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  1. Hey Rhett and Link, I think it would be cool to find some weird but funny traditions around the southern part of the United States and base a game around it. The goal is to determine whether the tradition read is a “Southern Tradition” or a “Mythical Fiction.” Some of the traditions would be real or done by some people in the south and the rest are made up by the Mythical Crew. You could have the points go up per round and the loser at the end has to tell a weird or awkward tradition they have had in their family. Let me know what you guys think!

  2. The Wheel of mythacality got a little extra help making it's way around today Rhett handed with his left-handed . 😂😂

  3. This music teacher really appreciates your acknowledgement of MIOSM, even though I have never and probably never will teach recorder.

  4. Distracting people that they will be giving in March so people will not complain that they"landed" on Giftitalty.

  5. Hey, this is Roger. I worked really hard on that piece of artwork, but I'm glad I finally know what the McLaughlin family truly thought about my creative gift. BTW, anyone know the way to the Golden Gate Bridge?

  6. You should do a gifticality for VetDogs I absolutely love there program and they train dogs to be a service dog for people like veterans

  7. Omg. Yes with the music in our school's month! I'm president of the music honours society at my school so the gift is much appreciated, even if it won't affect me directly. Can't wait for March and all the things we're doing for the musical community!

  8. At this point they should just put gifticality on the whole board and spinning the wheel just determines to whom they are donating

  9. wheres cotton candy randy been at?!?! idk about the rest of the mythical beasts but i miss how awkward he makes link feel/look, and also i miss his sweet nothings to rhett! BRING BACK COTTON CANDY RANDY PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!

  10. I thought this challenge was going to be is this outline a person or another object. I am now requesting you do that video plz

  11. Does anyone have a count on how much $$ they have donated from gifticallity? Also, no wonder they are amazing humans, when their teacher played James Taylor every day.

  12. I just want to thank you guys for supporting Music Education. As a musician studying to become a choral director i applaud you!

  13. Thank you guys so much for this! As a music teacher it means a lot to see people take a stand to donate to the arts! Thank you again!

  14. hey, the green square on red got you to bond together over a painting that you remember to this day. Pretty successful painting imho

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