Jason Derulo Breaks The Internet

Jason Derulo Breaks The Internet

(upbeat music) Our first guest, he’s a singer, he’s an actor. He recently broke the internet with this photo. (cheering) And now he’s starring the the new movie Cats. Please welcome back to our show, a boy who’s really grown up, Jason Derulo. (upbeat music) (cheering) How you doing? You smell really good. Thank you very much. You smell really, what are you wearing? What is that all going on? It’s called Oud. I’m not really sure what it is but- Oh, we know that! You know Oud? Yeah! That’s been out for a moment. Has it? I like it! Yeah? Yeah! People seem to really really like Oud. Yeah, I used to know somebody who’d to wear that. Oh, yeah? Well. Is that a positive thing or a negative thing? Welcome back to the show, Jason. (laughing) So we wanna give you some shoe cam. Put your feet on those feet and model. There’s the camera. (cheering) What are we doing? What are we wearing? How’s it all going? Okay! Dolce and Gabbana. Yeah, yeah. Uh-huh. It’s a little vibe. Yeah. New York vibe. Uh-huh. ‘Cause you don’t live here. Nah. I did live here for two years though. I went to college here. Where’d you go? I went to AMDA. American Music and Dramatic Academy for theater. Oh! (clapping) So you’re built for this. Oh, yeah. So I was a theater kid. Theater’s always been like a main thing that I love but like its (laughing) Go ahead! Its been like a main thing that I love so acting is really important for me. (laughing) I don’t see anything. No, he’s really- I don’t see anything. Did you see anything, Susan? No I’m lost ’cause I didn’t see anything. I didn’t see anything. I don’t see anything so you do that real good. The photo Yeah, its in there. (applause) I like your jewelry. Thank you very much. Does it mean anything? Um, nah. Not really. Yeah. It’s just a vibe. Yeah, a vibe. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You gotta do that sometimes, right? It’s just for the look. You know what? And I love Jordan Sparks and you know I do. Oh God! Now you be quiet! You were just asking me about my jewelry! All right, Ill get back to you in a moment. Wow. And then I walk in, just so ya know, I walk in and there’s like a huge photo of her and I. I’m like wow! We didn’t even like update the photo. Okay, cool. You haven’t been here since you were a boy now your a man. And that’s what I was about to say, right? So, and I love Jordan Sparks but she like a daughtery young sister or something like that. Like just good as gold. And when you guys were together, I just looked at you guys you know like that good Disney couple, kind of sort of. And ever since you haven’t been with her, all of a sudden you just unleashed. (laughing) like you’re the- How old are you? I’m 30, I just turned 30. (applause) And it feels good! It feels really good to be 30. Like I feel like my whole world like its changed. I figured everything out. I feel like I’m happier than I’ve ever been. (clapping) Thank you. Well you’re doing very well, you know. That picture that you did for the internet. That was really the one that they say broke the internet, this one right here. And we had to put a W over it because everything was all the way over. It was all the way over. Now what made you do this and did you realize you’d get that reaction? So I thought I looked good in the photo and that’s why you post to Instagram, right? You was like, uh, I look- (applause) But never in a million years did I think that it was gonna be my most liked photo in the afternoon. Like it was even- Girls get bored. Yeah. And so do boys. (laughing) You know, you’re famous so you take your fans whenever they like them. Boys, girls, whatever. It was really a thing but I didn’t really feel like it was gonna take over like that, honestly. What do you do for a workout? What do I do to workout? I mean, I know you’re 30 so you have a good metabolism. Nah, nah, I don’t come from that- I really work out. Like I work out twice a day. Oh. Yeah. That’s a lot of work. Yeah. So, like I separate it so I’m not at the gym for too long. So I do a cardio workout then I do a weight lifting workout. I don’t really like the skinny vibe so like I try to keep mass on. Do you have a trainer? Nah, I work with my family mostly but my brother, my cousins, we just have like a- That’s nice. Do they live with you? Nah, nah, nah. Everybody has a family, you know. Its crazy ’cause if you would’ve asked me 5 years ago, I would’ve thought I would’ve been in that same route. Children? Children, married, the whole thing. But, like I’m very far removed from that and I think its important to know where you are in your life and then you can whoever you meet, you can be honest