It Had To Happen — cheap oil change near me

It Had To Happen — cheap oil change near me

that’s not too bad Oh geesh that’s
filling up fast hey welcome back to their accidentally video hope you’re
doing well you got a smile on your face yes today’s
a beautiful beautiful day we’re here in Salt Lake City I made to our friends
house and we’ve been staying here and that’s where we’re gonna be hanging out
for a few days we need to change oil in the truck so but quite a few miles on
since we got started four months ago second thing we need to do is wash the
underside of this we drove across the salt flats and that’s very much the salt
underneath the track it so I just want to make sure I rinse it all off and get
that all clean a lot of people commented about that work sending messages about
that and I was already thinking it’s hot here it’s not super hot right
now but there’s a stick right there see if I can grab it I got you how’d you
get in there stick count so here’s my opinion on changing your oil the best
way to get it in oil change you know at second that’s way to get an oil change
is to do it yourself it’s definitely cheaper to do it yourself and it doesn’t
take that much work it’s super easy I actually have an oil change video that
it’s just an I’m doing an oil change and it’s all just to music I’ll see if I can
link it right there and you can check that out you
definitely save money when you do your own oil change doesn’t take that much
time and I think it’s actually good for you every once in a while to get
underneath your car and see what’s going on try to learn more about what all goes
into getting you from point A to point B instead of just jumping in the car and
turned the key on and going from there I got the oil catcher
here got the bolt loose and I got to take it off and this is always the
funnest part seeing how clean you can get the bowl out without getting oil on
your hand that’s not too bad Oh geesh that’s
filling up fast that’s maybe get some ventilation there goes okay now it’s
going down it was just starting to fill up I was afraid of about to overflow
that reflections look at it look at it would you look at that all right let’s
let that drain now I need like a small cup something to catch the oil from the
filter when I take it off so this is nice with the tacomas is with the filter
here they had this little catch basin then there’s a little hole at the bottom
so when you take the filter off the oil just doesn’t go anywhere you can catch
it and so they stick this bottle underneath here should catch all the oil all right oh there’s no hold the filter
off I mean it has oil in it but typically a good amount of oil will will
drain out it’s just because of the way that filters positioned you know how
it’s like this so when the engines running the oil would get pushed up into
the filter and then push back into the engine but then when it’s sitting idle
so the truck’s been off all night and I didn’t start it and so that could be why
that the oil just drained back down into the engine the last trick I had the
filter was on sideways and so it always had a good amount of oil in it and would
spill everywhere but maybe because this one’s positioned up and down like that
it just drains out when the trucks not running and then when the trucks running
it fills it back up again that’s my thought I’m not sure comment down below
if you have any any wisdom to share with me so it got that all nice and clean the
oil that was sitting down in there a little puddle it’s pretty grimy so I
just cleaned it out with the rag this bottle and this bottle are left over
from the last oil change I did I always start off with those bottles cuz I’m
gonna have a couple extra that way I’m using the I’m using up the older bottles
I don’t have bottles that just sit around forever and then the extra ones
from the box will just go in the truck as a backup two bottles as a backup just
in case we wouldn’t need them at some point looks like it’s just about done
dripping I like to clean this off just so that after I get the oil filled and
the trucks running I can easily see if it’s leaking simple stuff not too
complicated most of you are probably well experienced and changing your oil
that’s what I’m doing today like I got three little drops of oil on the ground
that’s not too bad see if I spill any when I’m going to refill it let’s get
this guy hey there’s four quarts in there now and
it ended up taking No just drop the cap I can see it right there gotcha okay let’s try this again you know I try
to make my videos interesting and sometimes I just have to wait till
something natural happens I just drop the cap probably hard for you to see since the
new oil is so clear but it’s uh it’s right above the dot there it’s looking
good it ended up being five point two quarts
and so health it looks like a medical helicopter hope
everybody’s okay I saw it earlier fly my really fast so now it’s going back the
same direction but slower so they’re probably dropping off a patient or
something so 5.2 quarts that’s what it said in the
manual and so that’s what I put in and that always seems to be the right amount
fancy that I’ll just check it again in a couple days after we run it for a bit
and add a little bit if I need to but that leaves me with that two full jugs
and one partially full you always want to take really good care of your
windshield washer fluid oh just kidding it smells fine yeah I got the blue stuff coolant looks good brake fluid looks
good everything looks good got all my trash this all my empties
this is the oil that we’re gonna take to a place that will recycle it have this so we got the oil change done
in the truck and we spray it off the underside go all clean oh geez yeah if
you’re new to the channel push that subscribe button all the way in sorry
I’m talking with my mouth full there’s a big thumb war going on and
YouTube right now so click the thumb we’re writing down below just leave me a
comment say hi that’s off to you good boy good boy I’m teasing him it’s
probably not the nicest thing to do

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  1. Hi there Cody glad to see you. I regularly check the oil level in my car but after the last time the car started making funny noises so I took it to the garage where I usually go. Less than one minute later the guy came back and told me I had left the oil cover off! The cover was still sitting on the engine and the underside of the hood was a mess with oil everywhere, so now I get my brother in law to do the checking. It was NOT a beautiful day. 🤪

  2. I will definitely be showing my older son this video. We been talking about him learning to do an oil change! Thx Cody

  3. Nice training. That’s what I like to see. Look but don’t touch. That trading will always come in handy for when kids come along. Chief, your a good boy.

  4. You're suppose to unsnap that little yellow breather cap Cody. And yep, gravity drained your filter. 😉 What year 'Yota is it? 5.2 quarts? That's nice… I used nearly 4 gallons!

  5. Never fails, I always seem to drop the plug in the pan and it finds it way perfectly to plug the hole at the top of the drain pan. I always thought that Toyota had a good idea putting the oil filter on like that. My Silverado has it underneath facing up and I just poke a hole in the bottom before unscrewing and give it a few minutes to drain otherwise it runs all over the filter as soon as you loosen it.

  6. Great video. I haven't checked in a while on pricing. In our area we have a garage that will do an oil change for cheaper than I can do it myself. Usually takes about 15 minutes and I get a chance to relax a little. Now that the car is over 100,000 miles, I should look into the cost of high mileage synthetic.

  7. the Salt flats…lost my 1974 impala many yrs ago ..having to have it towed out near Wendover. NV trying to get to Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway.

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