Is a Costco Membership Worth It? How to Save at Costco

Is a Costco Membership Worth It? How to Save at Costco

Is Costco worth it? Whether you have a big family, small family,
you live in an RV or a house. Today, that’s what we’re going to discuss. We are Costco members and we have been both of us for over 10 years. Costco has three different types of membership:
Gold, Business and Executive. Gold and Business are both $55 a year
and the Executive membership is $110. We have the Executive membership. There are two main differences between the Gold and the Executive membership. With the Executive membership if you happen to sign up with any of the
different Costco services that they offer health care, auto buying program, etc Executive members get additional benefits
above the Gold membership. Now the biggest difference for us is that Executive members get 2% back on all
eligible purchases in Costco. This does not apply to their gas stations but everything you’re buying in the warehouse and online. Now the Executive membership is
double the price of Gold. So you need to spend at
least enough money to make that $55 back. That the Executive membership is actually worth it for you. Otherwise we’d suggest going with the Gold
membership if you don’t plan to use it that often. With all of the great items at Costco sells and a lot of the discounts that come with those it’s really easy to justify spending $55 on a
Gold membership. The main reason to join a warehouse membership
like Costco is to save money. If you can’t go to a warehouse, you can also shop online. Costco has some really great online deals and it’s always free shipping. I’ve never run across an item that
didn’t have free shipping and if you don’t like the product you can always
return it to a warehouse. One of the big things for us is Costco
gasoline. Their gasoline is on average about three to five cents cheaper as we’ve seen it across the country. But in some of the bigger metropolitan areas, we’ve seen over 30 cent difference
between a Costco gas station and any of the other gas stations in that area. Now, this does lead to a bit of a problem because when we used to live in Los Angeles and you would show up at Costco gas station you probably have to wait five or ten
minutes to fill up and sometimes it just wasn’t worth. Some Costco’s do have diesel you can
check their website to see if the Costco you’re planning on going to offers diesel. And the height limitation at Costco
gas stations is 13′ 6″. Another great benefit of Costco is their
propane sales. They fill up the standard 20lb propane tanks that you might use on your barbecue. They’ll also fill up your RV. So whenever we get to a Costco that has propane, we fill up our RV. Those prices tend to be about half that what
you might find it let’s say U-haul or some other home improvement store. Costco also has great prices on tires and if you buy all your tires from them they have really great tire coverage. So you can get free tire rotations, free nitrogen fill and if you happen to need a tire replacement they will credit you for the tread that’s
left on your current tire. They also do free tire repairs. The other thing to take note of is that
they’re always running sales either for their Michelin tires or one other brand that if you buy four, you get $70 off. And if you didn’t buy your tires from Costco you can still get them inflated, rotated and repaired
for a fee. And their fee is a lot better than most tire shops. But let’s actually move into the store and talk about some of the stuff inside. Now when you go into Costco, you’re going to see different sections of goods that they have around the store. One of my favorite ones is always going through the electronics department. They have fantastic prices on all different electronics including cameras, gear, big-screen TVs. They have different goods for the household. Some will have furniture, kitchen items and all sorts of things for the house, for the garage, generators, power washers. And we’ve noticed as we travel around the country those items will vary depending on where they are. In the south, we actually saw a lot of
gun safes and things like that. And as we’ve come up north and we’re in
Wisconsin we saw snow blowers at Costco. The ones by the beaches will sell surfboards
others by rivers will sell kayaks. There is also a huge alcohol section. Costco happens to be the largest buyers of wine in the country and maybe even in the world. But their wine selection is phenomenal their prices are usually great. And the sales they have on alcohol
are fantastic as well. There’s a whole meat butcher section. They do a lot of the butchering on-site. Fresh fruit, vegetables, they have a whole
frozen food section and then dry food. So all your spices, rices, beans, packaged goods, processed goods, chips, breads. They do dog food, they do baby supplies, cleaning supplies. Now, Costco also has a pharmacy and you can get all your prescriptions filled their
including prescriptions for your pet. So you can get almost everything taken
