JcrOffroad – JK Hardrock Tire Carrier Spindle Installation

JcrOffroad – JK Hardrock Tire Carrier Spindle Installation

– Today in the JcrOffroad
Install Garage we’re gonna put a spindle mount in the
10th Anniversary and Hardrock bumper. Check it out. (upbeat rock music) Okay, so the first thing you
need to do to remove your factory bumper is to remove
these two bolts right here. And there’s two on either
side, they’re 16 millimeters. There’s a couple other bolts
that are located above the trailer hitch mount by the
license plate, and those are 18 millimeter. We’ll get to those in a second. So right here in the back
you may notice that this Jeep looks a little different than yours. This is an aftermarket exhaust
and the factory exhaust is right here, it takes up a lot of space. It can make these four
bolts right here difficult to get out. I need to use a ratchet with
an 18 millimeter socket. You may need to use an 18
millimeter end wrench to get up here and take those out. Whichever way you use, you
don’t need to loosen these all the way out because the
hitch will actually fall off. You just need to remove
this bolt far enough to get the bumper out. The nut is in the bumper. They go through the cross
bumper and hold this hitch on, so if you don’t pull ’em all
the way out the hitch will stay attached to the cross bumper. So now that everything
is loose, I’m good to go. We just need to take this
bumper off and lay it down on a blanket. We’re gonna be taking some
brackets off of the back. We’re remounting the spindle
inside of it, and then we’ll be reinstalling it back on the Jeep. So right now is a good
time to introduce our other engineering intern. This is Alex right here. Alex is smaller than Joe,
but infinitely smarter. Keep that in mind, ladies. (upbeat rock music) So we need to take this
bracket off of the bumper. I loosened it a little bit
already because we need to put this plate right here on it. We take this off, this’ll
come loose, this guy will go in between just to space this
bracket out a little bit, and then we’ll tighten it back down. When you tighten it back down
you want this corner to get as close to this corner as
possible, so you wanna tighten it in all the way to the
outward and upward position. (upbeat rock music) Place it just like that, bolts back in. (upbeat rock music) Then you want to move it up,
again moving this as close to this as possible while
you tighten that down. (upbeat rock music) Okay, so now that we’ve put
the spacers on the brackets, we also need to space
the bumper away from this cross bumper. So we have these two thicknesses
of 3/16, which just need to slide right over all
of these studs right here. (upbeat rock music) Like so. So this is our spindle bracket
that we’ve made for these particular bumpers. A few holes here and they’re
gonna go in these oval holes right here. When you set this in, you’re
gonna want this bolt to go into about where the middle is. You’re not gonna wanna have
it one way or the other, you need to have that room
for adjustment so that the spindle lines up with
the hole in the bumper. And then once you get this
installed snugly, you’ll wanna put the bumper over the top
of it just to make sure that everything lines up, everything
goes in the right place. I would snug down two of the
studs over the trailer hitch and then I would put one of
these bolts in the holes here just to make sure everything’s
lining up the right way. Take the bumper back off,
snug this down completely, and then you’ll have to
drill a hole here on the top, marked by the hole that’s
already in our bracket. You’ll have to put a center
punch on that and drill a hole there on the frame. And then you’ll also have to
drill another hole here on the bottom, down here on
the bottom of the frame. Again, mark it with a center
punch while the bracket’s up there and tight, and drill that
hole out, and then there are two smaller bolts that
go into those holes. (upbeat rock music) Okay, so this is the gap
you’re looking for right here. We’re just test fitting at this point. We wanna make sure that the
spindle is as far back as it possibly can be without
contacting the metal of the bumper right here. The spindle will not be centered
in this hole, it can’t be for the tire carrier,
for the placement of it. So, it’s gonna be a
little offset like this. If you verify that this gap
is about this right here, an eighth of an inch, then you
can take the bumper back off, tighten everything down, and
then final re-installation of your bumper. So these holes right here are 7/16. Like I said, use the hole right
here after you’ve test fit everything, use this hole,
put a center punch on it. You’ll have to take the
bracket back off, or if you’re comfortable drilling
through the bracket you can. It’s a 7/16 drill bit and
these are the smaller of the four bolts. You’ll have one that goes
through here with a washer and a flange nut, and then
you’ll have another one on the bottom with a washer and a flange nut. (upbeat rock music) And once you know exactly that
this is where you wanna put these, you could tighten these down. You don’t have to test fit
anything after putting these bolts in. (upbeat rock music) Okay, we’re gonna not go into
a whole lot of detail about putting the carrier on because
you can see that in our shield carrier installation
video, because this in the same location, but what I will tell
you is that because this is going onto a factory bumper and
some tolerances are a little bit different, when you slide
this in, first of all you may need to take some sandpaper
to the inside of this sleeve because the powder coating
process might get some gunk in there. You might wanna put some
anti-seize on there as well, just to keep everything happy
because if this won’t come out, then you can’t take
your factory bumper back up. At this point in the
installation everything is tight, your bumper is where it’s
supposed to be, you’ll still have that gap right here, and we’re
gonna put the spindle in. The other thing I wanna tell
you is that if this collar right here is not above the
bumper all the way around, your carrier has a chance of rubbing. So what we’ve done is we’ve
supplied a spacer to go in between around there, right
on top of that collar and put your spindle back in,
and then you will take your inch and 1/8 bolt from underneath. Thread it in. (upbeat rock music) It’s probably much easier to
do it from underneath while you’re looking at it instead of on top. There we are. Inch and eighth socket
and tighten it down. Okay, now that your spindle’s
installed, everything’s tight, the bumper’s where it needs to
be, we will direct you to our shield carrier installation
video because the shield carrier will install exactly the same
as it does on our bumpers. If you have questions about
this particular part, you can email [email protected] and
we’ll get right back with you. Thank you for watching. I hope you have a great day. (upbeat rock music)

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  1. This is great! It will work with the Moab edition and call of duty Ed and other special editions (aev) style bumper! I only wish you had come out with it sooner!

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