IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN…but I am putting tires and wheels on my Maverick Trail today!

IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN…but I am putting tires and wheels on my Maverick Trail today!

What’s going on everybody welcome to Fisher’s ATV World it’s a beautiful Sunday here in Nashville, Tennessee and Here’s what’s on the list for today. We’ve been going for Two weeks. So we’re back in Nashville. Now, we got a lot of catch up stuff to do One of the things that happened as soon as we got back is our air conditioning unit for upstairs on our third floor went out So I had to have that fixed which we have the new unit right here Awesome running smooth doing a good job cooling the upstairs But the bad news is this unit for our mid floor of the house Took a crap the same day. So and we just got this unit a couple years ago and This is it here So we got this big old monstrous heat and a/c unit here and My wife has on my list today to fix this This is one of the things she wants me to do with my honey do this. She has a list for me today And so I’m supposed to be working on this so I took the cover off All right, and here’s where I am with this Okay, well I think we can all agree that that looks like it sucks and that’s no fun, so Let’s just be honest. That’s not going to get fixed today. Even though our house is 80 degrees and my a/c guy Left for the lake for the weekend and he’ll be back tomorrow. So tomorrow morning. He’s gonna take a look at that And then something else she has on my list is to get rid of this big ugly dish on the roof of our house Here’s a better look at the dish that I got to get rid of Yeah, so I had intentions of taking that down. I’ll put a ladder up, you know, I Got a ladder they’re getting ready to take that down and You know that’s not going to happen either that’s just a waste of my time today, so I’ll tell you what is gonna happen is we’re heading over here to my pole barn and We’re gonna put some new sneakers on my maverick Trail today. I just got a new maverick trail about maybe a week ago two weeks ago whenever I was home before I left I Got the camo and I’m going on an elk hunt here in a couple weeks And I got a lot of stuff to do with this machine to get it ready for the hunt So what’s gonna happen today is we’re putting new sneakers on this bad boy And we’re gonna slowly start getting some accessories on here And what I’m gonna do is because there’s so many accessories that I’m putting on this maverick trail. I’m gonna do different videos I’m not just going to do one big long video, you know, 40 45 minute video on installs. I got bumpers I got a new Warn winch going on there. Hopefully I can get the ax on I think they’re shipping it out to me I should have it in time and We got some back rack stuff some bow case stuff lighting there’s all kind of cool stuff going on this maverick trail for my hunt and we’re heading to Colorado and this elk hunt so Here it is now You can see It’s got the stock Carlisle AC T 26 inch tires on it and not that it’s a bad tire. I Just like to get a little bit more ground clearance And one of the first places and manufacturers are going to try and cut corners and tires, you know they’re gonna put on cheaper tires to keep the cost down and they know you’re gonna replace them eventually or as soon as you get It so that’s one place. They’re going to cut corners So we’re going to go ahead and swap those out and I’m putting on some 28 inch rockabillies with some split six Beadlock wheels and the wheels are the new bronze so they all look really good with this camo So we’re gonna get this thing in here and get our jacked up and get her started Okay, now that we got the trail in here It’s time to jack her up and start changing some tyres Before we get into the tyres Let me just show you a couple things on this maverick trail how I got it set up for my hunt in, Colorado It’s already snowing out there where we’re going and right now it’s hard to believe something like that because in Nashville, it’s probably about It’s pretty close to 100 degrees today Sweating like crazy here, but it is hot and we’re heading to Colorado in a couple weeks and it’s going to be snowing So what I did was set the maverick trail up for cold weather conditions. So we put a soft cab one. We got the doors We got the back. We got a glass windshield and We also have a heater this thing here is a heater and a defroster Cold air it’s not like AC but it does blow some cold air and then you turn it all the way over here Get your heat going So we wanted that installed for the hunt and then this thing here Windshield wiper