care of at Costco for the most part depending on what you need. The benefit of going to Costco is be able to
buy in bulk and save. A lot of the items that Costco carries, they actually come out with their own Kirkland brand. So it’s Costco’s generic brand for popular items sold at Costco. For example, we used to buy cold pressed coconut oil for $20. Now Costco has come out with
their Kirkland brand coconut oil for $17. There’s a three dollar savings there. So look for Kirkland brand items. And we found that they also tend to be as good or better quality than the name brands. Another great way to save a Costco are their coupons. They come out with a new set of coupons every month. You can look those up online or just walk into the store and they’ll hand you them. Also, as you’re walking around the store, keep an eye out
for manufacturers instant rebates and other sales that they’re doing
throughout the store. Whenever we can we stock up on water at Costco and the Kirkland water that we always get is actually on sale and it’s $1 off. From $3.39 and we’re stocking up. I think this is probably the most our coach can hold. We’ve heard from a lot of people that they don’t want to join a warehouse because they don’t have
to buy in bulk. The nice thing about Costco is, a lot of the food items and all of that you can buy in smaller individually packaged goods. Typically, they are a bit bigger than what you might find it at a supermarket. But that said, what we found is we buy all
of our basics there. We’ll buy paper towels. We buy dog food. We buy all of our oils, a lot of our spices and things there. And we simply break the packaging up and find places where we can put it in the RV. They have fantastic meats and vegetables. We’ll buy fruit there. Bananas and various other things. Kait loves their watermelons and they have fantastic prices on watermelon We buy apples and things that will keep for
a while in the fridge. When we buy their meat it does come in larger packages. But what we do is, we’ll separate out all the meat into Ziplocks. So that we only have to pull out a ziplock and use that. Everything else goes into the freezer. We also try to find things that are already broken up into little packages. So if you look at their organic ground beef, it’s already separated into three packages. All you have to do is put them in the freezer. If you like to buy organic products, Costco also has a great selection. We always choose organic when possible. The other thing is they’re starting to carry more gluten free products as well. Costco is also really well known for their samples. It’s a great way to sample products that are in bulky packages. You don’t want to buy two boxes of cereal that you never tasted before. Hot food is very popular at Costco. Their $4.99 rotisserie chicken flies off the shelves. We were actually a Costco where there was a line of people waiting for the next batch of rotisserie chicken coming out of the oven. In addition to hot foods, they also have a food court. They’re very well known for their $1.50 hot dog and soda combo. If you’re in need of a quick bite to eat, at a really good price you really can’t beat their food court. And their $10, or $9.99 jumbo pizzas are fantastic. Now the thing that I love about Costco is our 100% money-back guarantee. And that applies to their memberships as well. So if you’re wondering do I want to pay $55 for a Costco membership for a year? You can buy that membership. If you’re not satisfied they will give you your money back. If you happen to find a product that you don’t like or goes bad they will give you your money back. The only time that’s limited is on
certain electronic items that you purchase and usually those will come
with a 90-day money back guarantee. One of my favorite benefits of being a
Costco member is their credit card. They used to have one with American Express that now moved over to Visa. We get 4% cash back on all gas purchases. 3% on travel and restaurants. 2% in the store. That’s actually 2% on top of the other 2% we get for being Executive members. Now we’re going 4% back in the
store and 1% everywhere else. And using that credit card all the time really pays off. Especially when we’re filling this beast with
80 gallons of gas. We hope you enjoyed this video. If you’re wondering whether a warehouse membership is worth it. If you’re going to be full time RVing or living in a small apartment. Our answer is absolutely. There are always items that you can get at Costco and benefit from all the savings
that they offer. Let us know if you belong to a warehouse membership and what you think of it. Thank you so much for watching. We’ll see you next time. Bye. And here is a pro tip for all you Costco shoppers or soon-to-be Costco shoppers. If you can find a Costco that’s near Sam’s Club their prices will actually be less and other Costcos in the area.

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  1. Sorry, you did not sell me that Costco is of value for a single person. About once every 5 years I will go as a guest with a friend. Never found any real savings.

