IRC Volcanduro Sticky Rear Tire – Slavens Racing Product Review

IRC Volcanduro Sticky Rear Tire – Slavens Racing Product Review

Hi guys, Jeff with Slavens Racing. This video is
about a new tire we just got in from IRC I think for the first guys in the U.S.
to have it it’s called the VE33s stands for sticky, so IRC made
their their V33 tires for a long time I mean I don’t know I’m gonna guess 20
years and then 4 years ago they came out the gecko.
The original gecko and I didn’t care for that tire I thought it was extremely
flimsy carcass very easy to get punctures and sidewall cuts and it was
just not stable enough for me as well so we never brought that tire yeah we had a
lot better tire choices than that so they never bought again this time I’m
excited about I’m gonna put one of these on my bike real soon
so you know the V33 was always a good solid tire get everything okay didn’t do
anything exceptional but it was just a good solid tire and now with this new
gummy rubber compound I think this is going to be a real winner we’ve we’ve
already got some of these with the customers over in Hawaii and they’re
raving about them and those guys have got some pretty slimy conditions over
there I don’t have my drama gage with me today I’m gonna say it’s around a 65
just by feel on it so it’s it’s not supposed to wear out real quickly like
some of the super gummies but yeah it’s got excellent traction it’s got a nice
carcass it’s got this extra rim protection area in here
it’s got a tall knob which is good in the muddy conditions or even I heard
Colorado in this decomposed granite we have you know it’s like the pea gravel
it gets kind of deep so it should get really good trash in a lot of different
types of areas and it’s it’s got enough spacing but it’s not a super wide
spacing so I think it’s gonna be great in rocks roots as well as just about
everything else it’s not the ultimate sand tire might not be the ultimate mud
tire but it’s gonna perform well and everything and I’ll be doing a test on
this later so the carcass I always like to stick my foot in here cuz so um I can
just smash it down to the floor this is got to get solid carcass it is a
directional tire so if you get one of these from us make sure you get the
direction right these retail for like 120 two dollars and I think we’ve got em
on sale for in the low 90s and we do have them in stock. That’s all for

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  1. I like the ve33 and mt16 out back for all around use in my NE area. Excited to give this a shot. I like the idea of a more aggressive sticky with big knobs.

  2. I’ve gone through a few of these and they are my favorite for north east rocky stuff at race pace. Better and more stable than the Ibex/AT81ex because of there is less knob flex. More of a rock race tire than an extreme enduro tire.

  3. Lol.that is what I thought. A gummy mt16. As an aside , the gekkota works great In Ohio, but yeah the sidewalk is trials like. You will not ride that tire flat or with extreme low air, but at 6psi it goes and lasted a lot longer than i ever thought a gummy would with proper use and some road riding, dual sports thrown in at the end of it's life. I ran it with tubliss2 and extra heavy tubes on 3 bikes.kdx220 , xr400, then a ktm 300.

  4. Ran that IRC's on some old Yamaha IT's years ago, they were good tires back then, would be curious in the gummy tire.

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