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  1. Noob here. Do these lockers stay locked all the time or I can switch them off? I'm doing my research and taking notes now for when I build my jeep next year.

  2. How much is the Kit? and the estimated install price? im in north florida, where do them install in my area?

  3. Hi, I've had my keep wrangler sport unlimited for a while and I was wanting to start a build for it to go muddying for now and some trails and future rock crawling, but are these lockers only for the jeer rubicon? Or will they be just fine for my sport model? And great video
    Thank you.

  4. Omg can you please let me know if I should get a professional to instal my lockers? You spent a whole 2.5 minutes letting me know this. Can you please do a video that you don't repeat everything 40 times. Worst video ever!!!!!!!

  5. Half the video is saying "don't do this yourself". Please just say it once and be done with it. Seriously, stop.

  6. I've had these installed on my 2014 JKU for 4 years now …with 4.56 gears I have engaged my lockers at max speed around 50mph and below..very reliable can air up my tires after I'm done wheeling takes around 5 minutes to do all tires..pretty reliable highly recommend yes costly it was 2000 for both lockers but going strong and best part about all this is that ARB carries a lot of replacement parts for this setup.

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