Is This Car Wheel Bulletproof?!

Is This Car Wheel Bulletproof?!

– Get the dog wound up. – (barking)
(laughing) All right guys, what’s up? It’s Dakota from Fitment Industries. I’m here with– – Giles from Fitment Industries. – And we’re checkin’ out
some crazy (beep) today for lack of a better word. – Lack yeah really. – We got some crazy stuff goin’ on. I guess no one has
really done this before. So, it’s interesting to see.
– I haven’t seen it before. It’s a very out there idea. So, our friends over
at Cosmis and Silver’s who we are partnering with for this month to give away a free set of
wheels, tires and suspension. Pick up the hoodie right there. Show ’em the back, Dakota.
– Full build. – Full build. There it is. Pick up the hoodie. Get entered to win. Free wheels, tires and suspension. That’s Cosmis wheels,
– Damn! – Silver’s Suspension and Michelin tires. – Your car’s ready to go after that.
– That is a solid set a boys. So, our friends, more
specifically, Vinnie, from Cosmis, our boy. They decided to go out and have some fun with some of their wheels. ‘Cause they’re like, you know what? We got wheels. We also have guns. Because this is America.
(laughing) So, why not go out and
shoot wheels with guns? And just–
(automatic gunfire) these wheels through their faces. – That’s what I always thought
of doing with my wheels. – Are you ready? Are you ready for this? – All right first, before we start, what do you think’s gonna happen? So obviously, they’re gonna get damaged. But I’m thinking, is a bullet
gonna just pierce through it? Is it gonna shoot it and crack it? Is it just gonna ding it? – I mean it’s a-
– Is it impenetrable, and nothing will happen? – I mean, it’s aluminum, right? – It’s pretty–
– It’s soft. – Yeah it’s soft. It’s aluminum. Versus a bullet. Usually you would think, “bullet
would go through aluminum.” But you talking about
some pretty thick stuff, and then you’re talking about
some pretty thin spokes. So I think you’d have to hit
it just right to go through it. I think it’s gonna gnar it up pretty good. – Yeah. Oh yeah. We’ll see. – I think we’re gonna
go out and check it out. Before we go ahead and get right into this don’t forget wheels, tires, suspension. I think that’s it. Pick up a hoodie. You can
enter to win some free stuff. – Definitely pick up a hoodie. – So let’s go check out our friend Vinnie. Oh God. Okay. Just kidding. – Psyche! – So here’s what my thought is, right? It’s Wheel Wednesday, we
need to do something crazy, and this is my thought. I’m thinking, if you
shot one of our wheels, the bullets would just
go right through it. – No. – Bull(beep). (laughter)
– Vinnie… – Vinnie is my hero. – Guns, shot the Hell out of the wheel, you’d destroy the wheel. – Screw the gun, they
should just have Vinnie punch one of the wheels.
(laughter) – What do you think about doing that? It’d definitely take a chunk out. – What chunk? – [Vinnie] Like, the center? Think the center of it? The side of it? The lip? – In the face!
– He just blows it away. – [Kris] Yeah, probably the lip. – I’m thinking the whole center’s gonna look like Swiss cheese. Possible. Maybe we’ll blow it up too. – So they’re thinking it might blow up, – Gonna look like Swiss cheese. – Just crack it right in half.
– I like cheese. – This wheel is gonna be shot! (laughter)
In the face! – Yes it is Vinnie. Yes it is. So what’d they grab? They grab like a 206R or something? – I didn’t see it. – Good job. – Oh, they’re whippin’. These guys are nuts, oh my God, they got the drone shot. There’s a lot of production
– This is sick. – That went into this
video, I’m not gonna lie. – We’re gonna try two
different machine guns. And then we’re gonna go out
with a little bit of a bang. – Little bit of a bang. – Yeah, I’ll let the
suspense builds on that one. (dramatic music) – ????? – All right. We take safety seriously here. Locksley. Vinnie. You got sunglasses on? Eye protection? – Yessir. – All right, no one goes in
front of the shooting line. Shooting rules. Okay great, now that safety is all done, let’s have some fun. – Oh the center cap! – That’s some pretty good aim! – Dang!
– That shot looks crazy though. Okay, well it’s confirmed: Cosmis racing center
caps are not bulletproof. – Dang.
– Damn. But it looked like the
wheel held up super well. – That’s pretty cool! – [Vinnie] You hit the center cap! – He hit it right around
where the lug sets go. – All right so we just hit it. We hit it straight
through, and then we hit there’s with the nine. – So yeah, got at least
a good chunk out of it. – Honestly I expected more.
I expected more of a hit. – So is that a 9mil or something? I don’t know what that was.
– I don’t know what kind of gun that is honestly. I haven’t unlocked it yet. Yeah John Deere! Hell yeah, really?!
– Didn’t you play all weekend, you
should’ve unlocked that. – We’ll never use it.
– Okay, all right here we go.
– Holy (beep). – “I gotta sight her in real quick.” – “We got her on single.”
(imitates machine gun) (laughter) (dramatic music) – Back to safe. You say they were full metal jackets? – Is that what you said? You said full metal jackets? – I feel lik they’re doing
this out in the open, there’s no cover. – I’d be terrified.
– Is there a good chance for a ricochet, like something fly back? – Vinnie’s just standing
down there right next to him like, “Yeah, give it a whirl, man!” – “Shoot it!”
(laughter) – Oh, slo-mo!
– There we go! (dramatic music) (gunshot) – Oh! Did he hit it? – I think he nicked it a little bit. (gunshots)
(laughter) – [Josh] Let’s see what we got here. Right here. – [Kris] Right there and right here. – [Josh] Right there. – [Kris] That’s from the nine.
– [Josh] The nine, yeah. So these are from the 223. – It honestly is holding up really well. – I’m surprised how much