with a juicer so that way I can Control my windshield conditions. We’re going to be putting a whole bunch of accessories on this thing. I got this gear rail right here I’m going to put some fuel packs Probably my bow case and a couple other things on that and I’m also waiting on an ATV wagon a single axle I think it’s an Al 800 and I’m waiting on that that’ll be in think next week and then I must swing over to Columbia Powersports picked it up get it back here get it together and We’re gonna take that thing on the hunt. So right now this is what I’m putting on I’m putting on the 28 inch rockabilly from Sedona and That is the split six bead lock in bronze. And I don’t know. I think it’s gonna look pretty good I mean that with the camo. Oh, yeah So you guys are have to let me know what you think once I get it all done Not exactly NASCAR qualifying but Not too bad and the nice thing about having a small machine like this is you can just jack it up from one side the Sedona rockabillies They are not Directional you can put these tires on any way you want. It doesn’t matter So and a good thing a lot of people say well, you know why do you run the same size tire in the front as you do in the rear because what I do is I Treat it like my vehicle like my truck I rotate my tires and every so many miles Same way with a side-by-side or ATV if I run the same size tire in the front in the rear I Can rotate it and get a whole lot more miles out of it. So that’s why I do that All right, so we got the tires on we got the lug nuts on finger tight You don’t want to just go jamming one with the impact Without finger tightening because you can strip the threads out And another thing you want to do is when you’re putting your tires on you want to go in a star pattern? Across from each other. You don’t want to go counterclockwise or clockwise Because it won’t torque it down, right? Like you go from this lug nut to this lug nut to this lug nut to this lug nut and then back you know you want to run like a star pattern so that way you get Good torque Just running on there to it snug And then just snug it up a little bit more every time The bronze is matching the camo pretty good. And this is a 28 inch tire. And remember we took off a 26 inch tire So I’m getting a couple more inches of clearance Time to move on did I mention to you it’s hot in here. I am sweating like crazy I got a nice fan over there. Look at that fan see that fan I got a nice fan, but if I turn that on I’m afraid you won’t be able to hear me but it is a nice fan so but it doesn’t do me any good right now because I’m sweating. Alright got that left side on looking good so far Get our jack stands out of here. I always want to make sure you use jack stands for safety You don’t want anything falling on ya That’s the last thing you want to be working on your machine Have it fall on you And then you won’t be able to ride it oh, yeah We got a little bit more ground clearance and the tire wheel looks better. I think just my opinion now All right. Let’s go to the other side This isn’t exactly how my buddies do it at stewart-haas racing they’re a little bit more professional than this But it gets the job done Get the jack stands It would help if I use the right size socket 14 millimeter Well There it is. What do you think? Huh looks nice looks nice with those bronze wheels in the camo It sets it off gives me some extra ground clearance better traction Better tire. I mean it’s just a better setup all the way around. It looks good. It’s gonna ride good. I’m gonna tell y’all that we’ve been working on a lot of videos and you’ve noticed we’ve been uploading a lot of stuff and we have taken an Even more real approach kinda that’s as real as it gets and that’s what we’re doing now We’re doing all YouTube stuff Television stuff was more structured more formal and this is way more unstructured and a lot more personal So I hope you like what we’re doing. I’ve been getting a lot of comments from y’all and I really do appreciate it I’ll comment back to everybody if you ask me a question, but hey If you like these videos like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to our channel hit the bell on the side there So that way whenever we do upload a video you get notified We got a lot of videos we’re gonna be uploading. Our goal is to upload something every single day So maybe some of us riding some of its accessories some of its tips Some of us just behind the scenes with the Fisher family. It’s a little bit of everything. But hang in there It’s like a buffet eventually it’ll come around to what you want. So keep on watching and that’s as real as it gets