with them and tell them and they can make their own decisions whether they wanna hang out or not. Okay, so you’re a hit it and quit it guy? and if a girl- Wow! No! I’m listening to you and there’s nothing wrong with that. You know, you’re 30. You’re 30, you’re hot, you have no kids and a booming career. I mean, anything is hit it and quit it until you find the right one, right? (clapping) That’s what it is. What? You just gonna keep hitting it if you don’t like it? (laughing) Like, then nobody’s happy. I’m lying, you lying. It’s just a bad situation. (laughing) Well. I love ya, by the way. Ya incredible. (applause) Do you have a type? Like maybe a Megan Thee Stallion who, I understand, likes you? I don’t necessarily have a type. I mean, I’m pretty open. Yeah, I keep it- Would you go down in her DM? (laughing) Are you asking me about Meg, like, particularly? Mm-hmm. Um. Be honest. She’s fly. She’s fly, for sure. That means no. That means, you know what I’m saying? Its okay. Its okay! I mean, you really do it crazy right now. What? That could be the headline. That’s gonna be the next headline! Everything I been saying has been a headline. I said like, someone asked me did I think that Cats CGIed my vibe. And I was like, yeah I didn’t really see my vibe. Well I was asking. I though you had a hard tuck! You know, like you tuck it up there real good ’cause I watch the RuPaul Drag Race and I know. People can tuck it up real good. So what did they do? They made it so that you couldn’t see anything. Yeah but, I mean I didn’t talk to the guy. I mean, I don’t know who did it but you can like obviously see my vibe wasn’t there. So yeah, they CGIed it. But that shouldn’t be the headline. Like the headline literally said, I don’t know if I can say this but, it said Jason Derulo’s was CGIed (applause) from Cats. I was like wow! Yay! Everything I- I keep saying things that just keep ending up in headlines. I’m not trying. I’m just being honest. What size shoe do you have? 10 1/2. Very… That’s small! Yeah. See, that’s why I tell you all don’t look at that foot thing. You girls who look at the feet, you’re wrong. You gotta look at the thumbs. Let me see your thumb. (laughing) Really? Chill! Look it here. Thumbs are very useful, as well. (laughing) Anywhoo. Jason is a daredevil. If you’re old enough, you know what I’m talking about. Jason is a daredevil. And he gets tired of just traveling. ’cause you know a lot of people in this business you spend a lot of time on planes, you spend a lot of times in exotic countries. And all you’re looking at are the four walls in your hotel. So you recently said I’m not doing that anymore. Definitely not. And so tell everybody what you’re up to when you travel. Yeah, so I started this new thing called Derulo Does It. I love that, by the way. It’s a real good title. Ha ha, you like that right? Derulo Does It. It kind of- (laughing) happened by mistake. But yeah, so start of the year I was like, I can’t keep sitting in these rooms. People keep asking me, like, how was New Zealand? How was Korea? How was this place? How was this place? And I’m like, I don’t know. All you saw was room service and your hotel and a set. For sure. And I was like, I can’t keep living life like this. So like, when I say like 30 has been like a real revelation in my life, it has. Like I’m like doing crazy things that I never thought I would. Like I jumped off a building in new Zealand. I swam with sharks. I’m like, really, really living. (clapping) Yeah. So if you wanna help me figure out what the next thing is you can hashtag Derulo Does It and tell me what you think I should do next. (applause) Hashtag bored, young, rich man. Bored, young, rich man. Oh, I’m not bored at all. So, do you have a girl here in New York? (laughing) do you have a girlfriend? I didn’t ask you, like your current state of love. I am dating. I’m welcoming? I’m welcoming a situation if it happens. But I’m not like with one person. So you don’t know her yet? You’re still welcome. Yeah, I don’t know who the one is yet. Nah, definitely not. But I’m not searching for the one necessarily. Anywhoo. But if shelike lands in my lap tomorrow, I mean, that’s a beautiful thing as well. (applause) See, they understand me. Cats, everybody. It opens on Friday. So, here’s the deal. I have a gift that I want to give you for Christmas. That’s very sweet, thank you. It’s something very special that only our show would do for you and I hope that you hang it in your bachelor pad and think about us. Bring it out! (laughing) (applause) That’s incredible! Thank you very much. That’s Jason’s Derulo. Whooo! Thank you, Jason, for being here. So, look, everybody. Cats hits theaters on Friday.