damage that 9mm did though, compared to that other one. Dang. Oh! That’s a pretty good gouge! – Actually went through it.
– It’s a good gouge. – We’re gonna do the 223 Foleto, and then my special surprise. – Special surprise?
– I wanna see the special surprise. – They’re gonna let Vinnie go at it. (roars) – Unloading.
– Oh Hell yeah. – Oh my God, oh no! Ooh! – That was a good one. (gunfire)
Jesus! This looks fun as Hell.
– We gotta hang out with these guys more. – Which wheels can we shoot? – Oh my God. Look at that thing go. – That’s reckless. (automatic gunfire) – I never thought I’d see
this in my entire life. – I remember I think we joked
about doing this one time. And then we were like,
“Pft! That’d be dumb.” (laughter) Oh my God.
– Holy (beep) So this is what your car would look like after a drive by. – After Vinnie. – Let’s try something a
little bit more crazy. We are gonna try out
the full auto 223 round, on the Cosmis racing wheel
with a little mag dump. (rock music)
(automatic gunfire) – Okay there’s no way this
is surviving this round. There’s no way. Something is going–
– It’s not moving much. – Something has to be going through. – [Vinnie] Let’s go look! Did it go through? – Nope. Look. We got a direct hit in the spokes here, we got some hits in the spokes here, we got here, here, here. – [Vinnie] Didn’t go through.
– [Josh] Nope. – Yeah, cause that would be like, game over right there, right? Like, you’re driving,
you get one to go through the inner barrel or something like that, that’s all your air right there. – That’s gnarly though. They’re holding up super well. – I can’t believe that! – Remember I said something
about special surprise? – [Vinnie] Alright, what do we got there? – Alright, so I’ve got… I guess a pound of tannerite.
– [Dakota] A what? – Boom! – It’s all fun and games
until the tannerite comes out and then (beep)
just goes sky high. – Shoot it with an AR-15 bullet, it’s gonna go kaboom.
– [Kris] Kaboom? – That’s the little surprise
I was talking about. – [Kris] Kaboom?
– Kaboom. – So while you’re
practicing the shake weight, you gotta help me out here.
Let’s take the top of there, take her top off. (snickers) Now the goal is to make it look gray. So I’ll throw a little at the bottom here. And don’t worry, it won’t blow up. Oh thanks.
– [Kris] You’re welcome. (chemicals pouring) – Oh yeah! It’s gotta be filled to the brim. ‘Cause we go out, we go out with a bang, you know what I’m saying? So I know I just handed to Damien… – [Vinnie] A bomb.
– A legal explosive. Legal. You can buy this in a sporting
goods store, thank you. – What do you need that for?
– Other than– – This. It’s for everyone whenever you wanna go blow a wheel sky high. It’s like, “Oh I just
gotta go get some tannerite from Dick’s Sporting Goods.” – Ready for a real (beep) boom? I mean get ready for a real freakin’ boom! Whooo! (suspenseful music) (gunshot)
(explosion) (laughter) – Again, just standing. Right there.
– Oh, here we go. – That’s pretty sick. – What?! There is a (beep) crater!
– Okay, what the… – If you happened to be
driving through Afghanistan, and you hit a IED with your Cosmis wheel, the wheel, you might be able to drive to where you need to go. – Ooh! There we go. – Okay, yeah, she’s split. – She finally cracked. – There she is. Oh my God.
– Finally cracked ‘er. – The tannerite. The tannerite did it in. – But even for tannerite
exploding right on it, I expected worse. I expected the (beep)
to just be in pieces. – Right. The fact that it’s still technically in one piece, it’s just
kinda cracked right there. – See all the 9mm hits right here? They’re wider, actually. These are all 9mm hits, and then the smaller holes
are gonna be the 223 AR-15. That’s what the American military uses. And it took those like a champ as well. You can definitely drive. – And covered under warranty.
(laughter) There it is.
– I don’t know about all that. – So there you go, if you
wanna get some Cosmis wheels and blow ’em up, then you’re
covered under warranty, I guess. So there you have it. That is what happens. – That blew my mind a little bit. – Ha ha! (laughter) – No that’s absolutely crazy. So I guess if you’re ever looking for a
way not to test your wheels, – Yeah, don’t go shoot your wheels. – that would be it. – We do not recommend or
condone any of the actions taking place.
– I don’t exactly know what I’ve learned out
of that, but I– (laughter) I had a great time. (laughter) – I don’t know what to take away, but it was fun. – It was fun. I think we should go throw
some off the roof or something later.
– Yeah, definitely. – So thank you Vinnie and
Cosmis and all those guys for doing that video
and sending it our way. – That was awesome.
– That was absolutely fantastic to watch. You guys look like you’re
having a ton of fun. So, with that being said, don’t forget that we
are doing the giveaway wit Cosmis Racing, Silver’s
Suspension, and Michelin tires, for a full wheel, tire,
suspension giveaway for the month of November, a little bit into December I believe, too. So we’re gonna wrap up the
year with this giveaway. – Hell yeah.
– This is gonna be the last giveaway for 2019 for FI. So we’re really looking forward to it. They’re a dope hoodie, I’m finally glad we got more hoodies in. So even if you just want
something to keep you warm during the chilly months. – It’s a nice hoodie. – Pick up the hoodie.
– It’s comfy. – And then you get entered
in to win free car parts. I don’t know what else. – It has a hood on it.
– I mean, it’s a hoodie. – It’s got a string.
– It’s got two strings. Technically one, I guess. – That’s bang for your buck right here. – That’s bang for your
buck hoodies. (laughter) So with all that being said, don’t forget to check out
wheels, tires, and suspension over at – I’m Giles.
– I’m Dakota. – We’ll see you later. Peace. – Bye! (laughter) (hip-hop music)