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  1. Them helmets though @4:28 I love mine it's a Fly Racing Forge with Mips technology F2 Carbon color in blue and high res yellow. I wish I lived close Brian you would be definitely my go to guy for all my side by side work.

  2. That looks so cool you do such a great job on sxs and quads keep up the good work from Ontario Canada

  3. Boy oh boy if I didn’t complete my wife’s honey do list and I was out in the garage working on my ATV I wouldn’t here the end of it 😂

  4. Can you say what atea in Co you are heading to. We live in SW Co. Good luck on the hunt.

    Sweet hunt/cold weather set up.

  5. Slick looking wheels! It's nice to see that you have your priorities in line 🙂 I hope you have a great trip and I cant wait to see the video.

  6. Nice rides Brian, hey good luck on your Elk Hunt buddy. Shoot straight. Make sure you tweak your sights!! Get pics of the hunt for you tube.

  7. I have been liking the more personal videos. Keep em coming. Btw, love the wheels. I got the Hunter's Edition Outlander. Next mod goal…

  8. Love the new “Real”…Videos….I met you in Columbia, and the veterans ride. You and your family are as real as it gets….I’ve learned about the off road riding world from your videos….Thanks for all you do!…Ps. Long rope, maverick, silicone roof seal, = dish gone…….lol

  9. So did ya give up on the tv stuff. Just curious I'll watch ya anywhere I can find ya. Still got my autographed picture and poster hanging on the wall proudly that you left for me at iroc/ Gilbert automotive in Gilbert Wv.

  10. As real as it gets is finding out that by taking off the 26" tires and putting on 28" tires you only gain 1" of ground clearance not 2"s because half of the tire is above the axles and only the half that's below the axles give you ground clearance. I wish it was the other way because that would mean I took off 27" tires and out on 32.5" tires and from the factory stock I had only 10" and if you way was correct then with my lift kit included I should be clearing 55gal drums standing up right

  11. Nice Machine! I have a full cab loaded 15’ Polaris Ranger Hunter Edition 900 XP. Currently thinking of upgrading and considering a General for more of a comfortable sport / hunting rig. Now I see this. Please help point me in the right direction. Thanks

  12. I watched your show and when it went off the air I was sad to see it go. It was the first show I ever seen strictly about atvs. I'm so glad I found your YouTube channel fisher! Excellent family friendly content! Give a shout out if your ever headed to windrock in oakridge tn, would love to meet up and get a chance to ride with the legend himself! Keep the videos coming!

  13. did you hear the Hatfield McCoy – ivy branch trail in WV is opening back up by next year, you guys should come out and ride it…

  14. Enjoying the new videos would agree they are more Real feeling. If you ever head back to NH would be great to hook up with you guys for a ride. Take care.

  15. Hey I just picked up a warn axon 4500 and the winch mount doesn’t fit on my commander, just beware and make sure the winch will fit!!!

  16. I've been following you since you started back in Pa.. I think the you tube and face book will work better for you. Plus I can watch all of your video's on you tube any time I want instead of waiting for a show to air on TV. Good thinking and good luck from a fellow coal cracker.

  17. I love every video that you put out. So I just want to say thanks so much. For everything that you and your family do.😀😎

  18. I like the look of the Rockabillys. I have 32" Kanati Mongrels on my RZR that are on their last season.

  19. Hey Brian – I know that you mentioned this in another video, but I'll be darned if I can find it! What is the offset of those wheels? I have the same exact machine and would like to put some new wheels on it. Thanks for your help!

  20. Looks bitchen, I assume not 12” of travel, is it better over the 50” gates with the long wheel base? How about power and mileage etc. is the width the same still? It’s now July 19 but selling my 690 ktm, getting to old, 70. Need to wear oxygen past 6000 feet and want to go back hunting and adventure riding on limited 50” trails and now bring the wife. Then I can plug in my oxygen and carry to my stand. Winch to the elk out etc. thanks.

  21. Hello Brian – Totally love all you do.   I’m inspired to get a Can-Am Trail 1000 like what you have and build it in similar fashion.  I checked with my local Kansas City dealer and asked about the same tire/wheel set up as you described (Sadona Rock-A-Billy 28x10R14 on a Split-6, 14×7 wheel ).  My dealer said by replacing the stock setup with this new configuration the tire width would put me over the 50” width by 2 inches, even with the 6+1 wheel offset you suggested in an earlier YouTube video.   Does your rig measure over 50” wide with your new tire and wheel upgrade?  Thank you for your help.

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