ITP BLACKWATER EVOLUTION ATV Tire Review – The American Made Ripper Off-Road Tire!

ITP BLACKWATER EVOLUTION ATV Tire Review – The American Made Ripper Off-Road Tire!

Hey, Everybody Jayson with Everything ATV UTV Reviews Today we’ve got us an American made tire to review This one is by ITP Blackwater Evolution We’ve got these Blackwaters mounted 2012 Polaris Sportsman 800 26×9-12 up front and 26×11-12 rear during testing varied these between 5 and 8 pounds of pressure didn’t make a difference, they hook up as well with 5 pounds as they do with 8 You can get these tires in anything from a 25 inch, all they way up to a 30 inch All are 8 ply radial construction with 1 inch tread These front 26×9-12 weigh 25.8 pounds each the rear 26×11-12 are right at 29 pounds Besides these tires just looking good they also come with sidewall armour which protects the shoulder area also a new Tough Tread design which they claim gets exceptional wear We really put these tires through the paces soft pack, hard pack, rock, mud, you name it they handle everything really good plenty of traction there, call on it whenever you need it They do leave a heavy footprint obviously with a 1 inch tread lugs Noticed a little vibration on the road, asphalt of course I guess you can expect that but it being a radial tire it absorbs most of that on the trail it real comfortable riding, plush Just really a great all-around tire This is toward the category of extreme traction tire This is not your Big Horn 2.0 or Afterbuner or something of that nature This is extreme traction This twin cylinder Polaris 800 turns them easily builds momentum quickly they do clean well so I assume if you were to put them on something smaller like 350 Rancher or 420 that doesn’t have the power a big bore has you still going to be able to clean them pretty good the void in the lugs The aesthetic look of these is pretty awesome great traction and you’re going to pay for that these tires range anywhere from 130 to 150 dollars per tire The only area we ran into problems on this Polaris clearance between the tie rod end and tire of course this bike came from the factory with a 8 inch wide front tire this tire being 9 inch, it rubbed the tie rod just a bit had to add a one inch wheel spacer on each side In conclusion, the Blackwater Evolution a great tire if you’re willing to spend the money, they’re going to Preform

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  1. I run these in 28x10x14 on 14×7 ITP SS216s on my Outlander Max 1000. Incredible tire!! They hook and dig and react so well.

    Might be buying a Maverick, will definitely be buying 30" Evolutions if I get it.

  2. Thanks for helping us make the decision to put these on our RZR 900. Your video sealed the deal. Thank you!

  3. I was going to get some of these tires because they come in my size (25") and are light, until I noticed people with them seemed to struggle awfully hard. I was doing better with stock 489s than anyone I saw with Blackwaters. I eventually went with Sedona Mud Rebel RTs.

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