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  1. What wheel would you like to see get shot? We’re also giving away a set of Cosmis Racing wheels, Silvers Suspension, and Michelin tires! Pick up this awesome hoodie to get entered!

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  3. First someone use a turbocharger as a target practice and it was a sad sight to see, now u guys use a single light weight aftermarket wheel as a target practice, just to see if it’s bulletproof proof?………works for me.

  4. Well, you showed someone shooting a gun, your channel was fun while it was around but youtubes gonna slap you with its liberal bias and throttle your content. The world we live in😔


  6. Liked the vid, but what was really gained from having the p.i.p. of the boys over the shooting vid? Cutting off part of it. Couldn't you just have had their audio commentary playing with it and gotten the same result? They were just looking down at a tablet the whole time anyways….

  7. I’m so glad I’m not the only one whose beard substantially more red than my head hair. Lol Dakota, my boi. New Age Redbeard!

  8. I wasn't expecting the bullets to do anything but I was surprised the AR didn't go through. But when they loaded the tanorite, I was thinking it was gonna split all the way across the barrel. But no. Very impressed!

  9. I had 2 wheels come in for repair that had been shot up in what I assumed to be some sort of drive by scenario (the car was probably parked). They were forgiatos, 28s or 30s. The chrome plated barrels got hit the most, there were angled rulers on the impact marks from an investigation. I pulled the tires off and there were 2 bullets, one that had penetrated the tire and one through the barrel stopping at the tire. I think we ended up just welding the barrels which left the impacts visible in the chrome lol

  10. Whelp, theres at least one cosmis wheel gone. How many more can we get rid of on the planet with the branding plastered all over the front!? I want to love these wheels but come on but the markings on the back of the spokes like the high end wheel makers do!

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