  2. I have been a Sam's member for a number of years and finally changed to Costco this weekend because I have heard so many good things from EVERYONE about It. I bought my membership this weekend and was amazed and impressed by my first shopping experience. The helpful employees, wonderful samples, and tremendous selection was quite impressive. I'm lucky Sams and Costco are less than a 1/4 mile apart, so I look forward to those extra savings. Thanks for the info in this video. It did help me make up my mind to physically go into the store. Once inside, I was sold!

  3. costco owes you a check at the very least, if they aren't going to give you a lifetime free membership for this video.

  4. A great addition would be a shopping trip with you guys to Costco. What you buy and go about deciding what else to get and spending per trip

  5. I'm a huge costco fan… but where in an RV do you find room to store a cubic yard of toilet paper? 🙂

    One thing I hate to admit, being a native son of NYC, Costco Pizza is among the best I've found outside of New York…

  6. i have an executive membership and we spend enough each year to pay for our membership and have cash left over. last year we did a comparison shopping with the Big W and we spent 50% less at Costco comparing item to item than at the Big W …..that's huge. I live in a small RV so storage is always a concern so I can't buy as much as I used to when I lived in my Sticks and Bricks however toilet paper, paper towels, laundry soap, things of that nature can be stored and I won't have to buy it again for a year. the biggest thing I like about Costco is there quality dog supplies we have bought their dog beds for $29 and they're huge and they hold up to big dogs also their dog food is good quality it's not cheap run-of-the-mill dog food and it's very reasonably priced. currently I am in Arkansas and there are no Costcos in this state I hope to be able to leave here real soon because I need to make a Costco haul.

  7. I would highly recommend a FoodSaver Vacuum System. We purchased ours at Costco and love it. You can shrink wrap blocks of cheese, portion down large quantities of meat to freeze…we had a coupon for $30 off at Costco and we got a ton of bags with the purchase. We love it.

  8. Costcos in Canada are not allowed to sell alcoholic beverages because alcohol is only allowed to be sold by liquor stores.

  9. Hi! Your RV vids are great! I'm an old Costco member, 1990ish… executive… I give memberships to friends and fam… each store varies widely depending upon local spending habits… watches, food, expensive stuff, varies.. I love costco.. i use the eye center.. i love their brand kirkland. its all better than most. I'm a happy $1.50 hotdog with drink buyer too! Your wife/you are the best smiler.. heh.. true.. Costco should let me drive my truck inside with a golf caddy guy to help me load more stuff…Idaho Pug lover.

  10. I have a Sam's club membership I love to shop bulk items and I love Sam's club I will be getting Costco soon…. I just subbed you please sub back thank you stay blessed….

  11. Thank you 😊 this is the only video on YouTube that gave me all the answers I was looking for and the way you guys explained everything was perfect 👌🏼 thank you

  12. The crowds at Costco are not worth it. Only shop here if you a family of least 4 (toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent) Avoid Saturdays!

  13. The only thing I buy at costco is the organic strawberries , organic spinach , organic milk , Garlic capsules and Magnesium citrate for my heart health. the rest is frozen junk food toxic that will plug up your arteries ! and most of the fruit is low quality . The big pharma , heart surgeons will never go out of business as long as they have Costco ! lol !! They only have a few things worth buying for people who are health freaks like me .

  14. Thank you for this. I've been trying to decide if Costco would be worth it for my family. I had no idea you could shop online.

  15. Our rebate was $80 last year. We buy milk all the time here (3-4) gallons a week. Before this we were spending massive amounts on organic milk. This alone makes it worth it for me. The downside? We buy stuff we would never have bought otherwise. We never use to buy nuts so often but do all the time now. I have come to accept healthy things as good thing….and the organic food for cheap…love it. Started doing green smoothies and couldn't afford it without Costco. We buy oil here too. Fresh fruit is on the spendy side and I don't want large quantities of spices on my small cupboard shelf so we don't buy those things (minus the garlic powder)

    If you could please watch my Costco haul video and leave comments of improvement, that would be great!