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  1. I don't like how Wendy has been acting of late. Not a good look on her. She's been rolling her eyes and throwing shade at everyone whose been sitting on the couch.

  2. Since when does an interviewer invite someone to their show and rolls their eyes at them, act unimpressed and just being rude for 11 minutes straight ? Wendy you ain’t doing no one a favor for having them on your show.
    Very weird interview. Made me cringe

  3. I used to like Wendy. She was so shady to this man. Him being happy in his life just made Wendy seem to hate him ! I'm glad the audience was there to cheer him on! BYE WENDY

  4. why is she insulting this man for expressing the sexual freedom that woman pursue with religious fervor. a man even raising the topic of sex with a woman, much less judging her sex life, would render him unemployable in Hollywood. major double standard.

  5. Eventually, he should find someone that will make him settle down!! He don’t seem like the type to play around at least I hope not!

  6. Wendy came across as a shallow, not really interested in Jason’s talent. She looked and sounded horrible. Why is she still on air!!!

  7. I love this show Wendy is a wonderful lady and she's doing what she wants to do and I'm proud of her keep doing what you do Wendy

  8. This was a terrible interview I feel bad for jason, she got zero out of him and didnt ask him any decent questions, I feel like I've learned nothing about him during this. I think she clearly has a crush on him

  9. 1. Wendy did nothing wrong but hold her show down.
    2. They eye rolls and "shade" was because he was not "keeping it real" and he was clearly nervous (body language that Wendy always talks about).
    3. He clearly is corny because only that kind of corny posts a half naked, enhanced, d**k pic on IG…and then starts a hashtag trend to bring it back…because he got so much attention from it.
    4. The cookie-cutter responses are lame…Wendy has been interviewing for over 25 years…she's not mean or weird, she's a pro at what she does.
    5. "It's a vibe…" eye roll… "is that a positive thing or a negative thing?" …OMG loosen up!!!
    6. Boy, bye!

  10. Wendy is so uncharismatic and gross in this, is she always like this? It's like she's never had a conversation before. Like 30% of the interview is her looking at the camera and looking like she needs to sneeze

  11. Does anyone know which cologne he is talking about? There are MANY out there that say oud.. Which is the popular one they are talking about?

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  14. "It's called oud do you know that and she replied with yeah that's been out for a moment" lmao Oud been around for more than 1500 years and well known for its smell Arabs use it as their main scent really is there someone on earth don't know oud !! Tom Ford Versace Clive Christian and every singe high end brand use it in their perfumes this is funny

  15. 😂😂😂every time she throws shade, instead of him saying, "pool, this is awkward " he laughs joyfully 😂

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  17. I think the man stuffs his shorts I never seen so much so arrogant in my life s*** back in the day with John Holmes never brag about it like that he didn't need to Jason Derulo I think he's lying you know it's when she asked him shoe size he was uncomfortable too answer notice how he tried to diffuse from subject Wendy was not impressed I wear a size 13 and I don't brag again I think the man is embellishing a lot more than what's really there

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  19. Wow why be so immature wendy. Jordan and him broke up and shes married. No need to throw shade they were young when they were together. He's enjoying his life let him. Jordan is happy with her life. She didn't even want to hug him. Play your petty piano.

  20. Have yall ever been attracted to someone you couldnt have, so you covered by putting up a front as though you had an issue with the person? Yeah, well, Wendy sees that package but he is young enough to be her son. She could drool over him and embarrass herself or act like she didnt like him, both of which communicates that she would let him hit just one time if she was younger and/or was his type. #TheThirstWasReal and the side eyes didn't conceal it AT ALL.

  21. lol wendy u did great with this interview so u a hit and quit lol standing up for our girl Jordin lol y hit if he didnt like


  23. Wow Wendy is so mean to him. He seems like a really nice guy. He reacted like a gentleman. I'm sure if a man did that to a woman he would be fired.

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