  16. Wake Up Call!! I have been an Executive Member since they opened here in Nevada in about 1997. The warrantee is changing and I have personally seen it morph and I have seem them balk on several of my returns over the years; A Forever Folding Table, A Battery Jump Starting System, and other items. Each time I was forced to press them hard to honor the promise made by them when I purchased each item. The sales staff will tell you when you buy that you can return it at any time if you are ever dissatisfied. But if a couple years later you find you are dissatisfied or it breaks or something and you then try to return it they may balk and say as they have with me several times; "Well, were'nt you satisfied and didn't you get enough satisfaction out of it ?". They made a nightmare out of these returns and they Did Not Like It! But after going to the higher ups and hours of hassle and silly ass discussions with these corporate robots, they finally gave me my money back but boy were they nasty about it and I caught them lying during this ordeal! Be aware, their proclaimed Costco's real business is Memberships period, and all the "stuff" they sell is a distraction. Revenues from these memberships are in the billions annually and that's what drive their stock price. That's why they brag their operation margin is only 10%. This is acorporate machine, that's it! I just posted a vlog; Why I Don't Buy Tires From Costco Anymore. The charm of Costco is wearing off for me but I still buy some stuff there. Sorry for the book, take care guys and happy travels!

  17. So after watching you weigh the Hymer and stress about going over the load weigh… are you still buying in bulk?

  18. Costco is one of my favorite stores, along with Trader Joes. Unfortunately there's only one location of each in New Hampshire and  they're not centrally located. It's cruel and unusual punishment having to live in a state with only one Costco and TJ's!

    You guys should consider doing a TJ's review, people outside of the US have no idea what they're all about and think they're the same thing as ALDI and they're not.

  19. I cant believe i havnt found a video on the costco business review. I need to kno if its worth it so i can buy wholesale products to resell it retail at my store

  20. We've had our Executive Costco membership for just a few months, but we love it so far. Switched our dogs over to their Kirkland food and the dogs really like it and it's good stuff.

  21. Even if you're on the membership, do you still have to pay for the items you buy or does the membership cover it?

  22. Came across your videos yesterday and have seen a number of them already. Love them. Keep them coming please. Now that you have the Hymer, Class B, do you still shop at Costco?

  23. Nitrogen fill? LOL. It's a fraud, folks. Zero difference from filling with air. If they tell you that there is a benefit to filling with nitrogen, they should be reported to BBB for fraud.

  24. Do you find Costco as tempting now that you live in a van, rather than that large RV? Is it still possible for you to buy in bulk?

  25. I went into Costco and Target, took pictures of all the toiletries and household items we use and made a spreadsheet. Costco is less expensive on most items but not all. Target actually came in cheaper when it came to items that Costco doesn't make in Kirkland brand. For example,
    Costco doesn't carry Kirkland brand "Head n Shoulders" but Target sells their Up & Up version which works quite well and also comes in bulk size. So my list is 75% Costco shopping and 25% Target. It was a fun project and it saved us money! 😁

  26. I regularly shop at Costco. Recently I bought a Moto G5+ cell phone for $169.99 (with a $50 instant rebate off their $219.99 price) which was considerably less than Moto, Best Buy or Amazon charged. Eye glasses from their optical dept. are a bargain. Bananas and rotisserie chicken are staples in my house.

  27. They do have sauna ad shack, very European/Canadian?  I don't know if flight and cruise still offer?  Dom Perignon probably out of question?  no maple syrup in cask either, guys?

  28. do not try to buy tires, they will not let you buy what you want, only what they want to sell , i asked for something and was really given &*$#@ .

  29. I saved 1800 dollars by purchasing my hearing aids from Costco rather than the overpriced place I first visited to get a quote.

  30. sounds like costco sale people the costco where I live here in ST George Ut. is no way wholesale I know I will not pay them 58 bucks to shop there anymore I can gets the things I use cheaper elsewhere!

  31. See how we shop at Costco in this video:
    Become a WTR Family Member

  32. Online shopping: The shipping cost is including the the price, not free…the same item on the store is less expensive !!! I like Costco but not online.

  33. Congrats to you living out of an RV. My hubby & I did that in a Truck. Both of us driving as a team. We only did it short time, but I enjoyed it more than he did. Next time, would love to do that in an RV. Yes, we joined Costco because of the Hearing Aids!
    (All those years of truck driving took there toll.) My hubby purchased The Kirkland 8.0. He has had them since March, 2018. I also purchased my 2nd pair of progressive glasses. I purchased 3 pairs, 1 progressive & 1 sunglasses & 1 reading glasses. After failing my Reading portion on my DOT physical, I had to get glasses. Yes, I also had VSP insurance, so to be honest my last exam was 4 years before…With insurance & Costco sale of $40.00 off each additional pair, I took the eye Dr's advise & he said if you can afford it to get 2 pairs, incase you can't use my progressive's driving the big rig! I am able to use them everywhere except driving, & the readers were damaging my eyes because my perscription is different in both eyes. Based on these things, we are over the moon with savings from Costco. Our friends purchased hearing aids for her hubby @ another store, spent $5500. We spent $1650. Plus my hubby can monitor his better using his app on the phone, her hubby just purchased last October, 2017. So glad for folks like you doing videos & sharing your knowledge we us. Plus my 1st bifocals I purchased @Four eyes, used our VSP & for 1 pair we paid $280.00 out of pocket. I know these frames are better quality, (1 designer frames), & All the extras were included. So I have the anti-glare on the computer for free. Very happy with Costco so far. We purchased coffee, chicken, love the chicken salad, the water. Also, writing reviews on the store Associates that helped us in March. They are so great! Only downside is we travel over 1 1/2 hour one way to shop there. It's the closest one to us. Other than that, we love it! They also used our flex spending & Medical account. Great value for us & we still have 10 months to go…Yes, we have Excutive Membership $120. A year

  34. Costco is alright for certain items but to get the full value of the membership one has to shop there regularly and buy the gas.

    There are other stores with comparable prices that don't require membership fee and Costco doesn't take all major credit cards so it's not all that as these gypsy shills are presenting.

  35. The Russos, Some areas in the Philippines they have S&R it's similar like Costco but in the food court they have different kinds of food.

  36. Remember the 5% credit on the Citibank Visa card on gas purchases at Costco gas stations (up to $7,000 per year) that now is your membership card as well. Last year I paid $130 for the top membership and got $270 back at the end of my membership year. Take that check to Costco, and they pay you off in CASH!!! On top of that, Costco consistently has the lowest gas prices anywhere around!

  37. I’m a Costco member, $60 business membership. I usually get the 2-gallon packs of organic milk from Kirkland, Red Star blocks of yeast (I bake my own bread at home), bananas and vitamins at my local warehouse. The milk comes out to $2.49 a gallon — half of what a half-gallon goes for in chain stores like Albertson’s. So I figure I’m going to recoup my yearly membership cost in just the milk savings alone, in two months.

  38. Wow those bottled water ! How about getting home filtration system? ? Same quality(maybe even better) and cheaper; better for the environment! !! Please research.

  39. Why is a gun safe such a big deal…like you have to look at your wife a smerk… Oh no a gun safe….why not smerk about a surf board or tires…you know if where blaming the tool cars then would be a much greater killer then guns..removing the government from this logic of course!

  40. I just Love Costco! Failed to mention. You get 2 memberships for the price of one. My brother bought the membership and said you get another membership for free! So it's a Win Win. Also, the yummy free samples the food demonstrators give out! The cleanliness of the store and you can get great deals in clothes, flowers, books, kitchen items etc. $4.99 Rostierre chicken is a must but. And artisan bread so yummy! I usually and butter to my iron skillet cut those in half and pan fry both sides..their kirtland butter is delicious

  41. Hi, The closest Costco is still a long drive for me. I was wondering how much of their inventory can be ordered from their website and shipped to the customer? I would like to know this before spending the money on a membership. Thanks, Tony

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